There’s NOTHING more powerful than a woman who’s “been through it”

Every time I hear another powerful woman who survived against all odds tell her story, I become more authentic in my work with women.

Before I read another such story, I think:

“OK, I mean, that last one was incredible—surely after twenty years of getting their stories down on paper for them, I’ve heard it all.”

…. then, I keep feeling so grateful as I keep going about my work…

…UNTIL, the next one comes in.

💨💨💨 then I’m blown away again. Way more than before!! A new layer of ego and protective defence blown clear off me, leaving me more humble, more ready, stronger than ever myself, as I keep doing my work with my women.

AND THEN, the next one rolls in, then the one after that!!!!

👑💗📚 👑💗📚I claimed my role as Life Story Doula two decades ago, so they keep rolling in.

—-BUT, I’m still left wondering how do I describe for you, what it’s like receiving these women, these stories, these sacred lives???

“Inspiring” is too light a word for these stories—

“Blessed” is too light to describe how I feel receiving, coaching, ghostwriting for these women.

No word in the English language can capture the soul dance we have, the bond between us, what it feels like delivering these sacred life stories out into the world,

where they will work 💫 so much magic 💫 long after either of us have stopped walking this earth.

All I CAN say is that my soul needs to know they are out there because I feel them, even before I know anything about their lives.

✅ My soul needs to know, that they’re out there, living brave, like I am, too. Enjoying thriving in all they’ve created for their lives, yet appreciating the simple things more than most people could ever understand or know.

✅I need to know that there are others out there, smiling with eyes deep as mine, eyes that were scraped out, then filled back up again with the most divine, multi-dimensional light…eyes that know, eyes that have seen so much, moved through so much, as mine have, now they just KNOW.

Most would say they’ve seen TOO MUCH, they KNOW too much—but these are my warrior sisters. My kindred life story sisters, and our mission is untouchable, which is never too much.

I exist for them.
They exist for me.
💗💗We exist for each other 💗💗

That’s never too much.

We were cut from cloth that does whatever it takes, you see, to hold the flame, to pass it forward.

😊💃🏽💥 Proud AF for all we’ve overcome, for all we’ve moved through, and gotten on the other side of.

Knowing what taking the time to tell our stories will do for:

👑 women at the beginning of their life journeys
👑 middle-aged women who are just about to brave the telling of their own life stories, and
👑 women like me, who’ve published their stories, told them many times over online, but need to hear MORE of the bravest stories

….to keep us leading
….to keep us moving forward
….to keep bonds between women radiant, alive, strong.

We’re in this together, my Warrior Goddess Sisters!

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