The Most Powerful Force Known to Humanity

Seeing this meme had me nodding OH YES women’s circles are super magical, and reminded me of investing in my first group business coaching program a few years ago.

This group was higher than what I was used to investing for groups, so I chose the payment plan, which was $1,500/month, for three months. 

****If my family could see me now, I thought….school, yes – but putting this much money toward coaching? WHA??!?****but I had always been a woo-woo chick at heart, so I knew better. I knew traditional business programs bored me to death—not just the instructors, the classmates too. I needed to be guided by MY kind of person, be with MY women.

I registered, waited to be let into the Facebook group where it was being hosted, then, instead of sharing with the group why I was there, and what I was excited about, like the coach running the group had asked, I popped into her DMs instead, and absolutely no-one:

Then I wrote this:

“Hey, is it ok if I just send you my questions here, in your DMs, instead of in the group? I’m not really comfortable sharing my life with strangers.”

Just for the record, I did not think this was weird, or rude, or unconventional at all LOL. I really, really, REALLY believed it would be cool, that it was no big deal, that a lot of people did that, not just me. 

Of course, there wasn’t anything “wrong” with making that request, there’s never anything “wrong” about where we are, never ever EVER at all — but I did join a *group* program, so, looking back, I know now, this type of request wasn’t usual, for sure…

…but because I was dealing with MY peeps—aka safe, non-judgmental, women who can see through the fear, the trauma-based questions and behaviours, the amazing coach simply walked me through my fears of sharing myself with a group, which was essential healing for me, because I didn’t even realize I had wounds related to being in groups, until this happened.

Her coaching me in my DMs didn’t take long, either. Soon after I wrote my introduction post, then kind of went the other way for a while, sharing EVERYTHING with groups I belonged to, LOL—until I found my balance, where I am now in groups that I join:









I make friends for life, feel powerful healing vibes I haven’t found possible anywhere else.

100/10. Highly recommend.

xx Gina

PS. We still have three spots open in Soulful Sales Sisterhood, if you’re interested in learning all this sales from your heart and soul … but it’s not just learning, it’s PRACTICING, together, too! In our safe circle, you’ll practice your live video sales, your private conversation sales, your written sales, complete with loving feedback as you build your confidence, not to mention giggles, soul-warming encouragement, and a space for us to keep chatting together between sessions. Send me a message if you’re interested…yes, even if you’re in the place I was at when I wrote this post…I’m here for it, all of it. Just message me on social media xo ALL MY SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS ARE FOUND AT BOTTOM OF MY WEBSITE HOME PAGE – WOOHOOITSDONE.COM

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