New Branding, New Insights!

Up until now I’ve carried this heavy story that I suck at marketing and I really suck at telling people about my service so they know I exist.

Today, I’m releasing that. Consciously.
With full intention and awareness.

I’m just sharing here as I process through it in case anyone resonates? Relates? Wants to chime in?

I don’t know about you but I’m so done tryna do business somebody else’s way, and allowing how anyone else does anything to interfere with my soul’s way.

Like 100% done done done done!!!

For about two weeks now I’ve felt a detox happening deep within, which is letting go of a need for outer authority on how I’m supposed to be successful in business.

How should I advertise?
Am I a good enough marketer ?
How can I get better
How can I fix my broken self some more
How is my website supposed to look
How many live videos am I supposed to do in a day?
How many emails should I send out?
How many groups should I run?
How should I brand my business?
Is it OK to do this thing my soul really wants me to do??? Are you sure???

No wonder I shut down and stop showing up with all this running in my brain 🤣🤣🤣😂🤣 mamma mia !!!!

No wonder my soul feels starved at times trying to function as a powerful intuitive business owner like this!!!

I already have the answers within but up until now spent a lot of time waiting for clarity outside myself … I thought I had mastered this but I just caught myself doing it again for a second this morning.

I mean, my financial books show massive success, and would by most people’s standards (for mountains of money anyway, while I’m still working on consistent million dollar year success) but this inner stuff is what really matters because it’s complicating things for me, making me tired and cramping my magnetism.

It’s gotta go.

I’m choosing to uplevel to:

💚💜 This is what feels good right now for my branding. Purple and green. Fun bold colours to give my people the feeling of celebration and also courage to be all the way us, as we continue on this rags to riches journey I’m leading them on.

I know enough.
I can tap into my intuition enough.
I have enough support.

I always made $$$$ feeling really great and happy and really helping my people doing it MY WAY – but my flow stops the minute I start engaging with the 💩 💩 💩 💩 stories listed above, so from today forward, I’m kicking them out of my energy.

Thank you for serving me as you have
For the time we needed to dance together
I am letting go now
Putting up my magical protection shield
Between you and I
…to continue in my magical way that always worked for me.
🦄 ✨🦄✨🦄✨🦄

I don’t need any outer “advice” or education on How To build my business
I don’t need therapy right now because I don’t want to feel broken
I don’t need another marketing course to give me list of things to do that make me miserable every day as I try to force myself to do them

I just need connection
Belonging to a tribe of like souls
Reflections of the woman I’m becoming in a coach, to chat with and bounce things off regularly (I’m a verbal processor)
A whole lot of laughs
as I obey my souls direction in this now

Ok thanks bye!

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