Working with A Success Coach When You’re Depressed Like . . .

You don’t need to stay stuck in this Tik Tok parody I created last week …

We normally associate healing from trauma with experiences like depression, and low functioning, aka not feeling like we’re contributing to society, not to mention $$$ broke AF.

This is a problem, so if you’ve been through trauma AND one of your current goals in life is to create tons of money, working at home in your online business, fun has got to be part of your present experience, so LISTEN UP …

What if you get to have fun right now, no matter what stage you’re at in healing? Because that’s actual reality. You get to make money, TONS of money, you get to have fun, even in a global pandemic, even while you are still healing from trauma.

EVEN IF you’re brand new at business, and figuring out, like much of the world right now, how to make your online business a financial AND emotional success.

I don’t know about your God, or whatever term you use to describe the energy that created all life on the planet (I referred to it as creative intelligence, to include all beliefs) but mine would *NEVER* design a life where humans have to suffer. Where women go through trauma then have to spend the rest of their lives recovering, and missing out on FUN ENLIVENING experiences because of it ….

…because it’s those kinds of UPLIFTING PAJAMA PARTY FUN experiences—even when we’re all stuck at home—that have the power to raise old stuck trauma energy up and out, faster than anything.

So we get to, YOU GET TO, put yourself in groups and learning containers and energies that feel really good no matter what. Groups that don’t just *preach* about it, but give you an actual experience of HAVING MEGA FUN (ahem, pajama party level fun!!) even while you dig deep inside yourself to face and deal with old demons head on, which of course we do – this isn’t about avoiding feelings and avoiding trauma healing at all.What it IS about is saying no to:

👋 8000 years in a therapist office, focussing on the past, demanding that work work working really hard to fix yourself, focussing on tough emotions tough experiences, feeling miserable the whole time.= not making money and having the experience of life you were born to. Again, even during a pandemic, there are examples of people who thrived through wars in human history. 👋👋👋#mmmmbye to denying ourselves the opportunity to do this too.

So if you’re a woman figuring out how to work at home right now, whether you’re just starting out in your business, or you are seasoned in business but need a bolt A FUN JOLT a boost *while* you’re creating tons of money through your online business, then Bosses in Pajamas was made for you.

It’s my six week program that I run annually, inspired by my life experience of living on disability $$ to creating $30,000 sales in a week in my life coaching business.I’m here to help women make tons of money working at home….no matter what kind of business you have … while having the caliber of fun that only old school 80s pajama parties could bring.

CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS + TO JOIN …I CAN’T WAIT to see who joins the party this year!! EEEEE!!



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