WHY We Share Our Life Stories

Why do I (and maybe you) feel the need to share our personal healing journeys after trauma? 👌💕 because it’s a normal part of life for me + so much beauty comes from it every day 👌💕because people need to see what’s possible for them 👌💕 because the tools I share make life so muchContinue reading “WHY We Share Our Life Stories”

The Cost of Not Listening to Our Soul’s Calling

I was listening to a funny-as-hell comedian yesterday who reminded me of THIS TRUTH WE LIFE STORY SUPERSTARS GOTTA FACE …. Life isn’t going to work out quite as well as it could until we get that life story down on paper. facts This is because creative intelligence (the energy that created all life) plantsContinue reading “The Cost of Not Listening to Our Soul’s Calling”

Attention Life Story Superstars Struggling With Money

ATTENTION LIFE STORY SUPERSTARS STRUGGLING WITH MONEY(Mamma Mia have I ever been there!!) Even when you have creditors or bill collectors chasing you, you still get to feel good about yourself – in fact you must in order to stop the creditors and bill collectors from chasing you!! You see, knowing WHO YOU TRULY ARE,Continue reading “Attention Life Story Superstars Struggling With Money”

How To Let the Light In, When Things Feel Dark

THERE’S A CRACK IN EVERYTHING, THAT’S HOW THE LIGHT GETS IN —Leonard Cohen Back in 2013, when I found myself with no idea where I was going to live, going through yet another breakup, after yet another dance with a boyfriend who didn’t have my best interest at heart (it was a pattern, what canContinue reading “How To Let the Light In, When Things Feel Dark”