Why Most People Stay Stuck . . .

It feels yucky when people tell me “you’ve done it before, so you can do it again.”

I know they mean well, I know sometimes they’re right, sometimes it is THAT simple – but other times? More often than not?

It’s not!

There’s A LOT more to it than that.

Untangling ourselves from a place of stuckness involves an openness to digging down into the roots – the deep emotional roots of exactly what’s stopping us, so we can move forward again.

🛑 It doesn’t have to take long, be endlessly painstaking and depressing, or require you to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on a therapist’s sofa for ten years.

Being precise in the uprooting, de tangling and re-planting is what gets you unstuck, for good. Accurate identification is everything!

Most people won’t do this deep work — and I get it!!

It’s scary to “go there” sometimes, to feel that deep pain (if even for a moment!) ..

… but this is why most people stay stuck, why they stay same same, wishing things were different, wishing they had that success “over there.”

It’s also why most people don’t succeed in creating the life they want.

It’s never over there, it’s always deep within you. Just grab onto courage, and go in.

💛 Gina

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