Your Soul is Your Beyoncé

Some of y’all are giving online coaches and mentors wayyy too much power right now – so here, let me show you how to take your power back.

When you hear them pushing “mental toughness” ???

Ask the ONLY guide that matters in your life right now and always, the top of the top dog, the only Beyoncé in your world worthy of your total, blind obedience: ✨YOUR SOUL ✨

Just ask this simple question: Am I entering the arena of growth right now, yes or no?

—If the answer is yes? Keep listening to them.

—But is the answer is no?


Press stop.

Block ‘em if that’s what you need to do right now to shut off the noise (especially if they’ve sneakily started colluding with self-sabotaging voices in your head, without you noticing, until now!).

🙂 you can always re-follow, press play again later, unblock WHEN YOU ARE READY 🙂

They don’t know better than you. Because the best mentors? At the top of their game? With the largest audiences (trust me I’ve hired them lol)?

💛✨They will always guide you BACK TO YOU.💛✨

I have always done this with my clients too, because I’m here to *empower* you, not have you depending on me for advice for the rest of your life.

The healthiest mentor/mentor relationships are not based in need (though it may FEEL that way, especially when you first start working together) — they are actually based in 💜 desire 💜

💜 DESIRE to have someone walk the next part of your life/business/health/relationship journey with you.

💜 DESIRE to make things go faster (they have a lot of shortcuts).

💜 DESIRE to laugh along the way—like pee-your-pants laugh as the load of doing everything alone is lifted off you, then you realize you can actually enjoy every bit of the ride (it’s really always just a choice).

💜 DESIRE to make it feel easy, because they’ve already moved the mountain you’re currently moving, so it’s not stressful to them.

Your heart comes first. It’s what guides everything, it’s the gateway to your soul, which is the only mentor you ever NEED in life.

✨✨✨Your soul is your #1 life guide, ALWAYS + IN ALL WAYS ✨✨✨

So when you hear coaches/mentors (including myself!) say, “keep going, no matter what” it does *not* EVER mean against your inner direction.



Barf! 🤮


When I say this kind of thing it’s prefaced by me saying “you’re in the arena already” or “you’re here because you already know this, for yourself and within yourself” or “you want this result over here, so you’re in the energy of going after it already, this is the way.”

—> that’s because you’re the ONLY one who can enter any kind of growth arena.

You choose FIRST, because you were guided internally, THEN you invite people along for your ride.

🚗✨You’re in front, leading the trip, led by your soul, they’re your amazing team peeps hopping along for the ride, willingly taking a back seat to your soul’s guidance and direction.

You’re in front, they’re in back when it comes to your life.

Not the other way around.

Don’t give anybody else that power!


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