The Genius Pressure Cooker


I grew up watching hockey but haven’t watched it in about 10 years now …

I was visiting a friend last night who is a hockey NUT so we watched Vancouver play Minnesota.


= perfect for me, a mindset maestre, to witness…



The energy was off the charts.

I was literally at the edge of my seat those last 10 minutes,

when Vancouver needed ONE GOAL to tie (it was 4-3 for Minnesota at 5 minutes left)

—-THEN they scored!!!!

—-THEN just 11 seconds into overtime, Vancouver scored again!!!!

😆 👏 👏 eeeeeeEEE!!! 😊🙌🤗

It was so freakin’ exciting ….

So here’s my point: PRESSURE COOKER.

Playoffs are all about pressure!!!

My friend kept saying “I’ve never seen them play like this” yet she’s been watching them for years and years.

These players were deep in the cooker, and it brought out their best.

My question for you 🌟 SUPERSTARS 🌟today is: how often do you put *yourself* in the cooker, to give yourself a chance to see your best????

The players who scored didn’t know for sure they would score, or even get shots at the goal.


and what I’m inviting you to take with you today:

is that the only way to guarantee it COULD happen, is by getting yourself in the game.

(another way of saying it: only way to guarantee you 100% won’t score/reach your goal, is not putting yourself in the game at all)

✅✅✅ Send me a message if you’d like this kind of support on the regular for your next success goal—-which, of course, is created by sharing our life stories with our people, to inspire the heck out of them,

and let them know, without a doubt, that we are all in this together, when we say yes to ourselves, and proclaim, “I’m going for it!!!”

Success is created by getting in that pressure cooker ourselves (sometimes life chucks us in there against our will too) then showing our people what’s possible for them,

LEADING THE WAY so we can really help them from the other side, through our books, our businesses, just the way we are….

…because watching those players, the top 1% mindset/pressure masters in the world, sure inspired the F outta me and my friend and so many others last night.

They showed up to * practice* rocking out their genius, under immense pressure.

We showed up to witness what that looks like.

….and that’s either the end of it for us, we get the high, let go, then go back to our old lives in a few days, once the high wears off.


We claim that we were meant to step into our greatness too, then take action to do something about it.

👏👏👏 send me a message if that’s you ✅ or visit my website

so you to see what pressure cooker containers I have available for you to step in, and show yourself YOUR BEST through, right now 💗


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