It’s OK To Not Feel OK


Hello My Beautiful Woo Woos!!!

I promised myself that I would give my ALL to volunteering for wildfire recovery until the 12th, then I’d return back to life as usual 🧡

✅ Thursday was that day … I returned home, ran one of my mastermind groups, which was so FILLED WITH LOVE and support and yummy success juicy-ness!

Then …. I just sort of collapsed into rest mode. My body knows I am done driving back and forth, seeing horrific trauma all day (especially to my beloved forest and wildlife), and breathing really bad air when I have asthma.

So it (my body) is resting and recovering. I am resting. Recovering.

And while I’m doing that??
I’m popping in to say,

I have ended up in the emergency room twice since the fires started back in early July, and my closest friend and I cry together daily for her husband who is out there fire-fighting daily, so it’s been a WILD RIDE, to say the least.

Meantime, I’ve seen coaches online say “be consistent be disciplined at all costs” and while I’ve been tempted to rule my own business energy by this militant direction at times, it’s never been the thing that created soul-fulfilling success for me, the kind that, by the way, naturally brings mind-blowing financial results, too.

💜🙏🏼💜🙏🏼💜 Right now I am feeling so grateful that I never bought into that militia way of doing business, because I would be beating myself up HARD right now if I was…for not showing up daily….for not this that or blah blah blah

The truth is we get to be where we are! I am laying down exhausted, getting lots of rest, nutrition, love from friends family and supportive coaches, and this is my commitment to recovery right now.

I am also showing up to coach my clients behind the scenes, because it feels joyful and nurturing to do so still 🧡💕 Doing my soul work never feels like “work” to me, except when I buy into the militant energy of show up daily right now or else ….


The true 🪄 magic 🪄 always lies in giving ourselves what we need in the moment, and if the whole (old way of doing business) show pauses for a moment?

And your soul is guiding you to LEAN IN to that instead of forcing the old way forward?

Then lean in to the rest, the warmth, the gentle recovery … because what reveals itself on the other side of us allowing the rest and recovery, is pure inspirational fireworks and magic!!

The kind that takes our lives and businesses to levels we couldn’t have imagined by staying in the old, forceful ways before.

So, My Loves, as I type this, I have my air purifiers on high, I’m staying inside, looking at the trees out my window, still vibrant green against the smoky orange background sky,
and overall I couldn’t be more at peace deep inside.

Knowing it’s all happening as it’s meant to. I don’t need to do anything different, to keep my success going, or help people more, or do more more more.

I get to BE.
Exactly this.
Right now.

🧡 and so do you 🧡

Because this being is exactly what allows for the unveiling, aka my next evolution and call from my soul, to make my business more legendary than ever!!

🧡 as it does for you too 🧡


Be You

@soulbravegina on Tik Tok

⁉️ Have you ever manifested a physical symptom, to act as an elevator for your next phase of business success?

…pretty sure I’m doing this right now…

Because even though I KNOW that hiding parts of ourselves never feels good, I’ve been tempted to hide from social media, lately . . .

especially since getting this eye infection, or face infection = some kind of rash thing-a-ma-jig that has surfaced on and off, for the past few months, ever since the wildfires started up here in British Columbia, Canada 🔥 🌲 😢

(It’s something in the air, or my friend’s husband’s clothing, who is a firefighter up there….but I’m on it, getting in to see a dermatologist next week, finally!)

Last I checked though, dermatologists don’t fix “hiding mindset.”

… which for me —maybe for you too?— is really about perfection.

I mean, how many mainstream magazine cover, perfect-looking coaches are there out there?

A zillion.

… and I don’t know about you, but I’ve been battling inside myself with the idea that I had to look “picture perfect” too, if I was gonna be successful, since I started my coaching business back in 2009.

(Shhh…I’ve even LEGIT booked then cancelled more than a few hair extension salon appointments, because this was so conflicting for me!)

—when really?

Deep down?

❤️ I just want to be me ❤️

Grey hair, coming in, salt-and-pepper as it may.

Make-up free.

And this face thingy? Is having me do that 💯

because I would have had to miss weeks in a row, on end, of coaching my incredible clients, and creating content for my social media people


***because success isn’t actually success, unless we feel good, while we’re in process of creating it.

Am I right?

I’d love to know if you feel me here …


PS…. Level Up is my brand new FREE Masterclass, which I created to share with you the #1 thing (which has nothing to do with how I look 😂 😂 😂)that brings myself and my clients UP UP UP into their next success level, again and again and again 😃💃🏽✨🥂 You in? Deets HERE (or copy this: xx

You Are Powerful, Beyond Measure

When PTSD symptoms ran rampant in my life, I judged myself as lazy.

