Go Lizzo!

The comments are rolling in already after I reposted Lizzo in my stories yesterday …

I can’t imagine what these plus-size warrior Goddesses go through on the daily, after seeing this tiny glimpse in my DMs last night and this morning.

So let me be clear: I love all body sizes, regardless of your opinion about fat being unhealthy or anything else you feel or think about fat bodies.

I take a stand for accepting every body, exactly as they are right now.

💜💙💛 I love what Lizzo is doing, along with all the plus-sized women who have what society considers less than perfect bodies.

They are taking hits from people who are stuck on programmed idealized perfection, so stuck they get massively triggered by a woman posting her body, exactly as it is right now, with —MY GOODNESS!—feeling no need or desire to change it.

Them showing up to give women something else to look at, appreciate, love and celebrate —something other than what a marketing or health team once decided is the ideal perfect body, is an act of pure love for all women kind.

Period. That’s how we roll and see things here, because this is based in acceptance for all bodies, a value my community and I promote, defend and protect.

There are many spaces online to practice opinions and attitudes of non-acceptance, but that’s not here. Nor in any of my programs or coaching containers.

Wanting to learn or understand things, asking questions, opening up respectful conversations around something you want to learn more about IS welcome, always – but you are responsible for how you present yourself.

If you’re infected with this particular brand of poison, that has you behaving anything other than in calm, respectful, caring ways, then you’ll need to take care of that first, before even being considered a part of my community here.

I believe that if something turns you off, then your option and responsibility is to remove yourself from the offending situation.

Without yelling, shaming or barfing your unmanaged emotion all over the situation or person.

If you’re unable to handle your emotions around a situation, it’s time to remove yourself from the situation, then give yourself what you need to return to a calm, centred place.

👑 Respect is respect. 👑 There are ALWAYS ways to deal with things, respectfully. Even in intense emotion, which is part of our shared human experience.

What I know from my experience of gaining then losing 150 pounds, then going up and down again from there, is that not accepting myself exactly as I am, in the moments along my journey, and every moment that followed, is the real poison.

That’s why I don’t allow people in my life or community who don’t also accept people’s bodies exactly as they are.

💜 You’ll never convince me that a woman can’t be physically beautiful right now, exactly as she is, right now. 💙

So you know where the 🚪 door 🚪 is … don’t let it hit you on the way out.



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