Eliminate Exhaustion with your Pen

Moving from exhaustion to thriving on a regular basis especially during times like this, looks like learning to love consistency.

🤦🏻‍♀️ I used to have SUCH a hard time with that, which is why I’m writing this post!!

As a Canadian born 🇨🇦 woman of Italian 🇮🇹 descent I was so tired of constraints placed upon me, I just needed to be wildin’

I needed to feel SO FREE that nothing held me down …



🔥 🔥 🔥 I felt the burn of being a woman with no roots tethering her to her purpose in this life.

I’m talking confused about my identity (do I follow my precious old school Nonna and Biz Nonna’s path?? Or the white Canadian way since I was born here??)

I’m talking confused about how to be in relationship with a man because of how loud feminists are every day in my face, conflicting with my quiet voice inside telling me it has to be more loving, gentle, more nurturing than that.

I’m talking confusion around my body image, my health, what to eat, what not to eat, is it okay to “let go” as I get older and what do I do if I can’t stop “letting go” because that thing has got a life of its own?? (😂😂😂)

🤷🏻‍♀️ 🤷🏻‍♀️ 🤷🏻‍♀️ And what about my harsh inner voice criticizing me for not being consistent all day long? How am I gonna bust through THAT to even begin “kinda” liking consistency, let alone actually practicing and DOING it??

—the ONLY thing that worked was to start very small, very slow, one step at a time, doing exactly what my soul loved and wanted to and felt strongly to do.

✍🏻 ✍🏽✍🏼✍🏾✍️

Move my pen, of course!

✍🏻 ✍🏽✍🏼✍🏾✍️

I’ve loved journaling and writing since I was a young girl and when I committed to it daily, every day … like EVERY single day, the benefit I received from it made any past resistance around consistency melt away.

This post is getting long so I won’t write a giant list of benefits, tho there are MANY, I’ll just share the biggest one:


Getting attuned to our souls by writing in our journals DAILY is the point of life – seriously.

📢 📣 I mean, there’s SO MUCH noise in the world, most of us are running around not knowing what we really truly deeply want – we’re just listening to what everyone else wants, going along with them, ending up exhausted, dissatisfied, unhealthy on every level.

That’s what I did! I didn’t understand the value of leading my own life, starting with the deepest part of my soul.

Tuning into my desires there, FIRST, before I do anything else, then learning how to communicate gracefully, while at the same time experiencing fulfillment by living the life I was destined and born to live.

Visit my site MOVEYOURPEN.com if you’re feeling me and want to learn to love consistency too, and become WAY MORE efficient by leading yourself to where you truly want to go.

It’s 15 minutes a day, watching your self trust grow, because you’re showing up for you every day —never giving up on you!

It’s watching the benefits of staying consistent blossom in your life – the women who write with us every day are AHHHMAZING!!


From Caged To Free

Women who’ve been through trauma often choose the cage….I know because I was one of them.

It felt safer there. I didn’t know how to manage the *one thing* that comes with the freedom of cageless life, that, in a world of “you can have it all” memes, very few people are talking about: *PRESSURE*

🏃‍♀️ 🏃‍♀️ 🏃‍♀️ It’s what made me collapse and run back to my cage, every time.

I didn’t know how to manage the pressure that goes along with freedom.

I wasn’t friends with it, I barely ever even looked it in the eyes.

Deep down I was terrified of dealing with any extra pressure, because every time I tried, I’d end up feeling more exhausted, more discombobulated, more worried, more stressed than ever.

THEN the most uncomfortable sensation that went along with caged life for me: not trusting myself.

😑 Not trusting myself to put food on my table, consistently. No matter what.

😑 Not trusting myself to face the unknown in every new day, with confidence, with full access to my resourcefulness.

😑 Most of all, not trusting myself to enact and uphold my own protection around me, so I could see those bars making up my former sense of protection, THAT CAGE, for what they were: a false sense of safety and security.

… because PTSD is all about safety, right?

