Once Upon A Time, There Was A Boss Babe Sitting On A Nail . . .


Tell me in comments below, at the end of this story …


Do you know the story of the dog sitting on the nail?

Here’s my re-telling of it … my very own, boss babe version …. (I’m talking about me stressing like this, btw – I used to do this DAILY 😂 😆 😂)

There once was a woman sitting in her home office, crying and crying, stewing and stressing herself out COMPLETELY over not making enough money in her online business.

She’d even have fainting spells on occassion, her husband was very worried about her.

“Do you know why she’s stressed?” the ambulance paramedic asked, the few times hubby called them, to make sure her physical vitals were ok.

“She’s not making enough money in her business, she hates that.”

“Why does she stay in there doing the same thing, day after day then, if she’s not getting the results she wants?”

Her husband scratched his head, “Hmm, I’m guessing because it doesn’t bother her THAT bad?!?”


What should she do??

👇 👇🏽👇🏿👇🏻

When You Feel Guilty for Receiving Money

First day of the year, and I’m going THERE…

…because i’m hearing way too many people I love, who are selling New Years coaching packages left right and centre right now, all at different amounts, including 5-figures, feeling guilty about it.

🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ I understand, I’ve been there, but also: WHAT THE WHAAAAATTTTTT??

Our monkey brains really go off on us sometimes, don’t they?

You’re a freaking genius, an incredibly powerful, energetically-attuned, gifted, intelligent healer and world-changer, literally one of the RAREST humans who actually STEP UP to do whatever it takes to fulfill their life purpose = how you were designed by the Divine, doing EXACTLY what you were born to do…


you feel guilty receiving money for it?


No no no no nooooo!!


In order for you to keep doing this work, to hold EVEN MORE PEOPLE who are meant to work with you, in order for you to shine EVEN BRIGHTER so your people can find you in the first place,

you don’t just “get to” be well supported,

you have to be!! #mandatory

Yes we all ran ourselves ragged at the beginning, or in times of growth, to make sure we stretched, no matter how late we had to stay up to get it all done (hello sleep deprivation, lol)

—but ultimately??? Long term???

We need you in tip top shape, girlfriend, to keep delivering your genius on this planet.

👑☀️👑☀️👑☀️ That means fully nourished, rejuvenated, RADIANTLY ALIVE, however that looks for you, whatever it takes for you to get there, because your Creator designed this all perfectly, remember???

You showing up to do your work, brings you all kinds of benefits, wealth being one of them, AND THAT WEALTH IS MEANT TO KEEP YOU THRIVING, so you keep the rest of your Creators people thriving, those people you were meant to help.

Feel me?

🥊 🥊 🥊 Guilt needs to be sucker-punched out of the way, Goddess.

There’s zero room for it here.

In fact if you’re entertaining ANY level of guilt around this right now (I used to do it too), then all it means is you’re not focusing on your life’s purpose enough – so you’re getting distracted, and pulled away, by a little critter who, yes we get to thank for its purpose in our lives in the past, when we didn’t know better, then send it away LOVINGLY … because send it away, we do.


✅ FYI: Guilt does have a healthy purpose—there are no accidents in our biology—but this isn’t it.

This is healthy guilt dressing up like a gremlin to pummel your life to stale old crumbs on the floor. It’s an evil seed. It’s THEEEEE culprit pulling the guilt strings of my people, like a kid pulls his arm up and down in the car, at the mack truck driver, tryna make him honk his horn.

So here’s your magic wand for this one: you’re never manipulating or forcing anyone to buy anything, when your whole heart and business is designed to HELP THEM.

What if you believed that people LOVE to invest in your business? What if you realized that believing anything but might be stopping your business signal from reaching your people, because they feel the weirdness/misalignment/NON-TRUTH in your energy when you’re hijaacked by the gremlins??

💃🏽💥💃🏽💥💃🏽 Keep going!
I love you…2021 is YOUR YEAR, SISTER!!

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“IF ONLY Somebody Would Pay My Rent and Bills!!”

I used to feel jealous of other women who had their husband’s support while they grew their business.

