Nature, Wealth and Hairy Body Parts

UNPOPULAR OPINION coming at you …

Last night I was watching a livestream that suddenly turned to the topic of body hair on Italian women.

Me 🙋🏻‍♀️ that’s me. An Italian woman. Pure bred Italian 🇮🇹 so my ears perked up …

A few men were saying how they had removed all the hair off their own bodies, and preferred that their women do the same. One of them mentioned that Italian women were “the worst.”

THEN an entourage of comments came in from women who claim to “be smooth as a baby’s butt” everywhere … and the HATE that spewed from their mouths afterward floored me.

They YELLED in the comments about how women with body hair were “dirty disgusting vile boar pigs” who should be eliminated from the dating game, if not the entire planet.

Are we seriously doing this now??

What has happened to our human race ???

This disconnect from nature really disturbs me.

It feels so much like a world programmed by razor and make up commercials to me at times that I get really worried about human kind, because if we can’t connect to nature, our purest most visceral selves, and witness end connect and love each other from there first (not what a TV commercial says is lovable) ESPECIALLY during times like these, then what will become of us?

I CAN’T with these weird “requirements” that make you a man or a woman anymore.

Love doesn’t feel anything like “I can’t touch you with a ten foot pole today because you didn’t shave your legs” and PURE LOVE for ourselves, each other, humankind and the planet we live on truly is what will save us now and keep us alive.

—PS I know y’all thinking I’m some “unkempt uncivilized hairy beast” right now, and I’m OK with that. I will stand for choice and freedom and visceral truth before needing to protect what anything thinks about me, how I look, my hygeine and whether I look like a 2 year old child “down there” or not tho!

👆 if that’s how you prefer your body, THAT IS COOL… freedom of choice is my point though. Allowing everyone to choose, to go on the journey they want to, without attacking with hateful rejection. Respecting our natural core base, as humans, mammals, designed to thrive in nature, natural circumstances, how we are naturally —- without this, going from Rags to Riches, which is what I’ve been teaching women how to do since 2009, is going to be a lot longer, tougher, and more miserable —if it’s possible at all.

For the love of all things high vibe and natural, just:


Natural health
Natural loving kindness in relationships
Natural abundance including financial wealth


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