X, Y and Z

Today I’m feeling grateful for moving beyond that “something is missing” feeling I once lived with every single day.

I loved my therapist who helped master managing my PTSD symptoms sooo much… like so much! She was there for me when my Nonna died, when emotional flashbacks hit, when anxiety threatened to take over. She helped me keep my connection to my business alive when my emotions got too intense and I wanted to quit everything, when I felt like I had nothing left to live for, myself.

….but … and this is hard for me to say …. it always felt like there was something missing in our connection.

What she gave me was necessary, so key to my development and maturity as a woman, but I had this other part of me that wanted to fly way above the therapy work I was doing with her.

It was as if I was an Olympic swimmer, who needed x, y AND z to feel fulfilled and fully expressed in my life, but I was only allowing in x.

Again, X was critical, so crucial, but y and z? Just as much!

So what does a girl who grew up in a lower middle class family with big dreams do, when, yes, she’s been labelled with having post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) for twenty-five years, but her soul … HER SOUL…kept whispering:

“Olympic, Gina!”

“This way, Gina.”

“Bigger, bigger, more more more MORE.”

Now I realize this may sound like I’m getting high and mighty on myself, and that’s what I would have continued to believe too, if I hadn’t made room for the y and the z in my life too, but the truth is?

We’re all born for the X and the Y and the Z. All of it. Everything in your soul that you’re yearning for, which is 100% available to you.

My X?

Warm, loving therapy support.

My Y?

Coaches who came from love, but called me out too. Women who had $$ results far beyond any therapy paradigm could conceive of, or hold space for, which triggered me greatly, but caused that “something is missing” piece to go away, because I got challenged, which had me fully engaged in my growth, and feeling deeply fulfilled every step of my way. It’s me going for Olympic, and loving the game while I do.

My Z?

Allowing the massive $30k cash profits in through my online business that I adore, then having the self-love and bravery required to be able to share about it and celebrate it, out loud. At first to my client and student communities, as well as to my own mentorship groups, then, to the big bad world, who so love love loooves to put a clamp on successful women rising “too far” to the top. It’s me living my Olympic, then starting over at X again, to repeat the same process, for the next record I want to break.

How about you?

What’s your XYZ?

And are you allowing, claiming, owning, and celebrating?


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