“IF ONLY Somebody Would Pay My Rent and Bills!!”

I used to feel jealous of other women who had their husband’s support while they grew their business.

🤦🏻‍♀️ 🤦🏻‍♀️ 🤦🏻‍♀️ I was struggling *so bad* that I just wished and wanted for that support, because I believed I would make my business thrive like never before….IF ONLY SOMEBODY WOULD HELP ME BY GIVING ME A BREAK ON MY RENT AND BILLS!

Of course, I got what I wanted, as we always do, most of the time we’re just not asking for the right thing that will fulfill our souls, so we think we didn’t get it, when we did get – exactly and literally what we asked for 😉

Soooo I met my first King of a man, who said he wouldn’t even HEAR of me contributing to rent or bills, especially not while I was struggling, THEN SOMETHING UNBELIEVABLE HAPPENED, which really woke me the F up:

😩 😯 —> I watched myself *still* struggle.

I now had that support I had always dreamed of, but I STILL couldn’t make my business work.

💦 That was a real slap in the face, a cold water splash wake up call like never before!!!

How on earth could I not make my business work, now that I didn’t have bills or rent to pay for???

I sat stewing about that for months, feeling worried, insecure, wondering if I was even meant to do this work that FELT like my soul was calling me to do ….

AND THEN, by just staying with it, doing what mindset work I knew to do at the time, staying with what mentors or courses I could afford at the time, I broke through!

I was wrong about those girls you see. Having support, and having a lot of money in the bank, and having supportive husbands or family, or living in a certain neighbourhood —this, that or any other circumstance, isn’t what brings a success.

It helps in some ways, for example you wouldn’t stress about rent every single month,

and it makes things more enjoyable to look out at a gorgeous view while writing your Facebook posts in the morning,


✨the work is the work.

✨the walk we walk, is the walk we walk, and

✨the mindset work we do behind the scenes is the mindset work we do behind the scenes,

whether we’re writing from a tin can or a mansion — I’ve had experiences with both, so I KNOW that nobody gets a free pass here, no matter your current circumstance.

💵 Money is just paper, it comes and goes!

ALSO: Sometimes involving money in romantic relationships can get VERY messy, so a price is paid in ways women who are on the outside looking in, wishing they had those circumstances, could never know.

👑👑👑 Here’s the # 1 thing I want you to know: when your mindset patterns are aligned with basic survival, and basic struggle, those patterns continue on no matter how much money you have in the bank, or whether someone else is supporting you with rent, food, bills.

This is because it’s a mindset problem, not a money in the bank problem.

It’s never ever EVER about how much money you have in the bank, when it comes to fulfilling your life’s purpose and generating the success you know you’re meant for as a result of showing up for it.

🗣 📢 Money is an amplifier, it amplifies what you already have going on between your ears.

So If I was to look back toward my baby entrepreneur self, I would give her a huge hug, and tell her to put down all the funnels, and website tweaking, and traditional business or sales courses, then🔥 RUN LIKE FIRE 🔥 toward mindset work.

☑️☑️☑️That is, changing beliefs systems that are creating the circumstances you see around you that you want to upgrade.

Because, that upgrade I had always wanted, with everything in my cells, my bones??? It was to be doing what I loved in my business, and being a role model for success for other women in the world —and no amount of money could do the mindset work for me that I had to do FOR MYSELF, BY MYSELF, FINDING A WAY TO KEEP MY MOTIVATIONAL FIRE LIT AS I WENT, MYSELF, as I did what it took for me to become that woman.

So if you’re letting projections onto other women (like I was) or fantasy stories about men or money (like I was) stop you from moving forward right now?

Stop, just stop 🛑

You’re focusing on the wrong thing, wasting years of your life wishing and wanting, when you have the power to make giant success moves living inside you, RIGHT NOW, no matter your circumstance.

💙 Mindset TRULY is everythjng 💙

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