🔥 Your Pilot Light Never Goes Out 🔥

🔥 Your Pilot Light Never Goes Out 🔥

Nobody taught me the thing that got me to allow myself to live *exactly* as I want to be living right now…

🔥 My pilot light taught me that🔥

I have one, you have one. It’s that spark of Creative Intelligence living inside each and every one of us, that literally never smooshes out.

✨ no matter how much you turn away from it

✨ no matter how much you forget about it

✨ no matter how much you try to numb it away, or … maybe live unaware that it’s even there.

It’s still ON.


It never stops.

So for me this mass pilot light wisdom that I couldn’t un-know came in to my heart via three words: standard of care.

I looked at the light, looked at the light, kept looking … until I KNEW that the standard I had been using to care for myself, needed an upgrade.

🙄 *not* because I needed to start getting selfish and caring about only me and forgetting everybody else.


I couldn’t stop caring if I tried.

It was something deeper this time….that had to do with THE CALLING ON MY LIFE.


That’s what I needed to care for more.

🤯 🤯 🤯 So when I took this wisdom from my pilot light, which I had been applying to everyone else in my life,

when I took that standard of care and applied it to the sacred gift I was born to serve the planet with

✅✅✅ Everything shifted ✅✅✅

Suddenly it was not just “okay” to live and do my life’s work in the most beautiful, hugest mountainous forest landscape I could find. One I could call my own, live in, enjoy every day in….

It was mandatory.



I’m a ghostwriter and finish-your-book coach so guess how I show up for the book babies I write and birth into the world with my incredible clients, when I’m living exactly where I was meant to live all along (but never quite felt good enough for until my pilot light woke me up)?

🌲🌲 vibrant

🌲🌲wildly tuned into the “river beneath the river” every good book must pulse with

🌲🌲so deeply attuned to and in trust with the energy that created all of us, I could move mountains with it


You get to have the desire that’s been secretly whispering to your heart your whole life, too.

✨✨✨✨they’re meant for you.✨✨✨

Creative Intelligence planted them inside of you, to do your best work

Your only role is to remove all the obstacles THAT WE HUMANS place in front of ourselves —-or rather, between ourselves and that pilot light soul wisdom living inside of us—obstacles that prevent us from being able to live out and actually receive, what was always our birthright.

✅ Yes it’s a journey

✅ Yes it takes at least *some* of that 3-dimensional time.

But it doesn’t take as long as you think

🤔 🤔 🤔 And NOT starting today is the *only* thing guaranteed to keep delaying, blocking and keeping you separate from the life you were born for.


PS. If part of your pilot light mission is to get your life story down on paper so it can heal the world, I have two spaces open for private 1:1 mentoring clients. Send me a message or comment below and we’ll chat about how I can support you through your process, dancing with pilot light energy the whole time of course 🔥🔥🔥 Reach out to me here: https://woohooitsdone.com/contact/




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