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We believe success is created by connecting with people so you can help them + that 🌟 the best 🌟 way to do so is by sharing parts of your personal life story.

So if you have an inspirational life experience you want to get down on paper, this group is for you!

Its my FREE Facebook group where women gather to uplift, inspire, encourage and motivate each other, and where I guide you how to:

🌟 remove all blocks to getting your story down and done

🌟 deepen your commitment in a way that feels fun and empowering 

🌟 create the steady consistency required for success (aka no more stop-start patterns!)

This groups is for people who want to get their life stories down and done for ONE OR SOME OR ALL of the following reasons: 

🌟 just for yourself and your journals

🌟 for sharing with family and loved ones

🌟 publishing on Amazon to create passive income and inspire the world with

🌟 to use as a tool to bond and connect with others in your business

🌟 to deepen your intimate relationships by knowing who you are, what your life experiences have meant, and living more from your authentic self

We recognize that our articulating our personal life experiences helps us to clear old emotional energy that we don’t even realize we’re holding onto, until we start processing our experiences through articulating and writing.

🌟 if you don’t write this group is still for you, because you can always hire a ghostwriter to do it for you- you still go through this same process when getting it down on paper 🌟

The ways women in this group are getting their life stories down and done are: 

🌟 by writing articles and posts and bios and About Me website pages for their businesses

🌟writing stories for their families and/or personal legacies

🌟writing an Amazon book or book for their businesses to sell and earn passive income on

MOST OF ALL, we are here to bond with an INCREDIBLE group of women to move through whatever lies ahead, as we get those life stories down on paper, together. 

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