And women with PTSD symptoms can’t take care of themselves, they can’t keep themselves safe and thriving, right?

They’re helpless and doomed, right?


So so so SO wrong.

Our power lies in taking healing into our own hands. Realizing that not everybody’s PTSD looks the same, not everybody’s healing pace follows a medical textbook path.

Realizing that what doctors or anyone around us “know” about PTSD or anything else, isn’t even close to what we know, in our souls.

✨ self-knowing is a power nobody can touch ✨

—and it remains in tact, in full integrity, when we stop handing it off to others, which only takes a second of our time to quit doing.

✋ stop giving them (government, romantic partners, family, friends, clients, anyone) the keys to a cage that, deep down, we don’t really want to be living in.

Because deep down? We know the truth:

That we’re just a little (or a lot) scared, and we don’t want to be alone.


the cage is not real, AND

we are way more powerful than we think: we can more than handle this and any other kind of pressure life blasts our way.

We can learn whatever emotional intelligence, empowered communication, survival, or protection skills we gotta learn, to have our outside life reflect that unstoppable inner resilience that has us living exactly how we want to be living right now.

No bars.

No cages.

Nobody else’s paw prints which we have to seek permission from all over our lives.



Shedding the Chains That Bind Us

If you’ve worked in the corporate world you’ll know what I mean….

😫🤪😫🤪 I just wanted to grab her and shake her (that chained part of me) right out of her cage.

When I finally left my job to start my own business, I wanted to scream every time she popped in and out of my energy: “STOP with the stepford entrepreneur routine already!!”

💛💜💚💙❤️ we cant help it, I get it. We want to feel safe. We want to not think, just for a second. We want someone else to take the wheel once in a while because we want to RELAX … of course we do!!!

This “her” I’m talking about is an older version of me, though, who was programmed for no moments of relaxing, just work work work (gotta pay those bills) – that part of me kept me trapped and encaged in situations I couldn’t stand.

Like showing up to “work” that exhausted me, wearing bland “work suits” speaking like a robot, saying what they wanted me to say, acting how they wanted me to act, forever covering up, muffling, hiding true me.

I wore those corporate outfits like straight jackets, when every day, all I really wanted to do? Was rip her open.

Stop valuing their system, their way of doing life, how they see things over mine, me, ME… what I knew inside could be my system, my way of doing things, how I saw things, if I would only let it 🧡

Stop trying to fit in somewhere I don’t even like, deep down respect, or actually want to become – again, of the time I was just there to make money, to pay bills…that kept me chained 99.9% of the time.

I had to release those money fears.

Release the fear that I wouldn’t know what to do, how to handle things, that I wouldn’t make it, if I branched out onto my own.

“Don’t do it,” she said.

“Don’t veer too much that way,

you’ll stick out,

people will knock you down, hard.

it’s dangerous.”

🤔 🤔 🤔 but something about being fully truly me didn’t feel right. It felt like a lie I had accidentally swallowed, like taking the wrong pill.

The part of me that KNEW I could do it was losing her wobble, was releasing her pattern of collapsing into anyone and anything I interpreted as more powerful than me (more lies).

💥 The second I realized what was happening, I let out a scream for the ages, cried on the forest floor, as I do every time gutteral, visceral change happens,

then I kneeled down before her

thanked her,

told her “You did what you came to do, you can go now.”

and I was free.


The Perfect Place To Write Is . . .

Your life story is meant to be out there, helping people.

😜 It really does feel mad, keeping it inside, doesn’t it?

It feels like something (big) is out of alignment . . . like a core part of you is meant to be breathing a different way, but it. just. isn’t.

When I left my full-time government social work career to become an entrepreneur back in 2009, all I could think about was getting my book done, so I started traveling, to places I was *certain* would be perfect to write in.

I mean, how could my books not get done?

