You Are Powerful, Beyond Measure

When PTSD symptoms ran rampant in my life, I judged myself as lazy.

Other people did, too.
(because: 🤍 as within, so without 🤍)

🤷🏻‍♀️ Why aren’t I getting more done in the day?
(“why isn’t she getting more done in the day?”)

🤷🏻‍♀️ Seriously how can I lay in bed that long?
(“seriously, how can she lay in bed THAT long?”)

🤷🏻‍♀️ How rotten of a person can I be, not showing up for work, or to see my family and friends?
(“what kind of person has no energy to work, or to see their family and friends?”)

Lazy lazy lazy, was the answer, every time…

which then, because I wasn’t clearing my inner judgments out, graduated to

—> “I probably don’t have what it takes,” then

—> “maybe I’m not cut out for this entrepreneurial life.”

These were my thoughts, every-single-day.

✅ First within my self, then

✅ Spoken out loud, by those around me, who were just doing their job of reflecting what was living inside of me, back to me!

🧡❤️🧡❤️ Today tho??

Today is different.

✨I’m kind to myself, so others are too.

✨ I have tools and support on the ready for those times when the old “lazy” gremlin tries to sneak back in, and I access my tools and support, quick, so it doesn’t infiltrate my energy anymore. Because I actively engage here, others are constantly offering more tools, more support, which feels like a gigantic MORE MORE MORE abundance party 😃💗

✨I’m solid in who I am, and how I manage my days….and I’m proud of myself daily, WHO I AM, along with what I accomplished, so others are too

(still working on the 🥳 celebrating myself thing 🥳 thats coming, which means I’ll be in celebration with others more, too!)

I got here by first changing my thoughts, which affected my energy, determining what actions I would (or wouldn’t) take every day, which in turn created my entire physical experience of life.

⁉️ See how one tiny, socially acceptable (“ohhh I’m so lazy hahaha”) thought can wreak havoc on our lives?

Maybe you don’t see not fulfilling your dreams as havoc, like I do —nor do you have to, you get to live EXACTLY as you want to, of course….but one thing is diamond clear, here:

💎 we are truly powerful beings 💎

One thought shift, held steady?
Your whole life shifts.

My PTSD symptoms and that constant criticizing voice, who lived in my head rent-free like a toxic bestie, for years and years-DECADES, on end =

gone, gone, gone.

So 1) know your power, my Love! and 2) access the FUHHHk out of it, whenever you’re calling in a new experience into this incredible life.


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