JUST BEING YOU … with money in your bank account!

I’ve always loved “JUST BE YOU” messages …

but they also really confused me, and pissed me off.

I mean, I loved BEING ME,


the only reason i was reading other people’s stuff online,

was because I needed to be a me


So telling me to “just be me” and the money will flow like magic, made me CRAY CRAY.

It had me spinning, real bad….

🤷🏻‍♀️ was it a trick?

🤷🏻‍♀️ was I being duped?

🤷🏻‍♀️outright lied to??

I didn’t get it.

What the F does that even mean,

make money being me,

when “me” literally has zero money in me’s bank account?

—🤔 🧐 Something was missing.

Of course, I didn’t want to CHANGE me altogether, I just wanted to add whatever that thing was that I was missing, that was stopping me from being prolific in the finance department.

So the only thing I knew to do was save save save my money, to finally talk to one of these mentors I so deeply admired, who kept telling me to be me, be me, be me!!!

😀 🦋💰 💕those mentors telling me to be me if I wanted to make all the monies 😀🦋💰 💕

When I finally did, I GOT IT.

All the money I invested in them seemed insignificant, like what they taught me, was worth SO MUCH MORE.

That if I wanted to, I could access even more money, to work with them more…

…because popping in their energy had me accessing THE ENERGY of the unlimited universal bank accounts we all have access to.

When we concentrate on THE ENERGY of things, first….so what we really want even has a chance to manifest in the physical, in the first place!!

(that’s what they’re all gonna tell you, some version of that…which is gold….trust me 😉 )

What have you got to lose in trying this coat on when you’re broke anyway?


So choose a pretty coat you like,

and get on with it.

It’s the pattern interrupt you need,

to get out of the spinning.

To stop the CRAY…

and return to YOU.

Being you … all the way you,

this time with da money.


PS…Spinning-stopping sessions going on daily in my Life Story Superstar membership group, if you want a place to practice all this with INCREDIBLE women—details and register in my bio link and here: https://woohooitsdone.com/membership/

A Mic Drop From the Universe

I was shocked to see what I was doing to myself, before I finally reached the place where I had cleared up enough inner stuff to publish my memoir.

It was a “look up to the sky, talk to the Universe” moment:

🤷🏻‍♀️ You mean to tell me, that my struggle bus with money had to do with my romantic relationships with men, all along?

🤷🏻‍♀️ That those romances were meant for me to see that nothing could really bring me security, except me?

🤷🏻‍♀️ That until I felt solid, whole, complete, stable and sovereign within myself, my business would stay at a “manageable” size, preventing me from experiencing my dream for it to grow, grow, GROW?

🤷🏻‍♀️ That I could never have *ever* finished my book without working through all this first, because writing a book is holding people, holding community, through powerful transformation….

💪 and you gotta be strong enough to hold that, in order to live in the frequency of powerful transformative author? 💪

Universe (Nodding): Yes, yes that’s right.

ok then!

mic drop


When Money Stands in Your Way

💰 💰 It was scary *no terrifying* for me to face what was REALLY going on in my relationship with money 💰 💰

Like that deep deep shame and subservience I felt whenever somebody paid for something for me.

I would instantly flip into Cinderella mode!

Like I owed them my life or something.

Like I owed them everything,

—not just the few bucks they spotted me.

YET…at the same time…because I was in Cinderella mode, I had *no idea* how to bring in the level of cash that would have me supporting myself through life, which meant I had to rely on others for money (until I learned).

😡 😠 😡 this was such a frustrating, VICIOUS CYCLE for me, I can’t even tell you!!

I KNEW I was a powerful soul who could step into her capability, but for the life of me I didn’t know how.

I hated how mean people looked at me, called me “mooch” and “freeloader” then treated me exactly how I felt about myself in those coping days: LIKE A CINDERELLA.

All I wanted was to be independent, thrive, and write checks to organizations I cared about, like animal humane societies!!

😑 Yet there I was, stuck as F*CK 😑

Completely unaware of how old trauma, was ruling my life …

How I was living according to the belief that money was OWNERSHIP —-something I picked up early on in life, that got mixed up in trauma, programming me to give it wayyy too much power over me and my life. Causing me to want to avoid dealing with it, fight it, or run far and fast as I possibly could from it!!!!

My nervous system literally reacted to money like it was a bear charging at me, coming to steal my freedom.


99% of people are unaware of what goes on in their subconscious minds,

=clueless (like I was 🙋🏻‍♀️) to how much power we *really* have to change things!

