“Come back, Come Back!”

“Come back, Gina! Come back!”

MANNNN have I ever been invited back into “depression” steadily for the last two weeks.

Some of my friends and mentors say this full moon had something to do with it, because it was a biggie.

I also got banned from live-streaming temporarily because of music I played = OOPS AND BOOO because streaming gives me life!!

THEN, as mentioned in one of my last live-streams I did, mountain lions were euthanized in my tiny little mountainside village, which really hurt my soul – they lived on my land, in my backyard 😢

—plus it’s a deeper soul thang, because as a young girl I was always running around saving hurt cats in my neighbourhood (long story) —

so as I processed that deep grief, and it took on momentum, I heard “come back, Gina….come back! Live here, again.”

Again, meaning, back to the days when I couldn’t see through the veil, when I lived mostly from my human brain, not knowing any different.

What I know to be true now though, and what my strongest practiced momentum in the past ten years has been,which rushed into wake me the F up these past two weeks:

is that you can’t go back to living in illusion —not after you’ve popped out of it after living through AND THRIVING THROUGH life experiences like I have … and I know you have tooo!!!

😀🥂👏🔥 FOR ONE … working on Canada’s second largest child murder case in 2004 then burning myself out so badly that I ended up gaining a whole extra persons worth of body weight in the process (150 pounds)….only to come out of that serving hundreds of women in a mentoring business that makes my soul sing like nothing else, making what I used to make in a year in a day, week and month now.

As I reflected on all this, and looked that invitation dead in the eye these past two weeks, a phrase one of my former mentors said to me got really rally loud inside me, the loudest: “Depression is bullshit”

When she first said it to me years ago??!? I thought I was plunged into some kind of twilight zone. It felt harsh, too abrupt, too extreme—but it’s a great phrase to snap us out of the smoke screens of illusion, when they slip in and get into our sacred energy temples, somehow. So I use it on myself and at times my clients too.

Because every mood state really is just a practiced state. Feeling and focusing on feeling sad and bad for long enough, that it takes on a life of its own.

—this is NOT to make light of these feelings though, because I know how awful they feel. I know this really really really well.

I just know and have now lived in and claim the power of having control over my energetic state, more.

So, the story I chose to tell myself to give that invitation a big fat NO —declined—is that some back-to-back life things happened at once, plus likely that full moon influence (none of us escape being influenced since we are 80% water after all).

Im not pretending it wasn’t a lil wobbly, it was!! But I kept my head above water, dripping tools and techniques that I’ve learned over my 46 years of life, like a steady life raft IV, to stay on track, with what I know to be true, as my time came to heal some things inside of me, deeper.

So my body needed a little more rest than usual….and when I gave myself exactly what I needed?

I could see what was REALLY going on…that it was all a PERFECT STORM, to release something I didn’t even know needed healing deeper inside me, so I can now THRIVE more than ever before!!!

😃😃🥂🥂👑👑 PLUS my scheduled quarterly vacation arrived at the exact same time, in perfect timing and synchronicity, so even tho I didn’t travel anywhere, due to covid, I had all the time and space AND THEN SOME to sleep more, rest more, not feel like I needed to be “ON” as much, so I could move these deeper energies that needed clearing, out and through.

(I did learn that I want to have prescheduled posts and videos for you all during my social media breaks, so it doesn’t feel to you like I fell off the face of the planet LOL AND SORRY —this just feels really good to realize and see – I wouldn’t have known this without these past two stormy weeks!!)

Moral of my story then???

Just feel the grief, Beautiful, let it move through your body, then let the spectacular spectacles of your soul take over and unveil the truth again, which you only just got temporarily clouded from.

Because it REALLY IS all for us, even when it doesn’t seem to be so. It really is all LOVE, the universe loving on us … every time…we just gotta open up, let it in and stay focused on what we want – because we really do get to have it, every time❤️❤️❤️❤️💜❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💜❤️❤️❤️❤️

💜💛 this perspective is here for you, too! Any time you want or need it 💜💛


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