When You Feel Guilty for Receiving Money

First day of the year, and I’m going THERE…

…because i’m hearing way too many people I love, who are selling New Years coaching packages left right and centre right now, all at different amounts, including 5-figures, feeling guilty about it.

🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ I understand, I’ve been there, but also: WHAT THE WHAAAAATTTTTT??

Our monkey brains really go off on us sometimes, don’t they?

You’re a freaking genius, an incredibly powerful, energetically-attuned, gifted, intelligent healer and world-changer, literally one of the RAREST humans who actually STEP UP to do whatever it takes to fulfill their life purpose = how you were designed by the Divine, doing EXACTLY what you were born to do…


you feel guilty receiving money for it?


No no no no nooooo!!


In order for you to keep doing this work, to hold EVEN MORE PEOPLE who are meant to work with you, in order for you to shine EVEN BRIGHTER so your people can find you in the first place,

you don’t just “get to” be well supported,

you have to be!! #mandatory

Yes we all ran ourselves ragged at the beginning, or in times of growth, to make sure we stretched, no matter how late we had to stay up to get it all done (hello sleep deprivation, lol)

—but ultimately??? Long term???

We need you in tip top shape, girlfriend, to keep delivering your genius on this planet.

👑☀️👑☀️👑☀️ That means fully nourished, rejuvenated, RADIANTLY ALIVE, however that looks for you, whatever it takes for you to get there, because your Creator designed this all perfectly, remember???

You showing up to do your work, brings you all kinds of benefits, wealth being one of them, AND THAT WEALTH IS MEANT TO KEEP YOU THRIVING, so you keep the rest of your Creators people thriving, those people you were meant to help.

Feel me?

🥊 🥊 🥊 Guilt needs to be sucker-punched out of the way, Goddess.

There’s zero room for it here.

In fact if you’re entertaining ANY level of guilt around this right now (I used to do it too), then all it means is you’re not focusing on your life’s purpose enough – so you’re getting distracted, and pulled away, by a little critter who, yes we get to thank for its purpose in our lives in the past, when we didn’t know better, then send it away LOVINGLY … because send it away, we do.


✅ FYI: Guilt does have a healthy purpose—there are no accidents in our biology—but this isn’t it.

This is healthy guilt dressing up like a gremlin to pummel your life to stale old crumbs on the floor. It’s an evil seed. It’s THEEEEE culprit pulling the guilt strings of my people, like a kid pulls his arm up and down in the car, at the mack truck driver, tryna make him honk his horn.

So here’s your magic wand for this one: you’re never manipulating or forcing anyone to buy anything, when your whole heart and business is designed to HELP THEM.

What if you believed that people LOVE to invest in your business? What if you realized that believing anything but might be stopping your business signal from reaching your people, because they feel the weirdness/misalignment/NON-TRUTH in your energy when you’re hijaacked by the gremlins??

💃🏽💥💃🏽💥💃🏽 Keep going!
I love you…2021 is YOUR YEAR, SISTER!!

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