‘Cuz when we do the work, of uprooting, shining the light on, then clearing what’s laying below our conscious awareness,

…the impossible becomes possible.

…what we once thought could never change, changes.

…we start living how we truly want (vs yearning/wishing/hoping we’ll one day have it)

💜💜💗💜💗 I now live with a much warmer, empowered, more nourishing relationship with money!

I have even been teaching money courses in person and online since 2009, to share this wealth of wisdom I’m so grateful to have mastered, with others!

Ever since covid, my “money healing” work has looked like helping people moving old energy out of the way, so they can make space for success, as they define it, by getting some of their own personal life experiences down on paper, then, if they want, share them with their loved ones/the world, just as I have here.

(🌸 just visit my website WOOHOOitsdone.com if this work is speaking to you 🌸)

I do this because EVERY kind of success is literally created by connecting deeply to others, so that we can help them. Sharing personal stories is the best way to connect and reach others in a meaningful ways —and because most people aren’t doing it, it also gives you a leading edge.

BTW…I so appreciate my Cinderella response that I lived with for so long today, because it was how I needed to think, feel and behave to get through some tough situations. It helped me cope, survive …

…at the same time i’m EVER GRATEFUL to have cleared remnants from old trauma that left my ✨sweet brain 🧠 confused about whether I was still in danger or not, and therefore living like that Cinderella coping pattern = pushing money away.

(unresolved trauma causes MASS confusion about present time and past time in the brain, in case you didn’t know 😉)

It wasn’t easy, but I know you’re ever persistent, ever resilient, EVER COMMITTED to having the experience of life you want to be having, like me, so don’t you dare give up, Sister! Hang in!


The Way BEYOND Selfishness

Putting myself first sounded downright SELFISH to me.

🌎 I mean, our rent on the planet is service to others, is it not?

Yet at the same time, a part of me, deep inside, was like, “WHAT ABOUT MEE??”

It was there long enough, loud enough, that I knew it wasn’t meant to be ignored, pushed aside, numbed away—it felt important, even as my monkey mind and early “good girl” conditioning worked 24/7 to shut it up.

So … I set out on a journey of self-exploration, now I’m sharing here, from the other side, what changed EVERYTHING for me:

🤷🏻‍♀️ 🤷🏻‍♀️ 🤷🏻‍♀️ What I didn’t realize back then, that I realize now, is that putting myself first, meant connecting to SOURCE first…which is the only place we can ever really serve others from, by:

🧡 holding a big enough container for them (when we connect to source, the size and power of our containers have no bounds or limits)

🧡 coming from the right place, one of pure focus on them, pure service, by knowing who we’re meant to serve, aka our life’s purpose, AND

🧡 being fed and nourished ourselves, because us serving them = what makes it possible for us to do our life’s purpose in the first place.

So, it wasn’t selfish at all.

That impulse inside was trying to show me a different way, through continuous aching for loving attention, DID get to be heard, even nourished, to full bloom, after all 🌺 (I knew it! 😉)

Coming from source/soul (whatever you call the energy that created all life) is *always* win-win, see that??

They get fed, you get fed, everyone thrives—all at once 💗

Far from selfish or (drainingly, exhaustively) only about others.

✨Living from soul is always the way ✨


The Genius Pressure Cooker


I grew up watching hockey but haven’t watched it in about 10 years now …

I was visiting a friend last night who is a hockey NUT so we watched Vancouver play Minnesota.


= perfect for me, a mindset maestre, to witness…



The energy was off the charts.

I was literally at the edge of my seat those last 10 minutes,

when Vancouver needed ONE GOAL to tie (it was 4-3 for Minnesota at 5 minutes left)

—-THEN they scored!!!!

—-THEN just 11 seconds into overtime, Vancouver scored again!!!!

😆 👏 👏 eeeeeeEEE!!! 😊🙌🤗

It was so freakin’ exciting ….

So here’s my point: PRESSURE COOKER.

Playoffs are all about pressure!!!

My friend kept saying “I’ve never seen them play like this” yet she’s been watching them for years and years.

These players were deep in the cooker, and it brought out their best.

My question for you 🌟 SUPERSTARS 🌟today is: how often do you put *yourself* in the cooker, to give yourself a chance to see your best????

The players who scored didn’t know for sure they would score, or even get shots at the goal.


and what I’m inviting you to take with you today:

is that the only way to guarantee it COULD happen, is by getting yourself in the game.

