Calling Out This BS for my Life Story Superstars …

If you know you’re going to get your life story down into a book, 

everything —and I do mean EVERYTHING—

*everything* you’re thinking about that has you “waiting” is total and utter complete B.S.

Your soul has spoken. Period.

You know you’ve been called. You know this is meant for you. It’s been nudging you for years, you’ve been called FOR YEARS, you just weren’t obeying the call of your soul … which is part of being human, right?

As “normal” or “usual” as this is though, it’s not natural, because the truth is:

There really is no “someday!”

That opportunity *won’t* always be there, to get it done.

Besides, now is the only time your soul knows.

It knows what it knows, and we either kick all the B.S thoughts and fears and procrastination habits aside (again, totally human!), to obey it, or, we turn away, and:

Let more years pass.

Let your book’s life force (aka ITS soul) die down some more, with every passing year, until you find yourself barely remembering WHY you wanted to write it in the first place.

Or your WHY, the reason you wanted to write this book in the first place, becomes so clouded over, that you get lost in the fog, with your book holding your life story, and all it is meant to do for the world, lost in the fog right there with you.

That fog of resistance.

That fog of distraction.

It’s all fear.

I know, I know, it doesn’t FEEL that way, it just feels like a logical decision, that you’re just humming and hawing as you go about life—but underneath is fear, and there’s only one remedy: courage.

Courage to trust yourself. To honour that calling inside of you. To step up in a way you’ve never stepped up before, and see your potential in a way that ONLY this book will show you.

Don’t let the fear win, fellow Superstar!

There’s something MORE REAL beneath all this delaying, analyzing, thinking about it, the procrastination!

Use *this* skill instead: obeying your gut instinct. Directing your logical brain to OBEY your soul.

Not tomorrow.

Not next week or next year.


You don’t need time to practice!

Thinking about it won’t do anything, except create MORE space between you and this fire you have to get this book done,


stick you deeper in the mire that keeps you from getting it done.  

The skill is to hear your soul’s guidance

*check* you’ve already done that!

Now obey it. 

Move forward now, because you were meant to long ago, the first time you knew!

Listening, obeying, in this way, will serve you for a lifetime.

All else is arguing for something I will never stand for: the waiting, the procrastinating, the delaying, the living of a life that yes, is ok, maybe even great … but not a 100% complete and full NOD to what your soul has directed you to do.

Today, not tomorrow, because I know you *know* or you wouldn’t even want to write the damn thing, if it wasn’t the next path you’re meant to walk.

I know you know, that on the other side, you’ll feel:

-more courageous

-more integrated as a human being

-plus THAT OTHER THING that only your soul knows that is on the other side of getting this book done,

—>which you will NEVER find out either, if you don’t step in, then commit to getting it done.

Now! Your time is now. It’s the only time we have. All else is illusion = it’s not real.

Your soul only knows ONE time, that time is now. 

That’s it!

That’s your direction.

..and when you turn away???

Things come up.

Life comes up.

Monkey mind rushes in to cloud you up again.

=more years go by.

=more nudging happens that you don’t listen to (from deep inside of you)

=more misalignments—even the slight little niggly ones, take our energy, and, over time, suck us dry.

You’re in or you’re out, Sister!

You’re either doing it now, or you’re not doing it. It’s just the way it is.

It’s 100% human ego (we’ve all been there) to think that you know right now, ALL that awaits you on the other side of having that book done.

I could spend hours on live-streams or writing posts about it (and I have lol):

-the deep sense of integration within

-the “hmph! If I had only known, all along, that all I had to do was finish the book, so I could feel this freedom, this nourishment, this TRUST in myself like never before”

-the “ohhhh so these are the doors that were always meant to open on the other side!” (followed by why didn’t I listen earlier, again?)

There’s a satisfaction that comes from listening to your soul, that ONLY comes from listening to your soul.


Listening to soul is the way.


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