Are You Going ALL IN With Your Dreams?

The power of going ALL IN with your dreams …

It’s so much harder dipping your toes in or going partway in with your dreams at 20, 30, 40, 80, even 99.99999%

Stubborn as a GOAT as I can be (ahem thats Greatest Of All Time hahaha) I’m *finally* getting this at the deepest level I’ve experienced in my growth and development.


When it comes to achieving your goal, you’re in one of these two categories around it, right now:

1. motivated by avoiding pain of what will happen if you don’t achieve it (aka you’ll face crappy $$ circumstances if you don’t)

2. motivated by the reward you’ll receive when you achieve it (aka being a profit producing work-at-home world-helping world-healing machine that you can rely one you’re SO freakin’ proud of!!)

Regardless of which one you fall into, with the particular goal you’re trying to reach right now, you’ll stay in a non-producing, gross-feeling “in between” stage involving dancing round and round (and round and round lol) with old, frustrating habits, people and situations, whether that be money situations or relationship situations or health situations.

The round and round happens because you’re doing something similar to what you did yesterday (like Einstein said: there’s nothing more insane than doing the same things over and over again, expecting different results)

“Similar” being defined here as being in the same “not ALL IN” category you’ve been playing in (I may as well be talking about me by the way because this is how I rolled most of my life, dancing with same same stinky garbage-y thoughts and habits that kept me stuck)….

…so of course producing similar results again and again and again. Whether that was:

😒 crappy money situations

😒 crappy relationship situations

😒 crappy health/body image situations

You: “Okay Gina, I’m ready to do something different, so now what?”

Me: The “now what” is choose that something NEW that will rise you up so far, you *have to* move different —“your old garbage wouldn’t stand a chance” kind-of-different.

Feel me???

Most people choose “something different” IN THEIR COMFORT ZONE = similar, if not exact same results as before.

= not NEW enough to make their garbage-y habits change

=not going anywhere near “all in”

✨✨✨✨✨Because going ALL IN?

Takes care of most of the garbage stopping us from making our dreams happen in the way know we’re meant to:

🤩 showing up in Facebook lives regularly,

🤩 telling the truth in our posts in a way that feels so good and REALLY helps people,

🤩 not holding back saying what we really want to say, gracefully, to the people we love,

🤩 feeling fully ALIVE and expressed every day-

in other words, in the way we KNOW we can and is 100% possible and available to us = the way that brings us the actual results we desire.

When you go ALL IN, like investing an amount of money that makes you MOVE (because it will *OUCH* pinch if you don’t) on behalf of your dreams:

🛑 THERE’S LITERALLY ZERO TIME to entertain it anymore!!!! You’ve put yourself in a position where you gotta hustle to make it happen now, or your current comfy lifestyle is gonna change when that *pinch* arrives (and let’s face it it’s not really so comfy womfy because if it was we wouldn’t be researching or thinking about changing it all day!)

🛑 It stops making any kind of sense to dance with that depression-inducing, time-wasting, life-stealing BS !! Because if we do…

🛑 It starts to smell so bad to us we cannot bear the stench! That’s when playing with it became like playing with a soldier from a different army —us being in the army that’s taking an ALL IN STAND for our dreams and fighting to the death for them now!!!

20% produces that stank smell

30% produces that stank smell

40 % produces that stank smell

80 % produces that stank smell

99.9999% produces that stank smell

Going 100% ALL IN means investing in your dreams to the extent that it pinches and HURTS if you try to even step a teeny little tiny little teeny tippie toe in the “not all in” pool you used to live in…

…that level of going ALL IN just cleans up all the entertaining of anything not in alignment with direct manifestation of your dream.

✨You “magically” stop doing it to the point that it stops you from manifesting anymore.

✨You get out of your own way and STOP stopping yourself.

✨You see what you’re made of, and it impresses you in a beautiful way opposed to scaring the crap out of you.

✨You become confident, and resourceful AF so that when you see an area that you could improve in, where you will need to learn more skills in to keep succeeding and winning at the work-at-home game with,

you just go learn the skills and keep going with your success steps, instead of collapsing, shutting down, feeling horrible about yourself then spending your precious life on this earth,

over-eating and watching Netflix as I used to (or whatever your stinky stank behaviour is that you know isn’t helping build your dreams)

💩 Smell what I’m stepping in?? 💩

Find that NEW action that is 100% ALL THE WAY IN = the thing that makes you move.

It’s time to step out of the patterns, sis!

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2021 is weeks away…LET’S DO THIS.


I love you!

💛 Gina

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