(another way of saying it: only way to guarantee you 100% won’t score/reach your goal, is not putting yourself in the game at all)

✅✅✅ Send me a message if you’d like this kind of support on the regular for your next success goal—-which, of course, is created by sharing our life stories with our people, to inspire the heck out of them,

and let them know, without a doubt, that we are all in this together, when we say yes to ourselves, and proclaim, “I’m going for it!!!”

Success is created by getting in that pressure cooker ourselves (sometimes life chucks us in there against our will too) then showing our people what’s possible for them,

LEADING THE WAY so we can really help them from the other side, through our books, our businesses, just the way we are….

…because watching those players, the top 1% mindset/pressure masters in the world, sure inspired the F outta me and my friend and so many others last night.

They showed up to * practice* rocking out their genius, under immense pressure.

We showed up to witness what that looks like.

….and that’s either the end of it for us, we get the high, let go, then go back to our old lives in a few days, once the high wears off.


We claim that we were meant to step into our greatness too, then take action to do something about it.

👏👏👏 send me a message if that’s you ✅ or visit my website WOOHOOitsdone.com

so you to see what pressure cooker containers I have available for you to step in, and show yourself YOUR BEST through, right now 💗


This girl … IS YOU

This girl weighed 300 pounds back in 2004.

This girl was given the wrong medication, ate her way through pounds and pounds of trauma, money stress, messed up relationship stress, living-the-wrong-life stress.

This girl persisted through it all—her body’s not perfect now, but she moved heavy anvils of emotional stress living inside her aside, to laugh every day again, to live in the present (not the past), to create a thriving business she loves, serving others, supporting herself financially, inspiring others to do same.

This girl is me.

And you have a story of overcoming, just like it, one that people need to hear.

💗 share your story 💗

💗 show people they are NEVER alone 💗

💗we’re all in this together, our stories connect us 💗

Your Soul Has ALWAYS Got You…

I thought I would cry and CRY the day my mentorship ended with my first business coach back in 2010.

It was a HUGE stretch, hiring her in the first place.

I put a month on my credit card, closed my eyes, clenched my fists, white-knuckle tight, then prayed to God I’d make my bills that month.

… maybe even more than that (as her advertising hinted I probably would).

✨✨✨ Then something magical happened … really, there is no better word for the feeling of it, although there is a ton of scientific evidence and language available to use here, too.

✅ so….yup, I made the money back and more, within that first month.

….that felt amazing—in a strange way, because it felt almost normal, like “ya of course I knew that would happen” (my soul knew 💯)

—but even though it felt so normal, like it had already happened on some other dimension or something, by the time I actually experienced it, that wasn’t the real magic —the magic happened on the day *after* my last day with her.

(my actual last day with her, not gonna lie, felt like back when I was three years old and my dad was leaving for work … and I would grab onto his pant legs tryna stop him …. noooo don’t leave me!! LOL)

That day after, though, 😢 tears as I type this 😢 that day after…it rained and rained and rained and rained and rained outside.

Now, I live in British Columbia, not far from Vancouver, rain is never a surprise here, but global warming had kicked in and we’d been on a two month stretch of hot, dry days.

🌲🌲🌲🌲Forest fires were out of control, it was scorching hot—so this was the first day it rained in a what felt like forever. 🌧 🌧 🌧

… STILL not exactly the magic tho …

It was right after my super deep sleep that night, when I opened my eyes that next morning, and, before doing anything else,

👠 even putting shoes on 👠

I walked outside, as if I were a robot, being moved by someone or something else.

I walked straight into the forest outside my front door, opened my mouth, and stood there, for what must have been an hour, letting rain drip all over my face, just feeling LIFE, in a way I hadn’t felt it before.

—-I just stood there, slowly registering what had just happened:

✨❤️✨❤️ when my connection with her ended, and that little girl stirred inside me (“don’t let go”) …my soul stepped in quick, like right after, to catch me. To remind me, that I’m not alone, EVER.

You see, the whole time i was coaching with her, she kept asking me:

“What is the greatest feeling you’ve ever had in your entire life?”

“Standing in the forest, when it’s raining,” I said, with no delay or hesitation.

I’d go up, down, all around with my emotion (I was grieving my grandmother’s death at the time),

and she’d just keep asking me, over and over and over, again and again, to tune me into feeling better.

To show me how energy, how life, how SPIRIT really worked in our lives…when we let it.