🌲🌲🌲What else could I possibly do for two whole months in the cabin I rented way up north in Canada? It was just me, elk, bear, deer, and about a million birds. The town I stayed in had 40 houses total, and there wasn’t even a grocery store for two hours either direction (I would make the drive once a week and stock up!).

—do you think the book got done then?

No, it didn’t.

🌵 🐫 🌵 I also stayed in the middle of a desert, in a mesa, just me and my cat—this time with wild boars (desert pigs!) and lizards and snakes. For six months!!

—do you think my book got done then??


I hardly wrote at all. I was too distracted meeting new people, exploring new terrains, … really anything but getting my first book done.

📦 📦 📦 I had ALLLL my (eleven) boxes filled with my notes for that book and other books I wanted to write, shipped to each of those places, at $200-300 per trip, set and ready to get it all done—I rented the perfect stereotypical ‘writer’s paradise” homes to get them done, but nope. Nothing!

The time it DID get done? Was actually a very busy time in my life (not to mention dramatic, with some chaotic personal relationship dynamics I had going on at the time).

✅ ✅ ✅ It was 2017, I lived in a normal town, close to a giant city, ran my business, had a part-time job, was even getting some EMDR treatments for some post-traumatic stress symptoms that were surfacing (in case you don’t know, that treatment is *exhausting* … sleep for days, exhausting).

Yet — my first book got done.

I got so sick of not having it done, I was beginning to feel like expired milk, watching decades go by, still no book in my name on Amazon.

So, I stopped riding “someday” magical thinking traps, and I did what it took to make it happen.

….what is my point?

My point is your external environment has very little to do with your productivity — unless you let it OWN you, instead of you owning it.

Screw the perfect laptop, perfect pens, quietest homes, rooms, towns. None of those matter.

✅ What matters is your inner determination. Your decision to get it done, by a certain time, is most important.

✅ Second? Habit.

You don’t need several hours a day, you just need to get into a habit of writing, every day. Like exercising, before you know it, the book will be done (just like those 5 pounds fell off with you barely noticing).

👩 ✍️ ✅ The last thing needed is accountability—nothing gets done without tracking. You know if you’re able to motivate yourself, and if you’re not sure, ask yourself if, in the past three months, you’re seeing the results you want (i.e. pages and pages of writing done….aka a book almost done).

If not? Get support. Find a mentor to connect with regularly (I have “Gina in your pocket” text, phone and app support) as well as a group of *incredible* people in my Life Story Superstar daily writing group, which you can find more about here: https://woohooitsdone.com/membership/

Whatever you do, get it done.

Down and done, whatever it takes.

❤️ For you.
❤️ For them.
✨ For it (your soul, your God, your mission = the reason you were given your life, in the first place!)

XO Gina

Want to feel JOY? Positive affirmations are not the answer.

Trying to “be positive” 24/7 is exactly like drinking, drugging, gambling, overeating or any other addiction.

Too many humans are out there saying “you’ve just got to be more positive” or “your mindset is not in the right place”—which leads to hiding, stuffing, numbing, avoiding or pretending negative emotions don’t exist altogether.

—YET, how the brain works?

When you numb one feeling, you numb them all.

*read that again*

You can’t eat chips to numb out anxiety ( 🙋🏻‍♀️ me!! I used to do that) or douse yourself in positive affirmations to pretend you’re not sad.

BUT you can enjoy chips sometimes! Use positive affirmations to complement your grounded, energetically healthy state of being 💯

The real work, to build and maintain a healthy infrastructure? is to FEELING YOUR FEELS.

😢 It’s ok to be sad.

😦 It’s ok to be scared, even terrified at times.

😡 It’s ok to be hurt, angry, frustrated, annoyed too.

What’s not ok, is pretending you’re not feeling anything, ESPECIALLY if you’re an entrepreneur, where risk

—read: facing the unknown, hence feeling scared at times—

is an essential part of the game we play on a daily basis.

Just feel them, let the emotions and feels play out, all the way through.

After you do, your energy body will breathe, you’ll hear your instinct again, then know exactly what to do next, every time.

