Trust and Believe … in Money?

💔 I never felt worse than during those rocky periods I had in my romantic relationship, because they affected my business greatly.

What I realize all this time later though, is that it wasn’t actually about HIM!!!

It FELT like it was, it felt very very real that he and my relationship were the reason my business wasn’t reaching the heights I wanted it to. That if I just fixed it, or left it, or found someone new, then everything else would magically resolve itself too.

(shhh don’t tell anyone but I used to blame my man for almost everything going wrong in my life, including in my business!! shhhh lol)

🌟 🌟 My BIG AHA on this was:

When you don’t like who you’re being behind the scenes, everything feels off —and often actually goes off—in your work and business life too.

I didn’t like who I was BEING.

I didn’t like the way I spoke to him when I was completely overwhelmed, exhausted, and so beyond worried about what would happen with my business if I didn’t show up to build it up more.

I couldn’t see that it wasn’t him, it was me!! YES he played his role (which he owned and adjusted too) but when I cleaned up my side of the street? All my resentments, my poisonous habit of blaming him for everything?

✨❤️✨❤️✨❤️We returned to the couple we were when we first met….that energy returned….our magic, now seasoned by years of loving each other no matter what, weathering the storms, riding the waves, owning our own “messy emotional stuff” then doing something about it so it stopped covering up, smothering and suffocating the love that was always there, beneath, waiting for us to do this maintenance work.

We’re still together because he knew that those parts of my behaviour I didn’t like, weren’t me, and we both HAD FAITH in me, to go figure out what skills I needed to learn, then master those skills.

✅ I did do that, ONLY BECAUSE the #1 thing I realized and put into practice in my romantic relationship specifically, was: RADICAL RESPONSIBILITY.

It’s a hard pill to swallow, that we are actually responsible for *everything* (everything!) we create—I get that.

The rainbow 🌈 on the other side of this coin though is: if you created everything you see around you now that you’re not loving, you get to unhook your energy from it, UN-create it and go create something new = what you really want!

Most people come to me for help with their online business success, but most of our phone calls are about their love life behind the scenes.


❤️❤️❤️❤️Because LOVE drives all lasting successful world-changing business. Love starting deep within ourselves, of course.

When we’re satisfied DEEP IN THE SOUL with our home life, whether we are single or not, our deep inner joy comes bursting to the forefront, into our businesses.

This happens SO NATURALLY, like tides in the ocean… and when you’re truly plugged into this, day after day, you enter a new zone of living:


👑 The Unstoppable Success Zone


Interpretation: I have both the mindset and skills to succeed, and every day I learn and implement more, and love and money get to pour into my life, every day, as I go.

Are you ready for this????

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