That Time I Wasn’t Rich Enough To Really Truly Give

Being wealthy requires a level of self-care that much of the world calls selfish.

= making sure you’re really really taken care of and good, so you offer a strong, resourced, fulfilled, powerful hand to help the world with (note: I’m talking about getting “rich” first and foremost at the energetic level, which later gets reflected in your bank account)

=not “selfish” at all, because how can you help someone if you’re depleted yourself? Is it really “help” if you’re giving from your depletion, and they know it’s hurting you to give to them?

Where will your energy to help come from if you’re running on empty?

How about those creative ideas you want to keep flowing so you can make and keep your money, so you can keep on writing checks to causes you care about?

❤️💗❤️💗❤️ Most important, can you offer a grounded, consistent, PURELY loving energy from your depletion? One that isn’t wavering all over the place due to lack of self-care?

I speak from experience on that one 🙋🏻‍♀️ I couldn’t help anyone when I was depleted and NOT pouring into myself *first*…

and the people I tried to help from that state could feel that it wasn’t a strong helping hand, 

they could feel that it was actually TAKING from me to give, which never felt good to them, and didn’t feel like they were being given to at all.

My giving was crimped, therefore people couldn’t ever really receive from me,

because I didn’t give to myself first, then give only from my overflow – which is the ONLY way the receipient will feel truly, deeply, purely cared for and supported.

Giving from OVERFLOW is the only way to truly give … I just opened the doors to a *LIVE* group program called Tell A New Story About Money Overflow that I’m running right now. Message me if you want in 💜🥂👑


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