When You Aren’t Close To Your Family, AT ALL


Do you know how beautiful you are?

My Gorgeous Lone Wolf Sister!

Your song, your voice, your wisdom, your message.

I know it’s hard to see, when there are no bodies around us.

I know it feels like there haven’t been bodies, a body, ANYBODY for such a long time, maybe all of this lifetime, but hear me, Love:

You are here for a purpose.

Yes you. You, you, you, you, YOU.

As you are, right now.

You’re not meant to be splashed around social media ,with human after human surrounding you, in that “family” grouping way.

They’re meant to do it that way, you’re meant to do it your way.

None of it right, wrong.

None of it the good way, the bad way.

I know you’ve spent your whole life wanting it, that family way. That “full” human life, full of human lives, way. I know you have, but you’re already whole, already full, right now. If you’ll just tune in… 

This isn’t a pity party, or me playing “polite thing to say” (I don’t do that lol).

This is about seeing the perfect Divine plan of the Universe, and me honouring it for you, here and now, until you can see it, speak it, live it, for yourself.

Think about it: who will devote mounds and mounds of time to our community, when all the human Mamas are busy with their human children?

You, My Love … that’s when you show up. Ready to stay all night.

Who will howl out the deep DEEP pain only Lone Wolves know, so that the other lone wolves can hear you? So they can know, that they don’t have to do it alone, either? 

They need to hear you.

They need to hear this.

The gift, the message, the song of Lone Wolf.

There’s nothing wrong with them, just like there’s nothing wrong with you.

Not at all.

They need to hear that they can release all those thoughts, that come with believing “you’re rejected, you’re dejected, you’re of “no use” to this world.”

They need to hear that they can release those feelings of wanting to end it all, because it feels like “nobody is there, nobody loves you.”

Because the thing is? 

You just BEING is what we need, what we love, what makes you belong, no matter what. No matter how many bodies surround you, even when there are none.

Kick the voices of those hurt people out of your space. Evict them now. Hard. Those who even use those words “no use” when it comes to human beings.

You’re cut from a different cloth. A precious, rare, much needed cloth.

We need to see your unique-ness. We need to see you dancing with nature, with the universe. We need to see you SHINE! YES all alone … even the human mamas, those buried amongst all those family people, amongst all those family photos. They need to SEE YOU too. Alone.

Because some of them deep down want to be where you are, for a time, or until their last breath, if that is their calling for this lifetime, too.

Or, they will need to see you one day, when their family nest is empty, when they too, feel so so alone.

Or when they face their end of days. 

That’s when you show up. Dedicated, deep, ready to stay all night. With an unmistakable “I GOT YOU” glare only Lone Wolves can give, when we need someone who’s been through the longest, loneliest of journeys, scratched, scarred, but still able to howl her song, still able to be so vibrant, alive, so strong, for others.

Still able to dance with the fucking universe, no matter what, like most humans can’t. 

Dancing your glorious dance with the river beneath the river, the core JUICY-NESS we all need to feel, we all need to dance with, that only exists behind the veil.

We will all come face to face with it, at the end of our human days, some day. Completely, totally alone.

And there you will be.

That’s when you show up! Dancing across our minds, our hearts, our soul, to show us how it’s done. To show us how to be happy at our most alone moment. To show us the truth, that we are never, ever, EVER alone. Not really.

Do you hear me, Sister?

We need you now.

Get up.

Feel this Universal love you were born to dance with and move your one body, let the love flow that only you can embody, only you can show up to yearn for, to brave the receiving of when you’ve been hungry for it so long, alone, then TAKE IT IN and fill up to overflow, nourish yourself with, so hard, then shine it out to others.

Show us how to do it.

Howl, Sister.

Let that voice out.

Speak up for Lone Wolves everywhere.

Be it, shamelessly.

Show us how it’s done, shamelessly.

Show us how to show up, in the only way that really matters, beneath the illusion of it all.

We need your song, we need your growl, we need your TRUTH.


Glorious you.

Right here, right now.

Will you?

I love you, no matter what.

XO Gina 

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