Other people did, too.
(because: 🤍 as within, so without 🤍)

🤷🏻‍♀️ Why aren’t I getting more done in the day?
(“why isn’t she getting more done in the day?”)

🤷🏻‍♀️ Seriously how can I lay in bed that long?
(“seriously, how can she lay in bed THAT long?”)

🤷🏻‍♀️ How rotten of a person can I be, not showing up for work, or to see my family and friends?
(“what kind of person has no energy to work, or to see their family and friends?”)

Lazy lazy lazy, was the answer, every time…

which then, because I wasn’t clearing my inner judgments out, graduated to

—> “I probably don’t have what it takes,” then

—> “maybe I’m not cut out for this entrepreneurial life.”

These were my thoughts, every-single-day.

✅ First within my self, then

✅ Spoken out loud, by those around me, who were just doing their job of reflecting what was living inside of me, back to me!

🧡❤️🧡❤️ Today tho??

Today is different.

✨I’m kind to myself, so others are too.

✨ I have tools and support on the ready for those times when the old “lazy” gremlin tries to sneak back in, and I access my tools and support, quick, so it doesn’t infiltrate my energy anymore. Because I actively engage here, others are constantly offering more tools, more support, which feels like a gigantic MORE MORE MORE abundance party 😃💗

✨I’m solid in who I am, and how I manage my days….and I’m proud of myself daily, WHO I AM, along with what I accomplished, so others are too

(still working on the 🥳 celebrating myself thing 🥳 thats coming, which means I’ll be in celebration with others more, too!)

I got here by first changing my thoughts, which affected my energy, determining what actions I would (or wouldn’t) take every day, which in turn created my entire physical experience of life.

⁉️ See how one tiny, socially acceptable (“ohhh I’m so lazy hahaha”) thought can wreak havoc on our lives?

Maybe you don’t see not fulfilling your dreams as havoc, like I do —nor do you have to, you get to live EXACTLY as you want to, of course….but one thing is diamond clear, here:

💎 we are truly powerful beings 💎

One thought shift, held steady?
Your whole life shifts.

My PTSD symptoms and that constant criticizing voice, who lived in my head rent-free like a toxic bestie, for years and years-DECADES, on end =

gone, gone, gone.

So 1) know your power, my Love! and 2) access the FUHHHk out of it, whenever you’re calling in a new experience into this incredible life.


X, Y and Z

Today I’m feeling grateful for moving beyond that “something is missing” feeling I once lived with every single day.

I loved my therapist who helped master managing my PTSD symptoms sooo much… like so much! She was there for me when my Nonna died, when emotional flashbacks hit, when anxiety threatened to take over. She helped me keep my connection to my business alive when my emotions got too intense and I wanted to quit everything, when I felt like I had nothing left to live for, myself.

….but … and this is hard for me to say …. it always felt like there was something missing in our connection.

What she gave me was necessary, so key to my development and maturity as a woman, but I had this other part of me that wanted to fly way above the therapy work I was doing with her.

It was as if I was an Olympic swimmer, who needed x, y AND z to feel fulfilled and fully expressed in my life, but I was only allowing in x.

Again, X was critical, so crucial, but y and z? Just as much!

So what does a girl who grew up in a lower middle class family with big dreams do, when, yes, she’s been labelled with having post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) for twenty-five years, but her soul … HER SOUL…kept whispering:

“Olympic, Gina!”

“This way, Gina.”

“Bigger, bigger, more more more MORE.”

Now I realize this may sound like I’m getting high and mighty on myself, and that’s what I would have continued to believe too, if I hadn’t made room for the y and the z in my life too, but the truth is?

We’re all born for the X and the Y and the Z. All of it. Everything in your soul that you’re yearning for, which is 100% available to you.

My X?

Warm, loving therapy support.

My Y?

Coaches who came from love, but called me out too. Women who had $$ results far beyond any therapy paradigm could conceive of, or hold space for, which triggered me greatly, but caused that “something is missing” piece to go away, because I got challenged, which had me fully engaged in my growth, and feeling deeply fulfilled every step of my way. It’s me going for Olympic, and loving the game while I do.

My Z?

Allowing the massive $30k cash profits in through my online business that I adore, then having the self-love and bravery required to be able to share about it and celebrate it, out loud. At first to my client and student communities, as well as to my own mentorship groups, then, to the big bad world, who so love love loooves to put a clamp on successful women rising “too far” to the top. It’s me living my Olympic, then starting over at X again, to repeat the same process, for the next record I want to break.

