The Butt-Kicking You Need to Finish Your Book

Is one of your goals to complete a book? This one’s for you . . .

Remember being a kid and your parents giving you crap for something you knew deep down they were right about?

Sorry not sorry, that’s a part of book coaching with me.

I step in to kick the a@@ of those parts of you that have been stopping you from finishing your book.

❤️ all done with love, of course ❤️

…but kicking those parts of you into book-finishing alignment, indeed …

EVERYONE who has a life story to share who is not getting it down on paper needs this,

because when your brain senses you’re getting closer to finishing the book that will

📚 infuse soul-powered confidence into your life like nothing else can, just by you going through the process of actually finishing it

📚 being able to share your life experiences in an empowered way with your children, family, close friends and romantic partners, past, present and future, so they get you and y’all become closer than ever

📚 generate passive income from having your book on Amazon, that is: money flowing into your bank account while you sleep

So your very human brain 🧠 is sensing all this change coming

🛑 and it needs you to STOP writing 🛑

(your brain is hard-wired to hesitate in the face of change because it’s unknown)

🐇 🐇 🐇 so it flicks you down a rabbit hole of adding more wayward, unedited text to a ready-to-go piece….

text that would add more more more time to the wrong side of your completion date.

💥 BOOM 💥

That’s when I step in (with so much ❤️) to kick its a@@ by telling you:

No! #stopit ✋ We’re doing it this way…

✅ We’re sticking to the brilliant genius plan that we felt into, then committed to, the very first time we talked

✅ It’s a genius book plan exactly as it was meant to be!

We don’t need the other stuff, we’re not letting it distract us!

That’s how your book gets done 📚

🤦🏻‍♀️ millions of books are killed yearly following the brain’s rabbit holes.

Moral of story?

With all it’s good intentions of protecting you,

your brain mostly just gets in the way

of what your soul needs to convey in your book.

✅ And yes, hire a book coach

Send me a message to talk about this.


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