The Perfect Place To Write Is . . .

Your life story is meant to be out there, helping people.

😜 It really does feel mad, keeping it inside, doesn’t it?

It feels like something (big) is out of alignment . . . like a core part of you is meant to be breathing a different way, but it. just. isn’t.

When I left my full-time government social work career to become an entrepreneur back in 2009, all I could think about was getting my book done, so I started traveling, to places I was *certain* would be perfect to write in.

I mean, how could my books not get done?

🌲🌲🌲What else could I possibly do for two whole months in the cabin I rented way up north in Canada? It was just me, elk, bear, deer, and about a million birds. The town I stayed in had 40 houses total, and there wasn’t even a grocery store for two hours either direction (I would make the drive once a week and stock up!).

—do you think the book got done then?

No, it didn’t.

🌵 🐫 🌵 I also stayed in the middle of a desert, in a mesa, just me and my cat—this time with wild boars (desert pigs!) and lizards and snakes. For six months!!

—do you think my book got done then??


I hardly wrote at all. I was too distracted meeting new people, exploring new terrains, … really anything but getting my first book done.

📦 📦 📦 I had ALLLL my (eleven) boxes filled with my notes for that book and other books I wanted to write, shipped to each of those places, at $200-300 per trip, set and ready to get it all done—I rented the perfect stereotypical ‘writer’s paradise” homes to get them done, but nope. Nothing!

The time it DID get done? Was actually a very busy time in my life (not to mention dramatic, with some chaotic personal relationship dynamics I had going on at the time).

✅ ✅ ✅ It was 2017, I lived in a normal town, close to a giant city, ran my business, had a part-time job, was even getting some EMDR treatments for some post-traumatic stress symptoms that were surfacing (in case you don’t know, that treatment is *exhausting* … sleep for days, exhausting).

Yet — my first book got done.

I got so sick of not having it done, I was beginning to feel like expired milk, watching decades go by, still no book in my name on Amazon.

So, I stopped riding “someday” magical thinking traps, and I did what it took to make it happen.

….what is my point?

My point is your external environment has very little to do with your productivity — unless you let it OWN you, instead of you owning it.

Screw the perfect laptop, perfect pens, quietest homes, rooms, towns. None of those matter.

✅ What matters is your inner determination. Your decision to get it done, by a certain time, is most important.

✅ Second? Habit.

You don’t need several hours a day, you just need to get into a habit of writing, every day. Like exercising, before you know it, the book will be done (just like those 5 pounds fell off with you barely noticing).

👩 ✍️ ✅ The last thing needed is accountability—nothing gets done without tracking. You know if you’re able to motivate yourself, and if you’re not sure, ask yourself if, in the past three months, you’re seeing the results you want (i.e. pages and pages of writing done….aka a book almost done).

If not? Get support. Find a mentor to connect with regularly (I have “Gina in your pocket” text, phone and app support) as well as a group of *incredible* people in my Life Story Superstar daily writing group, which you can find more about here:

Whatever you do, get it done.

Down and done, whatever it takes.

❤️ For you.
❤️ For them.
✨ For it (your soul, your God, your mission = the reason you were given your life, in the first place!)

XO Gina

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