How about you?

What’s your XYZ?

And are you allowing, claiming, owning, and celebrating?


The Most Powerful Force Known to Humanity

Seeing this meme had me nodding OH YES women’s circles are super magical, and reminded me of investing in my first group business coaching program a few years ago.

This group was higher than what I was used to investing for groups, so I chose the payment plan, which was $1,500/month, for three months. 

****If my family could see me now, I thought….school, yes – but putting this much money toward coaching? WHA??!?****but I had always been a woo-woo chick at heart, so I knew better. I knew traditional business programs bored me to death—not just the instructors, the classmates too. I needed to be guided by MY kind of person, be with MY women.

I registered, waited to be let into the Facebook group where it was being hosted, then, instead of sharing with the group why I was there, and what I was excited about, like the coach running the group had asked, I popped into her DMs instead, and absolutely no-one:

Then I wrote this:

“Hey, is it ok if I just send you my questions here, in your DMs, instead of in the group? I’m not really comfortable sharing my life with strangers.”

Just for the record, I did not think this was weird, or rude, or unconventional at all LOL. I really, really, REALLY believed it would be cool, that it was no big deal, that a lot of people did that, not just me. 

Of course, there wasn’t anything “wrong” with making that request, there’s never anything “wrong” about where we are, never ever EVER at all — but I did join a *group* program, so, looking back, I know now, this type of request wasn’t usual, for sure…

…but because I was dealing with MY peeps—aka safe, non-judgmental, women who can see through the fear, the trauma-based questions and behaviours, the amazing coach simply walked me through my fears of sharing myself with a group, which was essential healing for me, because I didn’t even realize I had wounds related to being in groups, until this happened.

Her coaching me in my DMs didn’t take long, either. Soon after I wrote my introduction post, then kind of went the other way for a while, sharing EVERYTHING with groups I belonged to, LOL—until I found my balance, where I am now in groups that I join:









I make friends for life, feel powerful healing vibes I haven’t found possible anywhere else.

100/10. Highly recommend.

xx Gina

PS. We still have three spots open in Soulful Sales Sisterhood, if you’re interested in learning all this sales from your heart and soul … but it’s not just learning, it’s PRACTICING, together, too! In our safe circle, you’ll practice your live video sales, your private conversation sales, your written sales, complete with loving feedback as you build your confidence, not to mention giggles, soul-warming encouragement, and a space for us to keep chatting together between sessions. Send me a message if you’re interested…yes, even if you’re in the place I was at when I wrote this post…I’m here for it, all of it. Just message me on social media xo ALL MY SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS ARE FOUND AT BOTTOM OF MY WEBSITE HOME PAGE – WOOHOOITSDONE.COM

When You Aren’t Close To Your Family, AT ALL


Do you know how beautiful you are?

My Gorgeous Lone Wolf Sister!

Your song, your voice, your wisdom, your message.

I know it’s hard to see, when there are no bodies around us.

I know it feels like there haven’t been bodies, a body, ANYBODY for such a long time, maybe all of this lifetime, but hear me, Love:

You are here for a purpose.

Yes you. You, you, you, you, YOU.

As you are, right now.

You’re not meant to be splashed around social media ,with human after human surrounding you, in that “family” grouping way.

They’re meant to do it that way, you’re meant to do it your way.

None of it right, wrong.

None of it the good way, the bad way.

I know you’ve spent your whole life wanting it, that family way. That “full” human life, full of human lives, way. I know you have, but you’re already whole, already full, right now. If you’ll just tune in… 

This isn’t a pity party, or me playing “polite thing to say” (I don’t do that lol).

This is about seeing the perfect Divine plan of the Universe, and me honouring it for you, here and now, until you can see it, speak it, live it, for yourself.

Think about it: who will devote mounds and mounds of time to our community, when all the human Mamas are busy with their human children?

You, My Love … that’s when you show up. Ready to stay all night.

Who will howl out the deep DEEP pain only Lone Wolves know, so that the other lone wolves can hear you? So they can know, that they don’t have to do it alone, either? 

They need to hear you.

They need to hear this.

The gift, the message, the song of Lone Wolf.

There’s nothing wrong with them, just like there’s nothing wrong with you.

Not at all.

They need to hear that they can release all those thoughts, that come with believing “you’re rejected, you’re dejected, you’re of “no use” to this world.”

They need to hear that they can release those feelings of wanting to end it all, because it feels like “nobody is there, nobody loves you.”