And so it was. On that last day, I finally got it. My body walked me out the door, to show me, as if it was playing relay tag with my (now former) mentor….and…my soul.

I am not alone.

Never, ever, Ever.

I get to feel better, now, now, now and now.

—so you expect me to believe, that I’m always taken care of? Mentor or not? (daddy or not)???

—you expect me to believe it’s that simple?

YES, I’d learn, in those months that followed, when I met life alone for a bit. It really is that simple.

Soul just needs to sneak in there, first thing in the morning, before our brains have even fully woken up.

Before our monkey minds, which love overcomplicating, overthinking, overcritiquing things, wake up.

The new way has to sneak in there, give you a real live experience of what’s possible, while that part of your brain is still asleep.

Because when I was moved outside, I remembered. I tuned in. It rained for days after too, as if to say, “You’ll never forget now.”

My little girl yearnings to cling to others then turned into gratitude.

I felt magic instead of “there’s something wrong.”

I went into my business that day ✨certain✨ that my business would work, instead of wondering and doubting. I knew now, it couldn’t not work.

With THIS magic in me?

With THIS level of alignment, synchronicity, always available to me?

It. Can’t. Not.

It’s available to you, too.

You get to know YOU ARE ALWAYS HELD, no matter what —because our souls are our greatest mentors.

Always have been, always will be…which means all this magic lives inside YOU ✨


If I did it, YOU CAN TOO …

All I wanted was to feel strong, solid and JOYFUL in my life,

👩💗👨 with people 👩 💗👨

💵 + especially with money 💵

after living *so long* with the feeling that there was never enough of it.

🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️I hadn’t yet tuned into the truth of it, that it’s just energy!!!

That we attach whatever meaning we attach to it —power, freedom, security, choice—but on its own, it’s literally nothing. Paper, from trees 🌲 🌲 🌲 and I love trees!!!!

I needed to FEEL the energy of that, connect money to something good and joyous in life, after all those years living with it feeling not-so-good.

I started right there!!

As I stuck with it, held that energetic frequency solid and strong, I saw results, massive results.

That’s when people started asking me to help them, to coach them to heal their relationship with money, which also extended into their relationships with other people, with themselves, with their own bodies, even food!! (boy does Italian me ever get that one, LOL).

So of course I did, and my business was born. It was September 2009.

👋 I left my high-paying government position then and there, then had to find nanny jobs to pay my bills as I learned about business, how to keep dancing with money in joyous ways, to keep money flowing in like my pay checks at work did—over the years in way greater amounts than those, too.

💗 🙂💗 I took in private 1:1 clients and taught courses I called “The. Energy of Money” online then to groups of people in person, in Vancouver, sitting on the floor of yoga studios, lifting the money frequency in all the beautiful people who joined my workshops. The smiles, the transformation, the hugs all lifted my heart so immensely 💗💗💗

This learning, growing, expanding more fully into JOY never stopped for me. It was always the way, the underlying work—and its the same for you, too. Whatever your path looks like, whether it’s an online business or having your books on Amazon bring you passive income while you sleep.

👀 👀 👀 Seeing what’s standing between you and money, which is an energy that also stands in between you and other people, and you and YOU—your work, your success, your joy, the honouring, the fulfillment of your deepest desires and purpose in life.

Learning about you, about JOY, about freedom and love, and allowing —in practice— *more* of all of it into your life, one day, one step at a time.

✨✨✨ Everything is energy, when we remember that, when we keep it at the forefront of our minds, we step into what’s possible…..✨✨✨

—if I could go from stuck to finished, with my book about one of the hardest experiences of my life,

with my business that just keeps thriving and thriving through everything, global pandemic included,

healing massive trauma I never ever EVER thought I’d get over and onto the other side of,

✨✨✨ then you can too ✨✨✨

Don’t ever forget that 😉


When You Want to Share Your Life Story So Bad BUT….

I wanted to share my personal life story with the world *so bad* but couldn’t understand whyI just didn’t JUST DO IT🤷🏻‍♀️😕🤷🏻‍♀️

My desire to share was literally fire hot 🔥 🔥 🔥

I wanted it more than anything….

I KNEW I was meant for it …

🤷🏻‍♀️ I just couldn’t

🤷🏻‍♀️ or I just wouldn’t

🤷🏻‍♀️ or who really knew why I didn’t ?!?!

