Attention Life Story Superstars Struggling With Money

Is your goal to get your life story down on paper, but there’s never enough money, to buy you the time and energy that you need, to do it?

If so, this one’s for you . . .

(Mamma Mia have I ever been there!!)

Even when you have creditors or bill collectors chasing you, you still get to feel good about yourself – in fact you must in order to stop the creditors and bill collectors from chasing you!!

You see, knowing WHO YOU TRULY ARE, much much much much much deeper than the writer or artist or healer or creative entrepreneur that you are is the way to break the cycle.

Getting —and I mean really getting that these are just circumstances, they’re not who you ARE is what frees you from being trapped in cycles of Starving Artist money misery, including:

*wondering why, when you clearly have so much talent, you just can’t seem to sell your creations or sell enough of them to survive

*you literally ignore your finances so much that they’re buried under tumbleweed and dandelions in your mind

*you find yourself eating too much or smoking too much or spending time with people you don’t feel good around to try to stop thinking about money, which of course never works

Nothing will work until you’re plugged into your most powerful state of being, My Love! That’s where us creative people deal with money like it’s nobody’s business….the problem is: most people are afraid to go there.

Afraid to drop the low-level drama (which they know at some level is NOT them and they could be thriving instead of struggling) and own their truest most authentic power, to actually start living the life they want, vs just talking about.

It’s the scariest thing for us humans to do, yet it’s a must to thrive on ALL LEVELS as a creative person in this life.

Will you?


Published by GinaSilvestri

Success Champion for Women Entrepreneurs Since 2009

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