🤦🏻‍♀️ 🤦🏻‍♀️ 🤦🏻‍♀️ I was struggling *so bad* that I just wished and wanted for that support, because I believed I would make my business thrive like never before….IF ONLY SOMEBODY WOULD HELP ME BY GIVING ME A BREAK ON MY RENT AND BILLS!

Of course, I got what I wanted, as we always do, most of the time we’re just not asking for the right thing that will fulfill our souls, so we think we didn’t get it, when we did get – exactly and literally what we asked for 😉

Soooo I met my first King of a man, who said he wouldn’t even HEAR of me contributing to rent or bills, especially not while I was struggling, THEN SOMETHING UNBELIEVABLE HAPPENED, which really woke me the F up:

😩 😯 —> I watched myself *still* struggle.

I now had that support I had always dreamed of, but I STILL couldn’t make my business work.

💦 That was a real slap in the face, a cold water splash wake up call like never before!!!

How on earth could I not make my business work, now that I didn’t have bills or rent to pay for???

I sat stewing about that for months, feeling worried, insecure, wondering if I was even meant to do this work that FELT like my soul was calling me to do ….

AND THEN, by just staying with it, doing what mindset work I knew to do at the time, staying with what mentors or courses I could afford at the time, I broke through!

I was wrong about those girls you see. Having support, and having a lot of money in the bank, and having supportive husbands or family, or living in a certain neighbourhood —this, that or any other circumstance, isn’t what brings a success.

It helps in some ways, for example you wouldn’t stress about rent every single month,

and it makes things more enjoyable to look out at a gorgeous view while writing your Facebook posts in the morning,


✨the work is the work.

✨the walk we walk, is the walk we walk, and

✨the mindset work we do behind the scenes is the mindset work we do behind the scenes,

whether we’re writing from a tin can or a mansion — I’ve had experiences with both, so I KNOW that nobody gets a free pass here, no matter your current circumstance.

💵 Money is just paper, it comes and goes!

ALSO: Sometimes involving money in romantic relationships can get VERY messy, so a price is paid in ways women who are on the outside looking in, wishing they had those circumstances, could never know.

👑👑👑 Here’s the # 1 thing I want you to know: when your mindset patterns are aligned with basic survival, and basic struggle, those patterns continue on no matter how much money you have in the bank, or whether someone else is supporting you with rent, food, bills.

This is because it’s a mindset problem, not a money in the bank problem.

It’s never ever EVER about how much money you have in the bank, when it comes to fulfilling your life’s purpose and generating the success you know you’re meant for as a result of showing up for it.

🗣 📢 Money is an amplifier, it amplifies what you already have going on between your ears.

So If I was to look back toward my baby entrepreneur self, I would give her a huge hug, and tell her to put down all the funnels, and website tweaking, and traditional business or sales courses, then🔥 RUN LIKE FIRE 🔥 toward mindset work.

☑️☑️☑️That is, changing beliefs systems that are creating the circumstances you see around you that you want to upgrade.

Because, that upgrade I had always wanted, with everything in my cells, my bones??? It was to be doing what I loved in my business, and being a role model for success for other women in the world —and no amount of money could do the mindset work for me that I had to do FOR MYSELF, BY MYSELF, FINDING A WAY TO KEEP MY MOTIVATIONAL FIRE LIT AS I WENT, MYSELF, as I did what it took for me to become that woman.

So if you’re letting projections onto other women (like I was) or fantasy stories about men or money (like I was) stop you from moving forward right now?

Stop, just stop 🛑

You’re focusing on the wrong thing, wasting years of your life wishing and wanting, when you have the power to make giant success moves living inside you, RIGHT NOW, no matter your circumstance.

💙 Mindset TRULY is everythjng 💙

Bosses in Pajamas begins Mon Jan 4 …. GET IT, GIRL!!


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Trust and Believe … in Money?

💔 I never felt worse than during those rocky periods I had in my romantic relationship, because they affected my business greatly.

What I realize all this time later though, is that it wasn’t actually about HIM!!!

