Trying New Mindsets On For Size


💜 Try it on for size, mindset-wise 💚 

It used to annoy me SO MUCH when I heard someone say,

“Appreciate even the hard times, even any abuse or toxic relationships you’ve experienced. They all made you who you are today.”

I mean, on the face of it, this sounds just downright weird, right?

Appreciate, in my case, a whole childhood and teen hood of living in fight-or-flight mode, because of trauma?

It didn’t sit right when I first started my healing journey… but now, in hindsight, I see how I just wasn’t ready to try this perspective on, I wasn’t open to this yet.

…and I didn’t have to be! In the earlier stages of healing, we aren’t supposed to be. We are meant to focus on protecting ourselves, looking at and dealing with the so-called wreckage.

AND THEN….and then, when we’re ready, at our own pace, one that’s healthy for us,  as we determine it to be, we move into a stage that allows us to try on new levels of power —the kind that make us invincible to being completely knocked over by the rougher storms in life. 

Nope, NOT in a denial way, not at all —that’s how it felt to me earlier in my journey, when I heard this kind of wisdom too early in my process.

It felt like people were being insensitive, not hearing me, not validating me, maybe not even being fully present in themselves, by not REALLY feeling their own pain, not processing it thoroughly.

Yet I know now, that we can do both! We can try on expanded empowerment perspectives, WHILE feeling our feelings, and honouring our human desire to be safe, respected, and loved. We can learn to be and do all of this, at once.

So today I’m inviting anyone who is ready to play with different mindsets … 

💎 start by asking yourself: “what if everything really was for me in life? Every single thing, even my childhood. What if it happened exactly the way it did, because it was supposed to be that way, because of my greater purpose in life?”

This gives me chills today, in the best of ways! Because what used to be “ick” shudders, have now turned into an eagle-eyed view that empowers me more than ever.

One that allows me to release the stuck energy that prevented me from fully living, because I was so focussed on my past.

Again, understandably so in those early stages of my healing, but when I was ready, I released it all, all the stickiness and sense of helplessness it held over me.

So I could be more present, feel more alive, more healed, stronger and more than ever MORE focused on aligning with my business purpose = how I’m meant to SHINE as I am right now, while I serve the world with my whole heart and soul.

This now moment gives us this point of access, whenever we’re ready. We get to have the FULL energetic resources we were born with, whenever we choose to.

When we just get willing to expand, to step into things that at first feel uncomfortable, and ultimately?

Like shopping for outfits on in a store, try new perspectives, on for size, to allow us to sometimes be pleasantly surprised at how well they fit.

=how good they feel.

=how fun it is to be here, now, in the present (instead of dissociating)

=maybe even how free they make our lives, in the weird yet magical way a new outfit can make us feel—that we wouldn’t have ever worn before, had we not just dared to try it on.


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