Go Lizzo!

The comments are rolling in already after I reposted Lizzo in my stories yesterday … I can’t imagine what these plus-size warrior Goddesses go through on the daily, after seeing this tiny glimpse in my DMs last night and this morning. So let me be clear: I love all body sizes, regardless of your opinionContinue reading “Go Lizzo!”

That Time I Wasn’t Rich Enough To Really Truly Give

Being wealthy requires a level of self-care that much of the world calls selfish. = making sure you’re really really taken care of and good, so you offer a strong, resourced, fulfilled, powerful hand to help the world with (note: I’m talking about getting “rich” first and foremost at the energetic level, which later getsContinue reading “That Time I Wasn’t Rich Enough To Really Truly Give”


You must betray lower thinking realms. Yes, I said BETRAY. Like hard stop.No.I BETRAY YOU. 🤮 people pleasing ways of thinking that keep people entangled and trapped in guilt cycles that serve no-one and never evolve beyond life-sucking toxicity. 🤮realms where anything but masterful communication reigns, where respectful compassion is paramount and assertiveness is notContinue reading “I BETRAY YOU.”