That Time I Wasn’t Rich Enough To Really Truly Give

Being wealthy requires a level of self-care that much of the world calls selfish.

= making sure you’re really really taken care of and good, so you offer a strong, resourced, fulfilled, powerful hand to help the world with (note: I’m talking about getting “rich” first and foremost at the energetic level, which later gets reflected in your bank account)

=not “selfish” at all, because how can you help someone if you’re depleted yourself? Is it really “help” if you’re giving from your depletion, and they know it’s hurting you to give to them?

Where will your energy to help come from if you’re running on empty?

How about those creative ideas you want to keep flowing so you can make and keep your money, so you can keep on writing checks to causes you care about?

❤️💗❤️💗❤️ Most important, can you offer a grounded, consistent, PURELY loving energy from your depletion? One that isn’t wavering all over the place due to lack of self-care?

I speak from experience on that one 🙋🏻‍♀️ I couldn’t help anyone when I was depleted and NOT pouring into myself *first*…

and the people I tried to help from that state could feel that it wasn’t a strong helping hand, 

they could feel that it was actually TAKING from me to give, which never felt good to them, and didn’t feel like they were being given to at all.

My giving was crimped, therefore people couldn’t ever really receive from me,

because I didn’t give to myself first, then give only from my overflow – which is the ONLY way the receipient will feel truly, deeply, purely cared for and supported.

Giving from OVERFLOW is the only way to truly give … I just opened the doors to a *LIVE* group program called Tell A New Story About Money Overflow that I’m running right now. Message me if you want in 💜🥂👑


“What If I’m Wrong?”

“But Gina, what if it’s wrong???”

= the single worst question you could ever ask, when it comes to your intuition.

It’s not. Ever.

I get why you’re asking, it can feel scary to let go, surrender, and ALL THE WAY trust.

Stop it.
Just stop asking that question.

Listen to your intuition. Obey it. Keep going.


“Come back, Come Back!”

“Come back, Gina! Come back!”

MANNNN have I ever been invited back into “depression” steadily for the last two weeks.

Some of my friends and mentors say this full moon had something to do with it, because it was a biggie.

I also got banned from live-streaming temporarily because of music I played = OOPS AND BOOO because streaming gives me life!!

THEN, as mentioned in one of my last live-streams I did, mountain lions were euthanized in my tiny little mountainside village, which really hurt my soul – they lived on my land, in my backyard 😢

—plus it’s a deeper soul thang, because as a young girl I was always running around saving hurt cats in my neighbourhood (long story) —

so as I processed that deep grief, and it took on momentum, I heard “come back, Gina….come back! Live here, again.”

Again, meaning, back to the days when I couldn’t see through the veil, when I lived mostly from my human brain, not knowing any different.

What I know to be true now though, and what my strongest practiced momentum in the past ten years has been,which rushed into wake me the F up these past two weeks:

is that you can’t go back to living in illusion —not after you’ve popped out of it after living through AND THRIVING THROUGH life experiences like I have … and I know you have tooo!!!

😀🥂👏🔥 FOR ONE … working on Canada’s second largest child murder case in 2004 then burning myself out so badly that I ended up gaining a whole extra persons worth of body weight in the process (150 pounds)….only to come out of that serving hundreds of women in a mentoring business that makes my soul sing like nothing else, making what I used to make in a year in a day, week and month now.

As I reflected on all this, and looked that invitation dead in the eye these past two weeks, a phrase one of my former mentors said to me got really rally loud inside me, the loudest: “Depression is bullshit”

When she first said it to me years ago??!? I thought I was plunged into some kind of twilight zone. It felt harsh, too abrupt, too extreme—but it’s a great phrase to snap us out of the smoke screens of illusion, when they slip in and get into our sacred energy temples, somehow. So I use it on myself and at times my clients too.

Because every mood state really is just a practiced state. Feeling and focusing on feeling sad and bad for long enough, that it takes on a life of its own.

—this is NOT to make light of these feelings though, because I know how awful they feel. I know this really really really well.

I just know and have now lived in and claim the power of having control over my energetic state, more.

So, the story I chose to tell myself to give that invitation a big fat NO —declined—is that some back-to-back life things happened at once, plus likely that full moon influence (none of us escape being influenced since we are 80% water after all).

Im not pretending it wasn’t a lil wobbly, it was!! But I kept my head above water, dripping tools and techniques that I’ve learned over my 46 years of life, like a steady life raft IV, to stay on track, with what I know to be true, as my time came to heal some things inside of me, deeper.

So my body needed a little more rest than usual….and when I gave myself exactly what I needed?

I could see what was REALLY going on…that it was all a PERFECT STORM, to release something I didn’t even know needed healing deeper inside me, so I can now THRIVE more than ever before!!!