THEN you’ll be free to feel joy, uplifted, excited, energized —the socially acceptable feels that can’t happen without feeling the other ones too.


PS. Emotional mastery is *essential* when getting your life story down on paper, because you visit all kinds of emotional places as you write, and you want to present your story in a grounded, healthy, empowered way so it can help people.

I just opened 2 spaces open for 2 hour intensives to get your life story outline down and done, plus your step by step plan, so you know exactly what to write AND any questions you have answered. Contact me for all the deets ✨ (my social media pages are all listed at very bottom of my home page WOOHOOitsdone.com)

Your Soul is Your Beyoncé

Some of y’all are giving online coaches and mentors wayyy too much power right now – so here, let me show you how to take your power back.

When you hear them pushing “mental toughness” ???

Ask the ONLY guide that matters in your life right now and always, the top of the top dog, the only Beyoncé in your world worthy of your total, blind obedience: ✨YOUR SOUL ✨

Just ask this simple question: Am I entering the arena of growth right now, yes or no?

—If the answer is yes? Keep listening to them.

—But is the answer is no?


Press stop.

Block ‘em if that’s what you need to do right now to shut off the noise (especially if they’ve sneakily started colluding with self-sabotaging voices in your head, without you noticing, until now!).

🙂 you can always re-follow, press play again later, unblock WHEN YOU ARE READY 🙂

They don’t know better than you. Because the best mentors? At the top of their game? With the largest audiences (trust me I’ve hired them lol)?

💛✨They will always guide you BACK TO YOU.💛✨

I have always done this with my clients too, because I’m here to *empower* you, not have you depending on me for advice for the rest of your life.

The healthiest mentor/mentor relationships are not based in need (though it may FEEL that way, especially when you first start working together) — they are actually based in 💜 desire 💜

💜 DESIRE to have someone walk the next part of your life/business/health/relationship journey with you.

💜 DESIRE to make things go faster (they have a lot of shortcuts).

💜 DESIRE to laugh along the way—like pee-your-pants laugh as the load of doing everything alone is lifted off you, then you realize you can actually enjoy every bit of the ride (it’s really always just a choice).

💜 DESIRE to make it feel easy, because they’ve already moved the mountain you’re currently moving, so it’s not stressful to them.

Your heart comes first. It’s what guides everything, it’s the gateway to your soul, which is the only mentor you ever NEED in life.

✨✨✨Your soul is your #1 life guide, ALWAYS + IN ALL WAYS ✨✨✨

So when you hear coaches/mentors (including myself!) say, “keep going, no matter what” it does *not* EVER mean against your inner direction.



Barf! 🤮


When I say this kind of thing it’s prefaced by me saying “you’re in the arena already” or “you’re here because you already know this, for yourself and within yourself” or “you want this result over here, so you’re in the energy of going after it already, this is the way.”

—> that’s because you’re the ONLY one who can enter any kind of growth arena.

You choose FIRST, because you were guided internally, THEN you invite people along for your ride.

🚗✨You’re in front, leading the trip, led by your soul, they’re your amazing team peeps hopping along for the ride, willingly taking a back seat to your soul’s guidance and direction.

You’re in front, they’re in back when it comes to your life.

Not the other way around.

Don’t give anybody else that power!


PS. Is your soul directing you to get your life story down on paper and delivered to the world, so it can inspire others? Are you ready to practice standing in your personal power daily, to start/get back into the practice of listening to soul first? IF SO, join me and a group of *incredible* women for daily 15 min POWERHOUSE writing sessions Mon to Fri here: 🌲✨🌲 https://woohooitsdone.com/membership/

Holding Pressure to Get Your Book Done!

You can learn to hold the pressure … you can even have fun while you do.

What pressure?

💥 the pressure of staring down the blank page, after watching YEARS (maybe even decades) go by without you getting your life story down on paper yet.

💥 energies moving through you – all kinds of them, including from your social media audience and every single person who reads your life story.

