JUST BEING YOU … with money in your bank account!

I’ve always loved “JUST BE YOU” messages …

but they also really confused me, and pissed me off.

I mean, I loved BEING ME,


the only reason i was reading other people’s stuff online,

was because I needed to be a me


So telling me to “just be me” and the money will flow like magic, made me CRAY CRAY.

It had me spinning, real bad….

🤷🏻‍♀️ was it a trick?

🤷🏻‍♀️ was I being duped?

🤷🏻‍♀️outright lied to??

I didn’t get it.

What the F does that even mean,

make money being me,

when “me” literally has zero money in me’s bank account?

—🤔 🧐 Something was missing.

Of course, I didn’t want to CHANGE me altogether, I just wanted to add whatever that thing was that I was missing, that was stopping me from being prolific in the finance department.

So the only thing I knew to do was save save save my money, to finally talk to one of these mentors I so deeply admired, who kept telling me to be me, be me, be me!!!

😀 🦋💰 💕those mentors telling me to be me if I wanted to make all the monies 😀🦋💰 💕

When I finally did, I GOT IT.

All the money I invested in them seemed insignificant, like what they taught me, was worth SO MUCH MORE.

That if I wanted to, I could access even more money, to work with them more…

…because popping in their energy had me accessing THE ENERGY of the unlimited universal bank accounts we all have access to.

When we concentrate on THE ENERGY of things, first….so what we really want even has a chance to manifest in the physical, in the first place!!

(that’s what they’re all gonna tell you, some version of that…which is gold….trust me 😉 )

What have you got to lose in trying this coat on when you’re broke anyway?


So choose a pretty coat you like,

and get on with it.

It’s the pattern interrupt you need,

to get out of the spinning.

To stop the CRAY…

and return to YOU.

Being you … all the way you,

this time with da money.


PS…Spinning-stopping sessions going on daily in my Life Story Superstar membership group, if you want a place to practice all this with INCREDIBLE women—details and register in my bio link and here: https://woohooitsdone.com/membership/

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