It’s OK To Not Feel OK


Hello My Beautiful Woo Woos!!!

I promised myself that I would give my ALL to volunteering for wildfire recovery until the 12th, then I’d return back to life as usual 🧡

✅ Thursday was that day … I returned home, ran one of my mastermind groups, which was so FILLED WITH LOVE and support and yummy success juicy-ness!

Then …. I just sort of collapsed into rest mode. My body knows I am done driving back and forth, seeing horrific trauma all day (especially to my beloved forest and wildlife), and breathing really bad air when I have asthma.

So it (my body) is resting and recovering. I am resting. Recovering.

And while I’m doing that??
I’m popping in to say,

I have ended up in the emergency room twice since the fires started back in early July, and my closest friend and I cry together daily for her husband who is out there fire-fighting daily, so it’s been a WILD RIDE, to say the least.

Meantime, I’ve seen coaches online say “be consistent be disciplined at all costs” and while I’ve been tempted to rule my own business energy by this militant direction at times, it’s never been the thing that created soul-fulfilling success for me, the kind that, by the way, naturally brings mind-blowing financial results, too.

💜🙏🏼💜🙏🏼💜 Right now I am feeling so grateful that I never bought into that militia way of doing business, because I would be beating myself up HARD right now if I was…for not showing up daily….for not this that or blah blah blah

The truth is we get to be where we are! I am laying down exhausted, getting lots of rest, nutrition, love from friends family and supportive coaches, and this is my commitment to recovery right now.

I am also showing up to coach my clients behind the scenes, because it feels joyful and nurturing to do so still 🧡💕 Doing my soul work never feels like “work” to me, except when I buy into the militant energy of show up daily right now or else ….


The true 🪄 magic 🪄 always lies in giving ourselves what we need in the moment, and if the whole (old way of doing business) show pauses for a moment?

And your soul is guiding you to LEAN IN to that instead of forcing the old way forward?

Then lean in to the rest, the warmth, the gentle recovery … because what reveals itself on the other side of us allowing the rest and recovery, is pure inspirational fireworks and magic!!

The kind that takes our lives and businesses to levels we couldn’t have imagined by staying in the old, forceful ways before.

So, My Loves, as I type this, I have my air purifiers on high, I’m staying inside, looking at the trees out my window, still vibrant green against the smoky orange background sky,
and overall I couldn’t be more at peace deep inside.

Knowing it’s all happening as it’s meant to. I don’t need to do anything different, to keep my success going, or help people more, or do more more more.

I get to BE.
Exactly this.
Right now.

🧡 and so do you 🧡

Because this being is exactly what allows for the unveiling, aka my next evolution and call from my soul, to make my business more legendary than ever!!

🧡 as it does for you too 🧡


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