It FELT like it was, it felt very very real that he and my relationship were the reason my business wasn’t reaching the heights I wanted it to. That if I just fixed it, or left it, or found someone new, then everything else would magically resolve itself too.

(shhh don’t tell anyone but I used to blame my man for almost everything going wrong in my life, including in my business!! shhhh lol)

🌟 🌟 My BIG AHA on this was:

When you don’t like who you’re being behind the scenes, everything feels off —and often actually goes off—in your work and business life too.

I didn’t like who I was BEING.

I didn’t like the way I spoke to him when I was completely overwhelmed, exhausted, and so beyond worried about what would happen with my business if I didn’t show up to build it up more.

I couldn’t see that it wasn’t him, it was me!! YES he played his role (which he owned and adjusted too) but when I cleaned up my side of the street? All my resentments, my poisonous habit of blaming him for everything?

✨❤️✨❤️✨❤️We returned to the couple we were when we first met….that energy returned….our magic, now seasoned by years of loving each other no matter what, weathering the storms, riding the waves, owning our own “messy emotional stuff” then doing something about it so it stopped covering up, smothering and suffocating the love that was always there, beneath, waiting for us to do this maintenance work.

We’re still together because he knew that those parts of my behaviour I didn’t like, weren’t me, and we both HAD FAITH in me, to go figure out what skills I needed to learn, then master those skills.

✅ I did do that, ONLY BECAUSE the #1 thing I realized and put into practice in my romantic relationship specifically, was: RADICAL RESPONSIBILITY.

It’s a hard pill to swallow, that we are actually responsible for *everything* (everything!) we create—I get that.

The rainbow 🌈 on the other side of this coin though is: if you created everything you see around you now that you’re not loving, you get to unhook your energy from it, UN-create it and go create something new = what you really want!

Most people come to me for help with their online business success, but most of our phone calls are about their love life behind the scenes.


❤️❤️❤️❤️Because LOVE drives all lasting successful world-changing business. Love starting deep within ourselves, of course.

When we’re satisfied DEEP IN THE SOUL with our home life, whether we are single or not, our deep inner joy comes bursting to the forefront, into our businesses.

This happens SO NATURALLY, like tides in the ocean… and when you’re truly plugged into this, day after day, you enter a new zone of living:


👑 The Unstoppable Success Zone


Interpretation: I have both the mindset and skills to succeed, and every day I learn and implement more, and love and money get to pour into my life, every day, as I go.

Are you ready for this????

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Are You Going ALL IN With Your Dreams?

The power of going ALL IN with your dreams …

It’s so much harder dipping your toes in or going partway in with your dreams at 20, 30, 40, 80, even 99.99999%

Stubborn as a GOAT as I can be (ahem thats Greatest Of All Time hahaha) I’m *finally* getting this at the deepest level I’ve experienced in my growth and development.


When it comes to achieving your goal, you’re in one of these two categories around it, right now:

1. motivated by avoiding pain of what will happen if you don’t achieve it (aka you’ll face crappy $$ circumstances if you don’t)

2. motivated by the reward you’ll receive when you achieve it (aka being a profit producing work-at-home world-helping world-healing machine that you can rely one you’re SO freakin’ proud of!!)

Regardless of which one you fall into, with the particular goal you’re trying to reach right now, you’ll stay in a non-producing, gross-feeling “in between” stage involving dancing round and round (and round and round lol) with old, frustrating habits, people and situations, whether that be money situations or relationship situations or health situations.

The round and round happens because you’re doing something similar to what you did yesterday (like Einstein said: there’s nothing more insane than doing the same things over and over again, expecting different results)

“Similar” being defined here as being in the same “not ALL IN” category you’ve been playing in (I may as well be talking about me by the way because this is how I rolled most of my life, dancing with same same stinky garbage-y thoughts and habits that kept me stuck)….

…so of course producing similar results again and again and again. Whether that was:

😒 crappy money situations

😒 crappy relationship situations

😒 crappy health/body image situations

You: “Okay Gina, I’m ready to do something different, so now what?”

Me: The “now what” is choose that something NEW that will rise you up so far, you *have to* move different —“your old garbage wouldn’t stand a chance” kind-of-different.

