Just Listen to Your Soul

Just Listen To Your Soul

Listening to your soul is the SAFEST way to live, even though it feels the scariest.

Safe because when you obey, its direction, you’re never led astray.

You’re led to the right time, right place, right space…for everything.

You’re led into an all-knowing certainty, that you won’t find, anywhere else.

What’s scary is that FREE FALL feeling of actually obeying it, going against all humanoid advice around you, and listening to it …

***it feels like you’re listening BLINDLY or something, but you’re not. It’s your soul!!!

Just because you can’t “see” it with your human vision, doesn’t mean it isn’t the wisest, most powerful, sharpest *all-seeing* mechanism available to you!

It’s when you DON’T LISTEN that you get into all kinds of mischief.

Things take longer, they’re harder, less fun.

Moral of story?

No matter which way you shake your stick at it, we gotta go through “scary” no matter what.

One of them leads you where you want to go, and the other leads you where you don’t want to go.

So listen.

Choose the kind of scary that leads you somewhere safe and expansive at the same time… somewhere you actually want to be.


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