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⁉️ Have you ever manifested a physical symptom, to act as an elevator for your next phase of business success?

…pretty sure I’m doing this right now…

Because even though I KNOW that hiding parts of ourselves never feels good, I’ve been tempted to hide from social media, lately . . .

especially since getting this eye infection, or face infection = some kind of rash thing-a-ma-jig that has surfaced on and off, for the past few months, ever since the wildfires started up here in British Columbia, Canada 🔥 🌲 😢

(It’s something in the air, or my friend’s husband’s clothing, who is a firefighter up there….but I’m on it, getting in to see a dermatologist next week, finally!)

Last I checked though, dermatologists don’t fix “hiding mindset.”

… which for me —maybe for you too?— is really about perfection.

I mean, how many mainstream magazine cover, perfect-looking coaches are there out there?

A zillion.

… and I don’t know about you, but I’ve been battling inside myself with the idea that I had to look “picture perfect” too, if I was gonna be successful, since I started my coaching business back in 2009.

(Shhh…I’ve even LEGIT booked then cancelled more than a few hair extension salon appointments, because this was so conflicting for me!)

—when really?

Deep down?

❤️ I just want to be me ❤️

Grey hair, coming in, salt-and-pepper as it may.

Make-up free.

And this face thingy? Is having me do that 💯

because I would have had to miss weeks in a row, on end, of coaching my incredible clients, and creating content for my social media people


***because success isn’t actually success, unless we feel good, while we’re in process of creating it.

Am I right?

I’d love to know if you feel me here …


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