Holding Pressure to Get Your Book Done!

You can learn to hold the pressure … you can even have fun while you do.

What pressure?

💥 the pressure of staring down the blank page, after watching YEARS (maybe even decades) go by without you getting your life story down on paper yet.

💥 energies moving through you – all kinds of them, including from your social media audience and every single person who reads your life story.

💥 you beating yourself up inside for not having your life story down on paper yet.

💥 money pressures that wanna squeeze the life right out of you, especially as you carve out time, to get your story down and done.

💥 stress and any health predicaments that show up for you and others you care about and love.

💥 the pressure of re-visiting each moment of the slice of life story you know you’re meant to share with the world – you GET TO learn to master this pressure, so nothing from the past will hold power over you ever again.

💥 people you love, in your personal life, going through their stuff: even being cruel to you at times.

💥 annoying people, loud people, even violent people (note: nothing about this says TOLERATE…this is about holding whatever happens, when it pops into your life unexpectedly).

💥 the pressure of what’s happening in the world right now.

You can hold it all, stay grounded, sit in your truth, wisdom, strength,

No. Matter. What.

You’ll trust yourself to move through ANY energy you come across while getting your life story down, delivered and done ✅

People around you will feel safer to be fuly themselves as you do 💙💗

Money will pour in and stay in, now that there’s a welcoming, solid, stable energetic container for it to land in 💵 💰

Your mental, emotional, physical health will soar! At an energetic level, you become untouchable ✨ 💪 ✨


PS Your life story is meant to be birthed into this world 🌎 ✨

Will you show up for it, to master all you get to master, while getting it down on paper, done, then delivered tot the world?

My group of 🌟 Life Story Superstars 🌟 has gathered and we meet DAILY, Monday to Friday, for 15 minutes, on Facebook Live, to do this work, to make mastery a habit.

To say goodbye to watching another day go by without honouring what we know we are meant to write down and share with the world—and there’s SPACE FOR YOU 😀✍️💕 join us here: https://woohooitsdone.com/membership/

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