When Entrepreneurs Flash How Much Sales They’re Making . . .

This is the face I used to make when people flashed me with how much they made in their online business …

cause it’s annoying right?? especially when you’re struggling with money big time, like I was.

BUT NOW I SAY… thank you!!
Because if they weren’t doing it, how would I even know what’s possible for me??

and because I saw you (through gritted teeth and all at times lol)
I became you
—so this post is not bashing sales or cash flashing in any way, this is for:

💗 my sisters who can’t stop won’t stop with their expansions and love celebrating together AND

💗for my sisters who are just starting their work-from-home money expansion work.

My intention here is to plug into your capability energy hard and fast … ready??

(ahem, imagine my tone as BIG SISTER who wants you to kick a@@ and KILL IT in life right now)


💵 💰 💷 for lots and lots of secure feel-good wealth, for example


That doesn’t even make any kind of logical sense, that whatever you call the energy that created all life on the planet, would set you up to live a tortured life:

AKA “look at all these amazing experiences humans are having all around the planet, but you, YOU GINA, you’re allowed to want it, but you never get to actually have it.”

What kind of torture job is that?

No, it’s not “just life.”

Growing and stretching and falling down on our faces here and there as we get there? YES! That’s half the fun, the adventure!! We would have just stayed ethereal invisible angels in the sky otherwise, never incarnating here on planet earth.

Life is for EXPERIENCING WHAT WE WANT, because those desires exist deep in your soul to show you what’s possible there, to guide you straight into them, by giving you AMAZING FEELINGS when you imagine them.

🛑 ✋ 🛑 Most people just stop themselves before they even think about taking steps to make their deepest desires an actual goal, then get to the work of making it visible in your life…

✅ which doesn’t actually take as long
✅ and isn’t as hard as humans sometimes think

So the real ego here??
Is thinking you’re different, you can’t have it, for this reason or that.
That you can’t do it, you’re the ONE PERSON God said couldn’t have what you want, the one person who is tortured in life ( 🤮 🤮 🤮) —and PS i used to do this myself before I realized how silly it all is, so there’s ZERO judgement here, only loving guidance, and calling you to MORE MORE MORE for your life!!

Because the real ego isn’t women sharing how much cash they’re raking in through their online businesses,

They’re just out there claiming their divinely-intuited wealth, showing people what’s possible as they do.


PS…Generating my first $30k week online back in 2014 helping women in this exact same coaching business I still have now, then $8k and $1k cash-received days that followed, required me to see this foolishness for what it is, so I could move through the I CANT’S and NOT ME’S and SHE HAS AN ADVANTAGE BECAUSE’S …

…so I could actually see real money in my bank account, earned by doing exactly what I love to do, that my soul has always guided me to do—💛💛💛

but I was just to scared to do, so I chose the hard way for the first 30 years of my life! Now I coach women and create programs to show women the way, and work through this stuff, together!!!

BOSSES IN PAJAMAS is open now, for exactly this purpose … and to help balance the crazy stress of it all, with PAJAMA PARTY FUN as you do the work. Details here: https://woohooitsdone.com

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