Trusting and Believing in Money?

I shouldn’t be teaching about money with all the money mistakes I’ve made.

I’m a horrible person for even trying … what a fraud!!

I’m not allowed to be anything but perfect with money, especially if I teach about it.

I can’t do anything right when it comes to money.

I suck at making money!!

I’m not powerful enough to be how I REALLY want to be with money.

💩 💩 💩 This is the shiz-niz I’ve told myself over the years about money and how I interact with it.

When you repeat such thoughts over and over, day after day, decade after decade, guess what happens???

—you start to believe it’s true, that it’s how it is and it’s how YOU are…when it’s all a bunch of BS.

Yes I’ve made a ton of money mistakes, AND i’m a magnificent teacher of all things money mindset and getting over this internal pain and shame that blocks success *because* of those mistakes.

My first workshop was in person in Vancouver back in 2013 when I led eight beautiful souls through a huge acknowledgment and release of all this crap …







We filled up with 💛the real truth 💛 about ourselves and money and what’s possible for us, so that we could actually see a PLEASANT reflection of what’s in our insides, on our outside – aka in our bank accounts – not one that stinks 😷 💩 🤢 lol

This is what getting your black belt in money confidence ACTUALLY LOOKS LIKE. All of those thoughts (and sh*tty accompanying feelings) above???? They were the parts of my journey that led me to where I am now.

👁 where I can see them, let them go and keep my eye on any new creeper thoughts to keep releasing and allowing in new, more aligned thoughts (journalling really helps with this)

👁where I easily say NO to bullsh*t thoughts and choose new ones and therefore new experiences for my life

👁 where I can keep screwing up and STILL do my thang and love on people and move them forward in the areas I have mastered, accepting and loving my #human self, no matter what … trusting and believing in myself that I always make things right after mistakes anyway.

And YESSSS I’ve generated sales in my coaching business to the tune of $30k in a week, $8k cash days, and more – but the money comes and goes – the real work is behind the scenes, what I’m showing you here.

If you want to dive deeper: 💕join me for my FREE Trust & Believe in Money master class online 💕 if you want to have this kind of experience with me. Details are at

EITHER WAY … whether you join me or not, remember these are just thoughts … you get to release and choose new ones that will actually bring you what you desire in life.

If it’s possible for me? It’s possible for you.

I love your brave, never-giving-up “no matter what” self, we’re in this TOGETHER!


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