Feel me???

Most people choose “something different” IN THEIR COMFORT ZONE = similar, if not exact same results as before.

= not NEW enough to make their garbage-y habits change

=not going anywhere near “all in”

✨✨✨✨✨Because going ALL IN?

Takes care of most of the garbage stopping us from making our dreams happen in the way know we’re meant to:

🤩 showing up in Facebook lives regularly,

🤩 telling the truth in our posts in a way that feels so good and REALLY helps people,

🤩 not holding back saying what we really want to say, gracefully, to the people we love,

🤩 feeling fully ALIVE and expressed every day-

in other words, in the way we KNOW we can and is 100% possible and available to us = the way that brings us the actual results we desire.

When you go ALL IN, like investing an amount of money that makes you MOVE (because it will *OUCH* pinch if you don’t) on behalf of your dreams:

🛑 THERE’S LITERALLY ZERO TIME to entertain it anymore!!!! You’ve put yourself in a position where you gotta hustle to make it happen now, or your current comfy lifestyle is gonna change when that *pinch* arrives (and let’s face it it’s not really so comfy womfy because if it was we wouldn’t be researching or thinking about changing it all day!)

🛑 It stops making any kind of sense to dance with that depression-inducing, time-wasting, life-stealing BS !! Because if we do…

🛑 It starts to smell so bad to us we cannot bear the stench! That’s when playing with it became like playing with a soldier from a different army —us being in the army that’s taking an ALL IN STAND for our dreams and fighting to the death for them now!!!

20% produces that stank smell

30% produces that stank smell

40 % produces that stank smell

80 % produces that stank smell

99.9999% produces that stank smell

Going 100% ALL IN means investing in your dreams to the extent that it pinches and HURTS if you try to even step a teeny little tiny little teeny tippie toe in the “not all in” pool you used to live in…

…that level of going ALL IN just cleans up all the entertaining of anything not in alignment with direct manifestation of your dream.

✨You “magically” stop doing it to the point that it stops you from manifesting anymore.

✨You get out of your own way and STOP stopping yourself.

✨You see what you’re made of, and it impresses you in a beautiful way opposed to scaring the crap out of you.

✨You become confident, and resourceful AF so that when you see an area that you could improve in, where you will need to learn more skills in to keep succeeding and winning at the work-at-home game with,

you just go learn the skills and keep going with your success steps, instead of collapsing, shutting down, feeling horrible about yourself then spending your precious life on this earth,

over-eating and watching Netflix as I used to (or whatever your stinky stank behaviour is that you know isn’t helping build your dreams)

💩 Smell what I’m stepping in?? 💩

Find that NEW action that is 100% ALL THE WAY IN = the thing that makes you move.

It’s time to step out of the patterns, sis!

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2021 is weeks away…LET’S DO THIS.


I love you!

💛 Gina

What To Do If You’re Stop-Starting, Stop-Starting …

The solution to stop-starting, stop-starting with your business and online income generation is NOT pushing harder, making yourself do things you hate, or exhausting yourself to make money

… it’s going all in with your life purpose = that thing you would do for free, because you LOVE IT SO MUCH, even tho you’re never getting paid (aka you already had millions in bank so didn’t NEED to work).

—and if you don’t know what your life purpose is?

Focus on figuring that out #1 then go ALL IN like a mofo.

Nothing else but this.
No exaggeration.
No “but….if….what if.”


Just do that.

I had all the trauma symptoms myself, and I know they are activated like never before right now, with all that’s going on in the world – I get it.

That’s why I’m sharing this with you.
Direct. To the point. Take it and run wisdom drop.

So go GET IT … I love you!
XO Gina

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Working with A Success Coach When You’re Depressed Like . . .

You don’t need to stay stuck in this Tik Tok parody I created last week …

We normally associate healing from trauma with experiences like depression, and low functioning, aka not feeling like we’re contributing to society, not to mention $$$ broke AF.

