Your Soul Has ALWAYS Got You…

I thought I would cry and CRY the day my mentorship ended with my first business coach back in 2010.

It was a HUGE stretch, hiring her in the first place.

I put a month on my credit card, closed my eyes, clenched my fists, white-knuckle tight, then prayed to God I’d make my bills that month.

… maybe even more than that (as her advertising hinted I probably would).

✨✨✨ Then something magical happened … really, there is no better word for the feeling of it, although there is a ton of scientific evidence and language available to use here, too.

✅ so….yup, I made the money back and more, within that first month.

….that felt amazing—in a strange way, because it felt almost normal, like “ya of course I knew that would happen” (my soul knew 💯)

—but even though it felt so normal, like it had already happened on some other dimension or something, by the time I actually experienced it, that wasn’t the real magic —the magic happened on the day *after* my last day with her.

(my actual last day with her, not gonna lie, felt like back when I was three years old and my dad was leaving for work … and I would grab onto his pant legs tryna stop him …. noooo don’t leave me!! LOL)

That day after, though, 😢 tears as I type this 😢 that day after…it rained and rained and rained and rained and rained outside.

Now, I live in British Columbia, not far from Vancouver, rain is never a surprise here, but global warming had kicked in and we’d been on a two month stretch of hot, dry days.

🌲🌲🌲🌲Forest fires were out of control, it was scorching hot—so this was the first day it rained in a what felt like forever. 🌧 🌧 🌧

… STILL not exactly the magic tho …

It was right after my super deep sleep that night, when I opened my eyes that next morning, and, before doing anything else,

👠 even putting shoes on 👠

I walked outside, as if I were a robot, being moved by someone or something else.

I walked straight into the forest outside my front door, opened my mouth, and stood there, for what must have been an hour, letting rain drip all over my face, just feeling LIFE, in a way I hadn’t felt it before.

—-I just stood there, slowly registering what had just happened:

✨❤️✨❤️ when my connection with her ended, and that little girl stirred inside me (“don’t let go”) …my soul stepped in quick, like right after, to catch me. To remind me, that I’m not alone, EVER.

You see, the whole time i was coaching with her, she kept asking me:

“What is the greatest feeling you’ve ever had in your entire life?”

“Standing in the forest, when it’s raining,” I said, with no delay or hesitation.

I’d go up, down, all around with my emotion (I was grieving my grandmother’s death at the time),

and she’d just keep asking me, over and over and over, again and again, to tune me into feeling better.

To show me how energy, how life, how SPIRIT really worked in our lives…when we let it.

And so it was. On that last day, I finally got it. My body walked me out the door, to show me, as if it was playing relay tag with my (now former) mentor….and…my soul.

I am not alone.

Never, ever, Ever.

I get to feel better, now, now, now and now.

—so you expect me to believe, that I’m always taken care of? Mentor or not? (daddy or not)???

—you expect me to believe it’s that simple?

YES, I’d learn, in those months that followed, when I met life alone for a bit. It really is that simple.

Soul just needs to sneak in there, first thing in the morning, before our brains have even fully woken up.

Before our monkey minds, which love overcomplicating, overthinking, overcritiquing things, wake up.

The new way has to sneak in there, give you a real live experience of what’s possible, while that part of your brain is still asleep.

Because when I was moved outside, I remembered. I tuned in. It rained for days after too, as if to say, “You’ll never forget now.”

My little girl yearnings to cling to others then turned into gratitude.

I felt magic instead of “there’s something wrong.”

I went into my business that day ✨certain✨ that my business would work, instead of wondering and doubting. I knew now, it couldn’t not work.

With THIS magic in me?

With THIS level of alignment, synchronicity, always available to me?

It. Can’t. Not.

It’s available to you, too.

You get to know YOU ARE ALWAYS HELD, no matter what —because our souls are our greatest mentors.

Always have been, always will be…which means all this magic lives inside YOU ✨


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