Once Upon A Time, There Was A Boss Babe Sitting On A Nail . . .


Tell me in comments below, at the end of this story …


Do you know the story of the dog sitting on the nail?

Here’s my re-telling of it … my very own, boss babe version …. (I’m talking about me stressing like this, btw – I used to do this DAILY 😂 😆 😂)

There once was a woman sitting in her home office, crying and crying, stewing and stressing herself out COMPLETELY over not making enough money in her online business.

She’d even have fainting spells on occassion, her husband was very worried about her.

“Do you know why she’s stressed?” the ambulance paramedic asked, the few times hubby called them, to make sure her physical vitals were ok.

“She’s not making enough money in her business, she hates that.”

“Why does she stay in there doing the same thing, day after day then, if she’s not getting the results she wants?”

Her husband scratched his head, “Hmm, I’m guessing because it doesn’t bother her THAT bad?!?”


What should she do??

👇 👇🏽👇🏿👇🏻

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