This is a problem, so if you’ve been through trauma AND one of your current goals in life is to create tons of money, working at home in your online business, fun has got to be part of your present experience, so LISTEN UP …

What if you get to have fun right now, no matter what stage you’re at in healing? Because that’s actual reality. You get to make money, TONS of money, you get to have fun, even in a global pandemic, even while you are still healing from trauma.

EVEN IF you’re brand new at business, and figuring out, like much of the world right now, how to make your online business a financial AND emotional success.

I don’t know about your God, or whatever term you use to describe the energy that created all life on the planet (I referred to it as creative intelligence, to include all beliefs) but mine would *NEVER* design a life where humans have to suffer. Where women go through trauma then have to spend the rest of their lives recovering, and missing out on FUN ENLIVENING experiences because of it ….

…because it’s those kinds of UPLIFTING PAJAMA PARTY FUN experiences—even when we’re all stuck at home—that have the power to raise old stuck trauma energy up and out, faster than anything.

So we get to, YOU GET TO, put yourself in groups and learning containers and energies that feel really good no matter what. Groups that don’t just *preach* about it, but give you an actual experience of HAVING MEGA FUN (ahem, pajama party level fun!!) even while you dig deep inside yourself to face and deal with old demons head on, which of course we do – this isn’t about avoiding feelings and avoiding trauma healing at all.What it IS about is saying no to:

👋 8000 years in a therapist office, focussing on the past, demanding that work work working really hard to fix yourself, focussing on tough emotions tough experiences, feeling miserable the whole time.= not making money and having the experience of life you were born to. Again, even during a pandemic, there are examples of people who thrived through wars in human history. 👋👋👋#mmmmbye to denying ourselves the opportunity to do this too.

So if you’re a woman figuring out how to work at home right now, whether you’re just starting out in your business, or you are seasoned in business but need a bolt A FUN JOLT a boost *while* you’re creating tons of money through your online business, then Bosses in Pajamas was made for you.

It’s my six week program that I run annually, inspired by my life experience of living on disability $$ to creating $30,000 sales in a week in my life coaching business.I’m here to help women make tons of money working at home….no matter what kind of business you have … while having the caliber of fun that only old school 80s pajama parties could bring.

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When Entrepreneurs Flash How Much Sales They’re Making . . .

This is the face I used to make when people flashed me with how much they made in their online business …

cause it’s annoying right?? especially when you’re struggling with money big time, like I was.

BUT NOW I SAY… thank you!!
Because if they weren’t doing it, how would I even know what’s possible for me??

and because I saw you (through gritted teeth and all at times lol)
I became you
—so this post is not bashing sales or cash flashing in any way, this is for:

💗 my sisters who can’t stop won’t stop with their expansions and love celebrating together AND

💗for my sisters who are just starting their work-from-home money expansion work.

My intention here is to plug into your capability energy hard and fast … ready??

(ahem, imagine my tone as BIG SISTER who wants you to kick a@@ and KILL IT in life right now)


💵 💰 💷 for lots and lots of secure feel-good wealth, for example


That doesn’t even make any kind of logical sense, that whatever you call the energy that created all life on the planet, would set you up to live a tortured life:

AKA “look at all these amazing experiences humans are having all around the planet, but you, YOU GINA, you’re allowed to want it, but you never get to actually have it.”

What kind of torture job is that?

No, it’s not “just life.”

Growing and stretching and falling down on our faces here and there as we get there? YES! That’s half the fun, the adventure!! We would have just stayed ethereal invisible angels in the sky otherwise, never incarnating here on planet earth.

Life is for EXPERIENCING WHAT WE WANT, because those desires exist deep in your soul to show you what’s possible there, to guide you straight into them, by giving you AMAZING FEELINGS when you imagine them.

🛑 ✋ 🛑 Most people just stop themselves before they even think about taking steps to make their deepest desires an actual goal, then get to the work of making it visible in your life…

✅ which doesn’t actually take as long
✅ and isn’t as hard as humans sometimes think

So the real ego here??
Is thinking you’re different, you can’t have it, for this reason or that.
That you can’t do it, you’re the ONE PERSON God said couldn’t have what you want, the one person who is tortured in life ( 🤮 🤮 🤮) —and PS i used to do this myself before I realized how silly it all is, so there’s ZERO judgement here, only loving guidance, and calling you to MORE MORE MORE for your life!!