Because the thing is? 

You just BEING is what we need, what we love, what makes you belong, no matter what. No matter how many bodies surround you, even when there are none.

Kick the voices of those hurt people out of your space. Evict them now. Hard. Those who even use those words “no use” when it comes to human beings.

You’re cut from a different cloth. A precious, rare, much needed cloth.

We need to see your unique-ness. We need to see you dancing with nature, with the universe. We need to see you SHINE! YES all alone … even the human mamas, those buried amongst all those family people, amongst all those family photos. They need to SEE YOU too. Alone.

Because some of them deep down want to be where you are, for a time, or until their last breath, if that is their calling for this lifetime, too.

Or, they will need to see you one day, when their family nest is empty, when they too, feel so so alone.

Or when they face their end of days. 

That’s when you show up. Dedicated, deep, ready to stay all night. With an unmistakable “I GOT YOU” glare only Lone Wolves can give, when we need someone who’s been through the longest, loneliest of journeys, scratched, scarred, but still able to howl her song, still able to be so vibrant, alive, so strong, for others.

Still able to dance with the fucking universe, no matter what, like most humans can’t. 

Dancing your glorious dance with the river beneath the river, the core JUICY-NESS we all need to feel, we all need to dance with, that only exists behind the veil.

We will all come face to face with it, at the end of our human days, some day. Completely, totally alone.

And there you will be.

That’s when you show up! Dancing across our minds, our hearts, our soul, to show us how it’s done. To show us how to be happy at our most alone moment. To show us the truth, that we are never, ever, EVER alone. Not really.

Do you hear me, Sister?

We need you now.

Get up.

Feel this Universal love you were born to dance with and move your one body, let the love flow that only you can embody, only you can show up to yearn for, to brave the receiving of when you’ve been hungry for it so long, alone, then TAKE IT IN and fill up to overflow, nourish yourself with, so hard, then shine it out to others.

Show us how to do it.

Howl, Sister.

Let that voice out.

Speak up for Lone Wolves everywhere.

Be it, shamelessly.

Show us how it’s done, shamelessly.

Show us how to show up, in the only way that really matters, beneath the illusion of it all.

We need your song, we need your growl, we need your TRUTH.


Glorious you.

Right here, right now.

Will you?

I love you, no matter what.

XO Gina 

Loving Life Now, No Matter What

“You’re gonna love this,” I said to my bestie, while digging through my pile of magazines.

We were kicking it old-school on our landline phones, so I took a snap with my cellular, then texted it to her: a size 22 supermodel on the cover of People magazine. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.

She was quiet, slicing, because if she showed herself to be one of them, how could we still be friends?

That silence lasted forever, as my heart filled with disappointment. Why did I expect her to celebrate fat acceptance, when nobody else was? Maybe I just needed to lower my expectations…

“Wow,” she said, right when I was about to blurt out an excuse to hang up.

“Wow?” I said, with a nervous giggle. “That’s it?”

“Well, what can I say, she doesn’t know what she’s doing to herself.”

I kept my cool, then hung up as soon as I could, keeping the rising fire of my rejection from bubbling out into our call. She wasn’t offending me, directly, after all.

—but it felt an attack on me. With my hand still on the cradle, I stared and stared at this woman, Tess, looking gorgeous, in a size no woman before her had dared to show up and brave a magazine cover for.

The gorgeous part? I was still working on that. I wanted to feel confident, giving absolutely zero f**cks, but what I wanted more than anything was to be seen. Like she was being seen, for who she was, by everyone.

I wanted to be seen. To be validated. To be loved for who I was, no matter what — by those who mattered to me, including my bestie, who couldn’t see how much weight I’d gained since she moved away and our friendship lived on the phone.

She doesn’t know what she’s doing to herself. She doesn’t know what she’s doing to herself. She doesn’t know what she’s doing to herself.

What does that even mean?

What did I need to know that I couldn’t yet see? Or was I really being shown that my bestie and I no longer vibrated at inner circle friendship status? Would I have to let her go?

All I knew, was that it felt awful. Like I was bad, like I should keep hiding. Like this friendship, my online friendships, maybe even my business connections, would be destroyed if they knew just how big I was.

That if I couldn’t be bold like Tess Holliday, then I couldn’t be anything at all. I’d just have to stay quiet. Keep hiding. Fade away into backgrounds. Invalid. Unseen. Erased.

It took me three years to heal through this, but I did. We’re still friends today. Because that thing I couldn’t see back then? Had nothing to do with my bestie at all.

She was entitled to her opinion, and she had expressed it with utmost respect.

