Ready For More Love?


EEEE!! I’m so excited!!

That NOW it’s time to love my body more than ever before 💚

Lately I’ve been tuning into how neglecting physical pain in my body, starting with a running injury years ago, is what has skyrocketed my weight on the bathroom scale.

….and of course I’ve been sharing it all with the internet 🤣🤣😂🤣 because it’s what we healers and light frequency raisers do.

I was ignoring dealing with my physical pain, because I was so immersed in Eastern healing and spirituality, that my resistance to anything Western medicine was at an all time high.

Ignoring, not dealing, pretending it would heal itself over time … which cannot happen where there’s a lack of loving presence and attention to the thing crying out for help. In this case my fractures, sprains, and structural bone stuff.

THEN in all my ignoring of it, refusing to return to my natural level of athleticism, came problems of immobility: fascia tightness in my feet and legs, hard balls of fascia build up, weak weak muscles, and more pain then ever before.

This whole time I just kept “hoping” it would all resolve as I followed my bliss with my business. Watching myself and my people I serve make more money than ever before on our Rags to Riches journey together, doing exactly what we love.

Talk about high frequency!! It is and always was!! Always will be 💚 yet this ignoring kept going on and on and on …

It was just so easy for me to do. I mean my whole business can be run from my bed when my pain gets really bad.

Plus, since I don’t drink or drug, slipping into extra foods or the wrong kind of foods for my body —especially as our social life diminished during the pandemic, and we started turning to both homemade and delivery food as fun — to fill those social needs—using food to numb all the pain got so easy. It became so acceptable, so normal, I barely even noticed I was doing it.

So my weight increased year after year as the real “problem” underneath was a love desire, wanting to feel fulfilled, so deeply loved, so deeply connected — why aren’t physical trainers and weight loss coaches talking about THIS I wonder? 🤔

I’m so grateful to be surrounded by this kind of love in my mentors, my friends, my new connections I’m consciously making every day.

The kind of love that just pours in with presence — the exact work my clients end students and I do behind the scenes daily, to produce such phenomenal financial results.

The kind of love that doesn’t see weight or the world splitting up our people connections as any type of brokenness, or “problem” — just something to pay attention to, pour our magic onto.

Moving through the motions, together.

Dancing with the free-flowing ever present energy that is love

—which sees no “brokenness” or “problem” at all—

only something to get aligned with, if we will just tune in 💚

I’m so ready.

Are you?


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