Because the real ego isn’t women sharing how much cash they’re raking in through their online businesses,

They’re just out there claiming their divinely-intuited wealth, showing people what’s possible as they do.


PS…Generating my first $30k week online back in 2014 helping women in this exact same coaching business I still have now, then $8k and $1k cash-received days that followed, required me to see this foolishness for what it is, so I could move through the I CANT’S and NOT ME’S and SHE HAS AN ADVANTAGE BECAUSE’S …

…so I could actually see real money in my bank account, earned by doing exactly what I love to do, that my soul has always guided me to do—💛💛💛

but I was just to scared to do, so I chose the hard way for the first 30 years of my life! Now I coach women and create programs to show women the way, and work through this stuff, together!!!

BOSSES IN PAJAMAS is open now, for exactly this purpose … and to help balance the crazy stress of it all, with PAJAMA PARTY FUN as you do the work. Details here: https://woohooitsdone.com

Believe In You, No. Matter. What.

Believing in myself has been the hardest thing I’ve ever stood up to master.

The thing I wanted, more than anything, would be right in front of me,

like so close I could touch it on the physical plane, but everything inside me would be screaming NO NO NO, don’t do it !!!

… so most of the time I wouldn’t.


Every time we are about make a move toward our deepest soul desires, like:

✔️ invest in that business mentor

✔️ go on that date, or have that tough convo with our loved one

✔️ make important health decisions

EVERY TIME, our brains instantly go straight to remembering all the scary things that happened in the past.

The times that …

😞 we invested and we suffered, because it didn’t turn out as we expected,

😞 we asked him out and he said no! Or that tough convo blew up that relationship and it never recovered, or

😞 our health didn’t go how we thought it would, because the thing we invested our hope in turned out to be a hoax, etc, etc.

RIGHT WHEN we are about to make these moves, the brain starts dinging that emergency bell:



This happens at mothafcking LIGHT SPEED, too: BOOM 💥

Our whole bodies are terrified. We’re in it. We’re done…

… and most of the time?? We have no clue exactly why, or how, or what just happened to get us so scared, because the brain moves fast fast fast.

Our thoughts are hard to catch on a good day, let alone days we’re not paying attention, and on them like white on rice (serious, for real!).

This is how our brains work, exactly how they’re supposed to work.

💫 But as SOULS? 💫

Our eternal essences living in bodies that have brains?

As souls, our job is different.

Our job is to use the brain like a steering wheel that drives us to where our core essence REALLY wants to go …those desires, beneath our glossy magazine desires.

Our deep deep DEEPEST longings, soul calling whispers, that energy that makes us dance no matter what’s going on in this crazy world.

It’s our duty to honour those, to tell the brain, exactly:

✔️ 💫 Where the soul wants to live,

✔️ 💫 who the soul wants to be with,

✔️💫 what kind of body and health our soul REALLY wants us to experience,

✔️💫 with the exact amount of abundance our souls want in this lifetime.



Then we go to those exact experiences and give them to ourselves, which is how we reach fulfillment in this life –

EVEN AS the brain is kicking and screaming and ringing those emergency bells, the whole time.

🗣 No, no, no! it says.

🗣 This way, this way, this way, we say.

Then we trust, believe, and GO THERE. All the way there, all the way into it.

And NO we don’t just sit back and watch it manifest….no matter how experienced you are at this, the expansion never ends, which is why we make sure the journey is FUN AF, as we go …

…as we do that mad work of staying in trust and belief, no. matter. what.

❤️ As we firmly move our big-brained bodies exactly where our souls want them to go ❤️

Because what I learned about believing in myself, is that it truly has nothing to do with anything but me honouring what I deeply truly want for my life = those whispers (and sometimes giddy glorious screams lol) from my core essence.

That’s it! That’s what matters.

Everything else we see and sense in our physical world is just then reflections of THAT. What we’ve always wanted and longed for, deep inside.

How freakin’ amazing is this???

Just believe.