The Way BEYOND Selfishness

Putting myself first sounded downright SELFISH to me.

🌎 I mean, our rent on the planet is service to others, is it not?

Yet at the same time, a part of me, deep inside, was like, “WHAT ABOUT MEE??”

It was there long enough, loud enough, that I knew it wasn’t meant to be ignored, pushed aside, numbed away—it felt important, even as my monkey mind and early “good girl” conditioning worked 24/7 to shut it up.

So … I set out on a journey of self-exploration, now I’m sharing here, from the other side, what changed EVERYTHING for me:

🤷🏻‍♀️ 🤷🏻‍♀️ 🤷🏻‍♀️ What I didn’t realize back then, that I realize now, is that putting myself first, meant connecting to SOURCE first…which is the only place we can ever really serve others from, by:

🧡 holding a big enough container for them (when we connect to source, the size and power of our containers have no bounds or limits)

🧡 coming from the right place, one of pure focus on them, pure service, by knowing who we’re meant to serve, aka our life’s purpose, AND

🧡 being fed and nourished ourselves, because us serving them = what makes it possible for us to do our life’s purpose in the first place.

So, it wasn’t selfish at all.

That impulse inside was trying to show me a different way, through continuous aching for loving attention, DID get to be heard, even nourished, to full bloom, after all 🌺 (I knew it! 😉)

Coming from source/soul (whatever you call the energy that created all life) is *always* win-win, see that??

They get fed, you get fed, everyone thrives—all at once 💗

Far from selfish or (drainingly, exhaustively) only about others.

✨Living from soul is always the way ✨


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