Are You Actually Open To Everything You Want?


This morning I had some teary moments realizing this.

I was feeling anxious about my new life. One that has less chaos than what I was used to in my younger years, much less chaos than even last year. So much less confusion, and so much MORE LOVE ❤️

I had a moment of remembering my old way of being, the part of me that was used to existing in chaos, putting out fires all day long — she popped up today, looking for something wrong. Looking for the sky to fall. Looking for that other shoe to drop.

If she had a voice she would say …

“…but if you stay this happy, this full, this fulFILLED, this abundant, this calm … you’ll miss the signs of the danger that is coming … we must stay alert! Stay on guard!!”

And for a moment, my whole system my whole being, my whole body TRIED to be this way again. Tried looking something wrong, something scary, something about to blow up and burn away for good ….


My fuzzy maine coon cat crawled onto my lap with the cutest “hayyyy I’m here” expression.

My phone rang and my kindest warmest most gentlest friend just wanted to say hi and see how I was…her voice like a giant hug!!

Then my phone alarm beeped to remind me of the two calls I have today with powerhouse women who are filled with so much love and purpose

❤️❤️including a mentorship group I belong to with a mentor I just adore and love to pieces ❤️❤️

So even when I tried, I couldn’t go back to the old way, and that feels good.

Even though my old pattern and habit is to beat myself up and criticize myself for not doing better, not doing more

— showing up more, making more money, doing better in those highly emotional calls with Chris that I’ve been having —

etc etc blah blah

I’m anchored in here ❤️❤️❤️ there’s more availability in me and embodiment of love and synchronization to love and living in a loving state in me, than not.

Because EVEN THOUGH things were that way, I don’t have to live this way now.

💛 neither do you 💛

We get to just surrender to what’s available and possible TODAY, right now.

We get to open to it … then keep opening opening opening … making mistakes being messy as we do … people (and old inner voices) coming in to critique and judge as we do.

We just keep opening opening going going going —being here fully present as we do — sometimes wirh tears sometimes with none only smiles — going going going, swimming in that love, letting it pour into our lives, as we do ❤️❤️❤️❤️

The universe is made of love…are you open?


PS … Two spaces have just opened up in my private coaching roster for women who are ready to calibrate their financial life into this love synchronization with me! Send me a message for all the deets.

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