THIS is how important sharing your life story is …

I know it FEELS LIKE your life story doesn’t matter at times.

That nobody really cares what you’ve lived through or been through….

…but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

****YES****we want to present ourselves in clear, powerful ways, so that people can hear us,

and really take in the gift we have to offer, through the sharing of our life story.

and THE LAST THING we want to do is sound like we’re fishing for empathy or showing up in needy energy.

—but none of that matters when deciding whether to rise above this BS that’s going on in our heads, telling us our story doesn’t matter, that nobody will care. We must rise above that if we’re ever going to get the book done!!

✅ Your story DOES MATTER ✅

In my twenties I was so depressed, and confused about why I felt that way after being generally healthy and happy most of my life —then I happened across a book in which the author shared how depressed she was in the past, and how she got on the other side of that depression, to create the life she really wanted to live!!

💗this validated me at a time I felt SO ALONE and scared about what would happen in my future

💗this gave me HOPE that I could get over it, too

💥💥💥💥THAT is how important getting your life story down on paper is 💥💥💥💥

Never forget that.


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