😃😃🥂🥂👑👑 PLUS my scheduled quarterly vacation arrived at the exact same time, in perfect timing and synchronicity, so even tho I didn’t travel anywhere, due to covid, I had all the time and space AND THEN SOME to sleep more, rest more, not feel like I needed to be “ON” as much, so I could move these deeper energies that needed clearing, out and through.

(I did learn that I want to have prescheduled posts and videos for you all during my social media breaks, so it doesn’t feel to you like I fell off the face of the planet LOL AND SORRY —this just feels really good to realize and see – I wouldn’t have known this without these past two stormy weeks!!)

Moral of my story then???

Just feel the grief, Beautiful, let it move through your body, then let the spectacular spectacles of your soul take over and unveil the truth again, which you only just got temporarily clouded from.

Because it REALLY IS all for us, even when it doesn’t seem to be so. It really is all LOVE, the universe loving on us … every time…we just gotta open up, let it in and stay focused on what we want – because we really do get to have it, every time❤️❤️❤️❤️💜❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💜❤️❤️❤️❤️

💜💛 this perspective is here for you, too! Any time you want or need it 💜💛



You must betray lower thinking realms.

Yes, I said BETRAY.

Like hard stop.

🤮 people pleasing ways of thinking that keep people entangled and trapped in guilt cycles that serve no-one and never evolve beyond life-sucking toxicity.

🤮realms where anything but masterful communication reigns, where respectful compassion is paramount and assertiveness is not just encouraged, but required.

🤮 holier than thou hierarchies, the worst of them being warped spiritual communities where the leader is not walking her (or his) talk, spreading to the rest of her tribe the cost of her not doing her own inner work (which she preaches about all day long) herself.

Actively, unapologetically.
I betray you.

This isn’t mean, it’s energy management.

You aren’t leaving anyone behind,
you’re being m*fcknnn responsible for your energy, your life = the only way you can REALLY TRULY be there for anybody else.

So say no to anything that doesn’t support your solid growth, nourishment, health and abundance —knowing it’s in the highest greatest good for all.

And leave those choosing not to grow alone, let them call it selfish, knowing you’re becoming the woman who will one day be a solid rock THOSE VERY PEOPLE may want to lean on one day 💗


PS…. My Live Stream School launches tomorrow!!!! I’m so freaking excited!! Message me (info at life coach gina dot calm) if you want early bird details about this group program, where you’ll master the art of being FULLY you in your live-streams, while your sales roll in from them.

Listen … then DANCE!

You get to be heard.

Even when you don’t express yourself perfectly – more often than not, it WAS so-called perfectly, according to what you know right now,

according to how you’ve always communicated with the person before.

S/he just decided they didn’t like it anymore, without telling you that things had changed for them.

That’s on them.

You did nothing wrong.

You deserve to be heard, communicated with respectfully, honoured, heard, fully validated, fully presenced, always 💗

Nothing changed on your end, I see you.

You know you’re not being abusive, or disrespectful, according to everything you’ve ever learned about these two things.

And if there’s something you don’t know?

Or if you really are making a mistake in your communication, or anything else?

I know you’re the kind of person who will increase your self awareness more than ever before, if this relationship ruptures,

so you do your part.

You do your best right here, right now.

The rest is on them.

Beyond your control.

I know you see their pain,

their wounds blocking their usual incredible connection with you,

I know you want to rescue them,

do their communication or inner healing work for them,

💗it’s the hardest thing in the world for us empaths not to care-take and coddle everyone 💗

—but this part is on them.

They gotta do their part,

share what’s bugging them,

share vulnerably, from their heart,

what their experience is,

what’s really going on,

to get themselves back to the loving place you both normally live from, together,

so you can both grow through this, together,

and end up even closer than before 💗

It’s not yours to take on,

feel bad about,

beat yourself up over,

if they choose to react with harshness, distance, running away, even fighting energy.

Then blame you the whole time 😑

Just love them through it,

with healthy boundaries, of course!

Then keep on dancing that soul dance of yours, Sister.

Move your hips to that beat, your whole life, every last breath of it, no matter what the F is going on around you 💗✨

People are people,

they’ll always be peopling.


Living in reaction stops the flow.

So get in line with your soul beat,

dedicate yourself there,

love who you love and how you love,

knowing there’s never anything wrong with you,

that your best is ALWAYS good enough,

and that the only person you can ever control in life, is you 💗

The rest is up to Creative Intelligence,

✨ that energy that created all life on the planet ✨

which is the most beautiful energy to ever exist ANYWHERE.

The one you get to fall ALL THE WAY deep in love with, knowing with certainty,

that it’s an energy that never leaves,

turns on you,

changes or betrays you in a flash,

acts like you never existed,

as they react to their own stress, pain, unresolved trauma.

Then blame you the whole time.

Align with this soul energy, Sister!

It’s everywhere!

It’s the purest of purest Love!

And it’s everywhere!!

—many many many people everywhere around the world live in it, love from it, too.

So get in good with it.

Stay there.

