Believe In You, No. Matter. What.

Believing in myself has been the hardest thing I’ve ever stood up to master.

The thing I wanted, more than anything, would be right in front of me,

like so close I could touch it on the physical plane, but everything inside me would be screaming NO NO NO, don’t do it !!!

… so most of the time I wouldn’t.


Every time we are about make a move toward our deepest soul desires, like:

✔️ invest in that business mentor

✔️ go on that date, or have that tough convo with our loved one

✔️ make important health decisions

EVERY TIME, our brains instantly go straight to remembering all the scary things that happened in the past.

The times that …

😞 we invested and we suffered, because it didn’t turn out as we expected,

😞 we asked him out and he said no! Or that tough convo blew up that relationship and it never recovered, or

😞 our health didn’t go how we thought it would, because the thing we invested our hope in turned out to be a hoax, etc, etc.

RIGHT WHEN we are about to make these moves, the brain starts dinging that emergency bell:



This happens at mothafcking LIGHT SPEED, too: BOOM 💥

Our whole bodies are terrified. We’re in it. We’re done…

… and most of the time?? We have no clue exactly why, or how, or what just happened to get us so scared, because the brain moves fast fast fast.

Our thoughts are hard to catch on a good day, let alone days we’re not paying attention, and on them like white on rice (serious, for real!).

This is how our brains work, exactly how they’re supposed to work.

💫 But as SOULS? 💫

Our eternal essences living in bodies that have brains?

As souls, our job is different.

Our job is to use the brain like a steering wheel that drives us to where our core essence REALLY wants to go …those desires, beneath our glossy magazine desires.

Our deep deep DEEPEST longings, soul calling whispers, that energy that makes us dance no matter what’s going on in this crazy world.

It’s our duty to honour those, to tell the brain, exactly:

✔️ 💫 Where the soul wants to live,

✔️ 💫 who the soul wants to be with,

✔️💫 what kind of body and health our soul REALLY wants us to experience,

✔️💫 with the exact amount of abundance our souls want in this lifetime.



Then we go to those exact experiences and give them to ourselves, which is how we reach fulfillment in this life –

EVEN AS the brain is kicking and screaming and ringing those emergency bells, the whole time.

🗣 No, no, no! it says.

🗣 This way, this way, this way, we say.

Then we trust, believe, and GO THERE. All the way there, all the way into it.

And NO we don’t just sit back and watch it manifest….no matter how experienced you are at this, the expansion never ends, which is why we make sure the journey is FUN AF, as we go …

…as we do that mad work of staying in trust and belief, no. matter. what.

❤️ As we firmly move our big-brained bodies exactly where our souls want them to go ❤️

Because what I learned about believing in myself, is that it truly has nothing to do with anything but me honouring what I deeply truly want for my life = those whispers (and sometimes giddy glorious screams lol) from my core essence.

That’s it! That’s what matters.

Everything else we see and sense in our physical world is just then reflections of THAT. What we’ve always wanted and longed for, deep inside.

How freakin’ amazing is this???

Just believe.

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