Gina Silvestri Presents . . .

Are you done with asking money for permission to have the experiences you want to have in life?

Do you want to reign over money with integrity instead of feeling subservient to it?

Are you ready to quadruple your cash flow like the Queen you were born to be?

If so, Money Queen was made for you.

Get ready to quadruple your cash flow using quantum tools and wealth strategies that catapult your relationship with money into deep life purpose, ease, and fun!

A Message From Your Course Creator

Hello, Love!

I’m Gina Silvestri, a Success Coach on a mission to normalize $5k sales days. I’ve been coaching Women Entrepreneurs for over ten years (since September of 2009).

My passion is supporting women’s thriving, including healing relationship with money because it wasn’t that long ago when I was sleeping on my ex-boyfriend’s floor, after yet another failed relationship, that left me in financial devastation. I decided then and there never to hand the kind of power that could devastate me over to an outside circumstance, or another person.

Then I generated my first $30,000. sales week in this very coaching business you’re inquiring about. I now help women entrepreneurs do the same. I’ve since generated countless $5k, $8k, $24k sales days for myself, my students and clients, doing what I love, following quantum science.

What We’re Covering . . .

-how to implement my Step by Step Money Manifestation System, so you can use it to achieve your money goals, for the rest of your life.

-clearing deep collective and ancestral blocks in your personal energy system as it relates to money.

-how to manage “freezing up” around money

-healing stressful, toleration, uncomfortable and unsatisfying elements in your relationship with money

-eliminating self-sacrificing and self-sabotage patterns in your money life

-releasing “blood sweat and tears” money attitudes; replacing them with “work less, make more” energy

-becoming 100% of your total source for your financial security

-creating wealth from the inside out using quantum strategy

-untangling toxic elements in your relationship with money, so every area of your life will benefit from free, clear, healthy, life-giving energy.

-mastering your emotions around money, so you can be the Queenly money magnet your were born to be

-developing and embodying *true* sovereignty around money

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