Sick and tired of zero-to-no profit business days, or working for pay checks that never go up?

Are you a brand new or seasoned business owner wanting to learn how to make tons of money working from home?

Do you want to be part of a like-hearted community that you KNOW always has your back, FOR A WHOLE ENTIRE YEAR?

Nope. this isnt Only Fans.. Or MLMs.

…unless that’s your jam, of course!

My point is, there is no scheme behind the scenes, or trickery involved.

It’s just you, providing a service you love to the world.

+ I am here to guide you from the idea phase to tons of money.

Are you ready?

Because what this is really REALLY about?


Living in it, on all levels.

Continuing on, moving ahead, together, even on days you just want to stay in your PJs all day.

We love those days … because you still get to make tons of money.

No. Matter. What.

My community is here to lift you UP.

All year. For a whole year.

Let’s do 2022, together!

This community is here to hold you through it all.

Why Gina Silvestri?

This is an annual program, run once per year only. Next round starts Dec 2021.

Jump on the wait list to be notified when more details are available and to receive early bird offers.

Why Pajamas?

Because this is about INNER WORK – the stuff that goes through our hearts, minds, bodies and souls after business hours. In other words the stuff that drives us, the stuff that makes us, the stuff that keeps us going when we wanna quit.

What kind of Business Bosses Are We?

This is a global TRIBE of women powering through life TOGETHER. Lifting each other up, riding in UNSTOPPABLE fun energy, together.


  • BEST OF THE BEST BIP ALUMNI AUDIOS: Question/Answer Recording Sessions from previous BIP groups, which began back in 2018. We email it to you upon joining, so you can listen now. These will help you know you are not alone on your journey, starting now.

Jump on the wait list to be notified when more details are available and to receive early bird offers.


Do I have to wear pajamas to our Zoom calls?

No! There are no rules here, except being kind and respectful to one another. Feel free to dress as you please. 

What if I’m a Hot Mess Right Now?

Who isn’t? I’ve got you, girl. This community has got you. We don’t hide our messes or pretend to be perfect here. We show up fully ourselves, ALL IN, holding each other in a powerful energy, together, ESPECIALLY when life feels messy.

How do I reach you if I need help with something?

Feel free to email us at whenever you have questions or need support or on any of my social media platforms HERE


I give you everything you need, and then some, to achieve your goals along your Rags to Riches journey. 

Do I receive full course content straight away?

Absolutely! Yes.

Do I get my bonuses straight away?

Yes. These are delivered to you first, right away.

Can I get a refund?

This is a commitment to our community, so I am here to support you through any challenges you may have during our time together. Since your bonuses are delivered upon receipt of payment, I do not offer refunds. Myself and my team are always available to help you brainstorm, troubleshoot, and make every experience with us a pleasant one. Just email any time of day or night. You can also message us on any of my social media platforms. We are here for you!

How do I get support when I need help?

Once you make your payment, you have my direct email and immediate access to my team for any help you may require. You can also ask any questions you may have during our LIVE trainings, or any time in between those trainings. OR, if you have a question or need support right now, just email now!