Want to feel JOY? Positive affirmations are not the answer.

Trying to “be positive” 24/7 is exactly like drinking, drugging, gambling, overeating or any other addiction.

Too many humans are out there saying “you’ve just got to be more positive” or “your mindset is not in the right place”—which leads to hiding, stuffing, numbing, avoiding or pretending negative emotions don’t exist altogether.

—YET, how the brain works?

When you numb one feeling, you numb them all.

*read that again*

You can’t eat chips to numb out anxiety ( 🙋🏻‍♀️ me!! I used to do that) or douse yourself in positive affirmations to pretend you’re not sad.

BUT you can enjoy chips sometimes! Use positive affirmations to complement your grounded, energetically healthy state of being 💯

The real work, to build and maintain a healthy infrastructure? is to FEELING YOUR FEELS.

😢 It’s ok to be sad.

😦 It’s ok to be scared, even terrified at times.

😡 It’s ok to be hurt, angry, frustrated, annoyed too.

What’s not ok, is pretending you’re not feeling anything, ESPECIALLY if you’re an entrepreneur, where risk

—read: facing the unknown, hence feeling scared at times—

is an essential part of the game we play on a daily basis.

Just feel them, let the emotions and feels play out, all the way through.

After you do, your energy body will breathe, you’ll hear your instinct again, then know exactly what to do next, every time.

THEN you’ll be free to feel joy, uplifted, excited, energized —the socially acceptable feels that can’t happen without feeling the other ones too.


PS. Emotional mastery is *essential* when getting your life story down on paper, because you visit all kinds of emotional places as you write, and you want to present your story in a grounded, healthy, empowered way so it can help people.

I just opened 2 spaces open for 2 hour intensives to get your life story outline down and done, plus your step by step plan, so you know exactly what to write AND any questions you have answered. Contact me for all the deets ✨ (my social media pages are all listed at very bottom of my home page WOOHOOitsdone.com)

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