Welcome to My Blog! Here Are Our Community Values

As the leader of this community, I am committed to transparency, because I want you to see ALL of me, and make decisions for yourself about how or if you want to connect deeper into my world.

In this political climate, I’m committing to being even more direct about my stance on all things so that we can have real discussions and connections here 💛

What I know for sure in this head-spinning, political climate is that

I am 100% FOR capitalism/a free market society, and in no way does this mean i’m racist or a bad person.

I won’t be guilted by the thinking that if I want a free competitive market, then I don’t care about others, and I don’t look out for the betterment of all human beings.

You won’t ever convince me that ingesting thought-streams promoting that I adopt ideologies that don’t feel right and true to my intuition is in my best interest.

Free spirit, free will, free choice based on our intuitive spiritual guidance must be protected at all costs, for all human beings –

that includes being able to make as much money as their soul calls them to make, in order to make physically manifest the vision their soul shows them for this lifetime.

I want this freedom for myself and everyone.

I want freedom for us to do what we want with our money…keeping a sense of control and integrity over what we earn, while contributing our share to our communities AND

fully trusting that people who have good hearts help others. Knowing that our government (who we pay taxes to) shares our responsibility to help the disadvantaged, too.

We use our “white privilege” for the betterment of all.

We pay our taxes, so government can do its thing,

which, at bare minimum, involves honouring our God-given right to fight for and protect our individual freedom of expression and our freedom of choice, no matter what.

What we do with our money, after contributing fair exchange with our communities we live in, must always be up to us – uncensored, and free.

I will push against any and all entities attempting to steal this power from us.

I am also committed to taking full responsibility for my part or lack-there-of in things,

and expect each and every one of my community members to respect each other’s opinions, hold each other lovingly accountable to their deepest integrity, and to keeping their word, and claim their freedom of speech and choice right alongside me.


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