💥 you beating yourself up inside for not having your life story down on paper yet.

💥 money pressures that wanna squeeze the life right out of you, especially as you carve out time, to get your story down and done.

💥 stress and any health predicaments that show up for you and others you care about and love.

💥 the pressure of re-visiting each moment of the slice of life story you know you’re meant to share with the world – you GET TO learn to master this pressure, so nothing from the past will hold power over you ever again.

💥 people you love, in your personal life, going through their stuff: even being cruel to you at times.

💥 annoying people, loud people, even violent people (note: nothing about this says TOLERATE…this is about holding whatever happens, when it pops into your life unexpectedly).

💥 the pressure of what’s happening in the world right now.

You can hold it all, stay grounded, sit in your truth, wisdom, strength,

No. Matter. What.

You’ll trust yourself to move through ANY energy you come across while getting your life story down, delivered and done ✅

People around you will feel safer to be fuly themselves as you do 💙💗

Money will pour in and stay in, now that there’s a welcoming, solid, stable energetic container for it to land in 💵 💰

Your mental, emotional, physical health will soar! At an energetic level, you become untouchable ✨ 💪 ✨


PS Your life story is meant to be birthed into this world 🌎 ✨

Will you show up for it, to master all you get to master, while getting it down on paper, done, then delivered tot the world?

My group of 🌟 Life Story Superstars 🌟 has gathered and we meet DAILY, Monday to Friday, for 15 minutes, on Facebook Live, to do this work, to make mastery a habit.

To say goodbye to watching another day go by without honouring what we know we are meant to write down and share with the world—and there’s SPACE FOR YOU 😀✍️💕 join us here: https://woohooitsdone.com/membership/

JUST BEING YOU … with money in your bank account!

I’ve always loved “JUST BE YOU” messages …

but they also really confused me, and pissed me off.

I mean, I loved BEING ME,


the only reason i was reading other people’s stuff online,

was because I needed to be a me


So telling me to “just be me” and the money will flow like magic, made me CRAY CRAY.

It had me spinning, real bad….

🤷🏻‍♀️ was it a trick?

🤷🏻‍♀️ was I being duped?

🤷🏻‍♀️outright lied to??

I didn’t get it.

What the F does that even mean,

make money being me,

when “me” literally has zero money in me’s bank account?

—🤔 🧐 Something was missing.

Of course, I didn’t want to CHANGE me altogether, I just wanted to add whatever that thing was that I was missing, that was stopping me from being prolific in the finance department.

So the only thing I knew to do was save save save my money, to finally talk to one of these mentors I so deeply admired, who kept telling me to be me, be me, be me!!!

😀 🦋💰 💕those mentors telling me to be me if I wanted to make all the monies 😀🦋💰 💕

When I finally did, I GOT IT.

All the money I invested in them seemed insignificant, like what they taught me, was worth SO MUCH MORE.

That if I wanted to, I could access even more money, to work with them more…

…because popping in their energy had me accessing THE ENERGY of the unlimited universal bank accounts we all have access to.

When we concentrate on THE ENERGY of things, first….so what we really want even has a chance to manifest in the physical, in the first place!!

(that’s what they’re all gonna tell you, some version of that…which is gold….trust me 😉 )

What have you got to lose in trying this coat on when you’re broke anyway?


So choose a pretty coat you like,

and get on with it.

It’s the pattern interrupt you need,

to get out of the spinning.

To stop the CRAY…

and return to YOU.

Being you … all the way you,

this time with da money.


PS…Spinning-stopping sessions going on daily in my Life Story Superstar membership group, if you want a place to practice all this with INCREDIBLE women—details and register in my bio link and here: https://woohooitsdone.com/membership/

A Mic Drop From the Universe

I was shocked to see what I was doing to myself, before I finally reached the place where I had cleared up enough inner stuff to publish my memoir.

