Listen … then DANCE!

You get to be heard.

Even when you don’t express yourself perfectly – more often than not, it WAS so-called perfectly, according to what you know right now,

according to how you’ve always communicated with the person before.

S/he just decided they didn’t like it anymore, without telling you that things had changed for them.

That’s on them.

You did nothing wrong.

You deserve to be heard, communicated with respectfully, honoured, heard, fully validated, fully presenced, always 💗

Nothing changed on your end, I see you.

You know you’re not being abusive, or disrespectful, according to everything you’ve ever learned about these two things.

And if there’s something you don’t know?

Or if you really are making a mistake in your communication, or anything else?

I know you’re the kind of person who will increase your self awareness more than ever before, if this relationship ruptures,

so you do your part.

You do your best right here, right now.

The rest is on them.

Beyond your control.

I know you see their pain,

their wounds blocking their usual incredible connection with you,

I know you want to rescue them,

do their communication or inner healing work for them,

💗it’s the hardest thing in the world for us empaths not to care-take and coddle everyone 💗

—but this part is on them.

They gotta do their part,

share what’s bugging them,

share vulnerably, from their heart,

what their experience is,

what’s really going on,

to get themselves back to the loving place you both normally live from, together,

so you can both grow through this, together,

and end up even closer than before 💗

It’s not yours to take on,

feel bad about,

beat yourself up over,

if they choose to react with harshness, distance, running away, even fighting energy.

Then blame you the whole time 😑

Just love them through it,

with healthy boundaries, of course!

Then keep on dancing that soul dance of yours, Sister.

Move your hips to that beat, your whole life, every last breath of it, no matter what the F is going on around you 💗✨

People are people,

they’ll always be peopling.


Living in reaction stops the flow.

So get in line with your soul beat,

dedicate yourself there,

love who you love and how you love,

knowing there’s never anything wrong with you,

that your best is ALWAYS good enough,

and that the only person you can ever control in life, is you 💗

The rest is up to Creative Intelligence,

✨ that energy that created all life on the planet ✨

which is the most beautiful energy to ever exist ANYWHERE.

The one you get to fall ALL THE WAY deep in love with, knowing with certainty,

that it’s an energy that never leaves,

turns on you,

changes or betrays you in a flash,

acts like you never existed,

as they react to their own stress, pain, unresolved trauma.

Then blame you the whole time.

Align with this soul energy, Sister!

It’s everywhere!

It’s the purest of purest Love!

And it’s everywhere!!

—many many many people everywhere around the world live in it, love from it, too.

So get in good with it.

Stay there.

Love from there.

Dance there.

Everything else will fall into place.

It’s safe to let go.

Soul’s got you!!!

All you gotta do is listen,

for your soul song.

Hear yourself, when nobody else is listening.



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