Love from there.

Dance there.

Everything else will fall into place.

It’s safe to let go.

Soul’s got you!!!

All you gotta do is listen,

for your soul song.

Hear yourself, when nobody else is listening.



Want Full Throttle Results?

Full throttle living?

Means ALL THE WAY in.

Did you catch that? 😉

All the way.

No, not that far the way.

Nope – more, more, more, more.

Our edge is always wayyyy farther away than we actually think it is.

Fear is the thing that makes it seem closer, like something bad will happen if we move one more step in THAT direction …

…yet THAT direction is the one that will snap what we desire most into our physical reality.

If we’re not moving in that direction, steady, deep in, all the way forward — with EVERYTHING we’ve got, in full integrity, our highest excellence?

Then it’s not full throttle.
And the results won’t be full throttle results, either.



Once Upon A Time, There Was A Boss Babe Sitting On A Nail . . .


Tell me in comments below, at the end of this story …


Do you know the story of the dog sitting on the nail?

Here’s my re-telling of it … my very own, boss babe version …. (I’m talking about me stressing like this, btw – I used to do this DAILY 😂 😆 😂)

There once was a woman sitting in her home office, crying and crying, stewing and stressing herself out COMPLETELY over not making enough money in her online business.

She’d even have fainting spells on occassion, her husband was very worried about her.

“Do you know why she’s stressed?” the ambulance paramedic asked, the few times hubby called them, to make sure her physical vitals were ok.

“She’s not making enough money in her business, she hates that.”

“Why does she stay in there doing the same thing, day after day then, if she’s not getting the results she wants?”

Her husband scratched his head, “Hmm, I’m guessing because it doesn’t bother her THAT bad?!?”


What should she do??

👇 👇🏽👇🏿👇🏻

When You Feel Guilty for Receiving Money

First day of the year, and I’m going THERE…

…because i’m hearing way too many people I love, who are selling New Years coaching packages left right and centre right now, all at different amounts, including 5-figures, feeling guilty about it.

🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ I understand, I’ve been there, but also: WHAT THE WHAAAAATTTTTT??

Our monkey brains really go off on us sometimes, don’t they?

You’re a freaking genius, an incredibly powerful, energetically-attuned, gifted, intelligent healer and world-changer, literally one of the RAREST humans who actually STEP UP to do whatever it takes to fulfill their life purpose = how you were designed by the Divine, doing EXACTLY what you were born to do…


you feel guilty receiving money for it?


No no no no nooooo!!


In order for you to keep doing this work, to hold EVEN MORE PEOPLE who are meant to work with you, in order for you to shine EVEN BRIGHTER so your people can find you in the first place,

you don’t just “get to” be well supported,

you have to be!! #mandatory

Yes we all ran ourselves ragged at the beginning, or in times of growth, to make sure we stretched, no matter how late we had to stay up to get it all done (hello sleep deprivation, lol)

—but ultimately??? Long term???

We need you in tip top shape, girlfriend, to keep delivering your genius on this planet.

👑☀️👑☀️👑☀️ That means fully nourished, rejuvenated, RADIANTLY ALIVE, however that looks for you, whatever it takes for you to get there, because your Creator designed this all perfectly, remember???

You showing up to do your work, brings you all kinds of benefits, wealth being one of them, AND THAT WEALTH IS MEANT TO KEEP YOU THRIVING, so you keep the rest of your Creators people thriving, those people you were meant to help.

Feel me?

🥊 🥊 🥊 Guilt needs to be sucker-punched out of the way, Goddess.

There’s zero room for it here.

In fact if you’re entertaining ANY level of guilt around this right now (I used to do it too), then all it means is you’re not focusing on your life’s purpose enough – so you’re getting distracted, and pulled away, by a little critter who, yes we get to thank for its purpose in our lives in the past, when we didn’t know better, then send it away LOVINGLY … because send it away, we do.


✅ FYI: Guilt does have a healthy purpose—there are no accidents in our biology—but this isn’t it.

This is healthy guilt dressing up like a gremlin to pummel your life to stale old crumbs on the floor. It’s an evil seed. It’s THEEEEE culprit pulling the guilt strings of my people, like a kid pulls his arm up and down in the car, at the mack truck driver, tryna make him honk his horn.

So here’s your magic wand for this one: you’re never manipulating or forcing anyone to buy anything, when your whole heart and business is designed to HELP THEM.

What if you believed that people LOVE to invest in your business? What if you realized that believing anything but might be stopping your business signal from reaching your people, because they feel the weirdness/misalignment/NON-TRUTH in your energy when you’re hijaacked by the gremlins??

💃🏽💥💃🏽💥💃🏽 Keep going!
I love you…2021 is YOUR YEAR, SISTER!!

Visit if you want into Bosses in Pajamas….doors close next week and aren’t opening again until 2022 (it’s my annual program for women who work at home, more deets in comments below)