It was a “look up to the sky, talk to the Universe” moment:

🤷🏻‍♀️ You mean to tell me, that my struggle bus with money had to do with my romantic relationships with men, all along?

🤷🏻‍♀️ That those romances were meant for me to see that nothing could really bring me security, except me?

🤷🏻‍♀️ That until I felt solid, whole, complete, stable and sovereign within myself, my business would stay at a “manageable” size, preventing me from experiencing my dream for it to grow, grow, GROW?

🤷🏻‍♀️ That I could never have *ever* finished my book without working through all this first, because writing a book is holding people, holding community, through powerful transformation….

💪 and you gotta be strong enough to hold that, in order to live in the frequency of powerful transformative author? 💪

Universe (Nodding): Yes, yes that’s right.

ok then!

mic drop


When Money Stands in Your Way

💰 💰 It was scary *no terrifying* for me to face what was REALLY going on in my relationship with money 💰 💰

Like that deep deep shame and subservience I felt whenever somebody paid for something for me.

I would instantly flip into Cinderella mode!

Like I owed them my life or something.

Like I owed them everything,

—not just the few bucks they spotted me.

YET…at the same time…because I was in Cinderella mode, I had *no idea* how to bring in the level of cash that would have me supporting myself through life, which meant I had to rely on others for money (until I learned).

😡 😠 😡 this was such a frustrating, VICIOUS CYCLE for me, I can’t even tell you!!

I KNEW I was a powerful soul who could step into her capability, but for the life of me I didn’t know how.

I hated how mean people looked at me, called me “mooch” and “freeloader” then treated me exactly how I felt about myself in those coping days: LIKE A CINDERELLA.

All I wanted was to be independent, thrive, and write checks to organizations I cared about, like animal humane societies!!

😑 Yet there I was, stuck as F*CK 😑

Completely unaware of how old trauma, was ruling my life …

How I was living according to the belief that money was OWNERSHIP —-something I picked up early on in life, that got mixed up in trauma, programming me to give it wayyy too much power over me and my life. Causing me to want to avoid dealing with it, fight it, or run far and fast as I possibly could from it!!!!

My nervous system literally reacted to money like it was a bear charging at me, coming to steal my freedom.


99% of people are unaware of what goes on in their subconscious minds,

=clueless (like I was 🙋🏻‍♀️) to how much power we *really* have to change things!

‘Cuz when we do the work, of uprooting, shining the light on, then clearing what’s laying below our conscious awareness,

…the impossible becomes possible.

…what we once thought could never change, changes.

…we start living how we truly want (vs yearning/wishing/hoping we’ll one day have it)

💜💜💗💜💗 I now live with a much warmer, empowered, more nourishing relationship with money!

I have even been teaching money courses in person and online since 2009, to share this wealth of wisdom I’m so grateful to have mastered, with others!

Ever since covid, my “money healing” work has looked like helping people moving old energy out of the way, so they can make space for success, as they define it, by getting some of their own personal life experiences down on paper, then, if they want, share them with their loved ones/the world, just as I have here.

(🌸 just visit my website WOOHOOitsdone.com if this work is speaking to you 🌸)

I do this because EVERY kind of success is literally created by connecting deeply to others, so that we can help them. Sharing personal stories is the best way to connect and reach others in a meaningful ways —and because most people aren’t doing it, it also gives you a leading edge.

BTW…I so appreciate my Cinderella response that I lived with for so long today, because it was how I needed to think, feel and behave to get through some tough situations. It helped me cope, survive …

…at the same time i’m EVER GRATEFUL to have cleared remnants from old trauma that left my ✨sweet brain 🧠 confused about whether I was still in danger or not, and therefore living like that Cinderella coping pattern = pushing money away.

(unresolved trauma causes MASS confusion about present time and past time in the brain, in case you didn’t know 😉)

It wasn’t easy, but I know you’re ever persistent, ever resilient, EVER COMMITTED to having the experience of life you want to be having, like me, so don’t you dare give up, Sister! Hang in!