Then when living like an imposter, by not sharing my story according to what my soul was telling me was a major part of my life’s blueprint,

when that life got to be SO MUCH strife and split energy, that feeling of living like two different people,

I started numbing out my body with:

🥘 food

💔 dramatic relationships that were so painful and noisy, I never had a chance to live quiet enough to hear that soul truth ever again (=that part of me not wanting to hear it was winning!!), and

💊 pharmaceuticals for whatever would supposedly help what my doctor happen to label my “problem” as.

None of it helped, not in the long game, because the only reason I was doing ANY of it was: I had turned away from my soul.

I knew, after all, I’d heard it LOUD AND CLEAR that I was meant to be a woman who gave others hope by sharing my story of overcoming, there was no question.

I was just too scared to do it. I didn’t know how. I was terrified of what others would think of me. I was afraid of the shame I would be forced to live in if I did share with the world that I had weighed 300 pounds back in 2008, after working on Canada’s second largest murder case in my career.

✅ YESS it came in as a flash of knowing, so quick I could have easily missed it—but I didn’t.

I heard, loud and clear, that I was meant to share my entire journey: how I let my life become so unmanageable that I isolated myself and let my work be the only thing that mattered, shutting my body’s needs up along the way…

I heard it loud and clear while I was going through it “take care of yourself, quit this job it’s too much” 😩

Then, after I went through and came out still healthy on the other side, the message became “share this, share this now, people need to know that they can get through hardship and trauma too, through your story!!!”

but I just turned away….I told my body to shut up, again. This time, instead of “Here have a Twinkie” it was “here watch Netflix until you’re a zombie”

I just needed to do *anything but* hear the calling on my life once again, because deep down, I didn’t want to listen. I was way too afraid of it all ….

…at the same time, STILL KNOWING DIAMOND CLEAR, that it was meant to be the way for me in this lifetime. It was meant to be, my way.

🙄 🙄 🙄 And just like staying in a romantic relationship for way too long past the time it didn’t feel right, I knew this feeling wasn’t going to go away.

I had to either choose to allow myself to do what I was born to do, OR live with imposter discomfort.

I would never lie about how scary this process was, it IS scary…but the truth is, when you really step in, commit all the way and show you mean it with your actions (vs just words or rah rah talk about what you’re planning on doing someday) that fear only last for a minute….then you’re on the other side.

🏔💦 It’s EXACTLY jumping off a cliff. You stand on the edge in total terror, for however long you choose to stand there, then when you actually jump, and you’re in the beautiful aquamarine lagoon at the bottom, with the sun on your body, feeling refresh, you wonder why you didn’t jump faster, why you waited so long …

Those whispers and nudges won’t go away, Love….quiet as they are, they really are like lightening ⛈

💥💥💥The rain and thunder are loud all around it in your life storms, sure, but this message from your soul telling you you’re meant to share, this lightening, is quiet as nothing —and it will slice your life open in the middle of trying to live that numbed out imposter life,

This is a good thing! It’s soul lightening with power enough to kill everything dead that no longer serves your life…

….those things that hurt you and hurt me by having too much momentum in the direction of not listening and living according to, what we already know, because soul told us.

So here’s what I’ve learned being on the other side:

✅ the only reason we don’t listen is because of fear, we haven’t yet tuned into the LOVE of it, the very loving, very powerful reason we are meant to share our stories = to love others with it ❤️

✅always always ALWAYS listen to those lightening clear soul moments, and I mean *obey* them, without question

✅the longer you wait to obey, the more strife you’ll live in

And yesss….teetering in spiritual bypass land, as you do, when you’re making our way into living in full alignment with your soul’s direction,

you’ll find that you DO wait, you wait a long time sometimes, in the strife,

*not* choosing the easiest, fastest, MOST FUN path (which soul always takes us to if we only just withstand that couple seconds of fear before we jump),

instead choosing to learn things along the way while you wait, knowing truly that everything really is OK as you wait—then…

That’s when you can ask yourself, right now, if you find yourself in any form of waiting, you can ask yourself the only question left to ask:

Am I ok with living with ok?


PS…If you’re ready to explore how to live in MORE THAN OK my writing group starts tomorrow! I’m showing you exactly how to create the *steady* habit of tuning into and honouring and obeying soul, every single day, with short half hour lives, in which you’ll actually practice my powerful journalling techniques with me and the others who’ve already joined. *THIS GROUP IS FOR BOTH MEN AND WOMEN* Just click here for more detail and to save your spot now ✍️💓 https://woohooitsdone.com/membership/