It was my own inner demons shaking me up, necessarily so. To break up what was stopping me from seeing where I actually was hurting myself – with too much food. Lots and lots of numbing of my emotions, stifling my powerful intuition that was trying so hard to give me signals on the daily, about what was best for me, what would allow me to thrive.

What I know now is that loving myself by eating more food, or more comfort-type foods, was all I knew, and it was exactly where I needed to be, at exactly the right time.

Maybe it didn’t fit current societal “health” standards, but it was what I knew, what I needed to do at the time. Just like some slim people vape, drug, over-shop, over-sex, over-exercise, get violent, drink, starve themselves, or throw up after they eat, we just can’t see evidence of their ‘thing’ all over their body, like you could on mine.

Because while it’s true that what we see on the outside, is an exact reflection of what’s going on inside—I’m always becoming more, more, more of the truest, most vibrant version of me, that I was born to be.

It’s also true that how we look at the physical level, isn’t what ultimately matters.

As another of my favourite plus-sized women Chrissy Metz said: who you are and how you treat people, is everything.

That! That is what really matters. It mattered to me, as I mastered the art of accepting myself, my shadows, my so-called imperfections, as I expanded and kept on expanding into what was next for me. Tuning into how to:

❤️ Accept exactly where I was as more than good enough, no matter what anybody else had to say about it. (Go Tess! Go Chrissy!).

❤️ Listen for “what’s next” for me, according to my timing, my path of unfolding soul-led desires. Whatever that looked like—again, no matter what anybody else said or thought, even professionals like doctors.

❤️ Then act without hesitation on those marching orders direct for my soul.

Expanded physical body while I moved through this process, or not, it was my path. And I have learned how to own it.

I love me!
I invite you to love YOU too, no matter what.


PS. If you’re ready to transcend the worry over how you look, by tuning into your life purpose, then rolling up your sleeves to create your next version of success for yourself, my free training called “You Were Born For This” is ready for you! In it, I share my story about living first as a fashion model, then a 300 pound woman, plus all my weight variations in between since, and how I stayed on track for massive success the whole time = how you can too. I now show women how to do this for themselves, including generating $5k+ sales days in their online businesses on the regular, CLICK HERE to watch now or visit

Go Lizzo!

The comments are rolling in already after I reposted Lizzo in my stories yesterday …

I can’t imagine what these plus-size warrior Goddesses go through on the daily, after seeing this tiny glimpse in my DMs last night and this morning.

So let me be clear: I love all body sizes, regardless of your opinion about fat being unhealthy or anything else you feel or think about fat bodies.

I take a stand for accepting every body, exactly as they are right now.

💜💙💛 I love what Lizzo is doing, along with all the plus-sized women who have what society considers less than perfect bodies.

They are taking hits from people who are stuck on programmed idealized perfection, so stuck they get massively triggered by a woman posting her body, exactly as it is right now, with —MY GOODNESS!—feeling no need or desire to change it.

Them showing up to give women something else to look at, appreciate, love and celebrate —something other than what a marketing or health team once decided is the ideal perfect body, is an act of pure love for all women kind.

Period. That’s how we roll and see things here, because this is based in acceptance for all bodies, a value my community and I promote, defend and protect.

There are many spaces online to practice opinions and attitudes of non-acceptance, but that’s not here. Nor in any of my programs or coaching containers.

Wanting to learn or understand things, asking questions, opening up respectful conversations around something you want to learn more about IS welcome, always – but you are responsible for how you present yourself.

If you’re infected with this particular brand of poison, that has you behaving anything other than in calm, respectful, caring ways, then you’ll need to take care of that first, before even being considered a part of my community here.

I believe that if something turns you off, then your option and responsibility is to remove yourself from the offending situation.

Without yelling, shaming or barfing your unmanaged emotion all over the situation or person.

If you’re unable to handle your emotions around a situation, it’s time to remove yourself from the situation, then give yourself what you need to return to a calm, centred place.

👑 Respect is respect. 👑 There are ALWAYS ways to deal with things, respectfully. Even in intense emotion, which is part of our shared human experience.

What I know from my experience of gaining then losing 150 pounds, then going up and down again from there, is that not accepting myself exactly as I am, in the moments along my journey, and every moment that followed, is the real poison.

That’s why I don’t allow people in my life or community who don’t also accept people’s bodies exactly as they are.

💜 You’ll never convince me that a woman can’t be physically beautiful right now, exactly as she is, right now. 💙

So you know where the 🚪 door 🚪 is … don’t let it hit you on the way out.