When Money Stands in Your Way

💰 💰 It was scary *no terrifying* for me to face what was REALLY going on in my relationship with money 💰 💰

Like that deep deep shame and subservience I felt whenever somebody paid for something for me.

I would instantly flip into Cinderella mode!

Like I owed them my life or something.

Like I owed them everything,

—not just the few bucks they spotted me.

YET…at the same time…because I was in Cinderella mode, I had *no idea* how to bring in the level of cash that would have me supporting myself through life, which meant I had to rely on others for money (until I learned).

😡 😠 😡 this was such a frustrating, VICIOUS CYCLE for me, I can’t even tell you!!

I KNEW I was a powerful soul who could step into her capability, but for the life of me I didn’t know how.

I hated how mean people looked at me, called me “mooch” and “freeloader” then treated me exactly how I felt about myself in those coping days: LIKE A CINDERELLA.

All I wanted was to be independent, thrive, and write checks to organizations I cared about, like animal humane societies!!

😑 Yet there I was, stuck as F*CK 😑

Completely unaware of how old trauma, was ruling my life …

How I was living according to the belief that money was OWNERSHIP —-something I picked up early on in life, that got mixed up in trauma, programming me to give it wayyy too much power over me and my life. Causing me to want to avoid dealing with it, fight it, or run far and fast as I possibly could from it!!!!

My nervous system literally reacted to money like it was a bear charging at me, coming to steal my freedom.


99% of people are unaware of what goes on in their subconscious minds,

=clueless (like I was 🙋🏻‍♀️) to how much power we *really* have to change things!

‘Cuz when we do the work, of uprooting, shining the light on, then clearing what’s laying below our conscious awareness,

…the impossible becomes possible.

…what we once thought could never change, changes.

…we start living how we truly want (vs yearning/wishing/hoping we’ll one day have it)

💜💜💗💜💗 I now live with a much warmer, empowered, more nourishing relationship with money!

I have even been teaching money courses in person and online since 2009, to share this wealth of wisdom I’m so grateful to have mastered, with others!

Ever since covid, my “money healing” work has looked like helping people moving old energy out of the way, so they can make space for success, as they define it, by getting some of their own personal life experiences down on paper, then, if they want, share them with their loved ones/the world, just as I have here.

(🌸 just visit my website WOOHOOitsdone.com if this work is speaking to you 🌸)

I do this because EVERY kind of success is literally created by connecting deeply to others, so that we can help them. Sharing personal stories is the best way to connect and reach others in a meaningful ways —and because most people aren’t doing it, it also gives you a leading edge.

BTW…I so appreciate my Cinderella response that I lived with for so long today, because it was how I needed to think, feel and behave to get through some tough situations. It helped me cope, survive …

…at the same time i’m EVER GRATEFUL to have cleared remnants from old trauma that left my ✨sweet brain 🧠 confused about whether I was still in danger or not, and therefore living like that Cinderella coping pattern = pushing money away.

(unresolved trauma causes MASS confusion about present time and past time in the brain, in case you didn’t know 😉)

It wasn’t easy, but I know you’re ever persistent, ever resilient, EVER COMMITTED to having the experience of life you want to be having, like me, so don’t you dare give up, Sister! Hang in!


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