There’s NOTHING more powerful than a woman who’s “been through it”

Every time I hear another powerful woman who survived against all odds tell her story, I become more authentic in my work with women.

Before I read another such story, I think:

“OK, I mean, that last one was incredible—surely after twenty years of getting their stories down on paper for them, I’ve heard it all.”

…. then, I keep feeling so grateful as I keep going about my work…

…UNTIL, the next one comes in.

💨💨💨 then I’m blown away again. Way more than before!! A new layer of ego and protective defence blown clear off me, leaving me more humble, more ready, stronger than ever myself, as I keep doing my work with my women.

AND THEN, the next one rolls in, then the one after that!!!!

👑💗📚 👑💗📚I claimed my role as Life Story Doula two decades ago, so they keep rolling in.

—-BUT, I’m still left wondering how do I describe for you, what it’s like receiving these women, these stories, these sacred lives???

“Inspiring” is too light a word for these stories—

“Blessed” is too light to describe how I feel receiving, coaching, ghostwriting for these women.

No word in the English language can capture the soul dance we have, the bond between us, what it feels like delivering these sacred life stories out into the world,

where they will work 💫 so much magic 💫 long after either of us have stopped walking this earth.

All I CAN say is that my soul needs to know they are out there because I feel them, even before I know anything about their lives.

✅ My soul needs to know, that they’re out there, living brave, like I am, too. Enjoying thriving in all they’ve created for their lives, yet appreciating the simple things more than most people could ever understand or know.

✅I need to know that there are others out there, smiling with eyes deep as mine, eyes that were scraped out, then filled back up again with the most divine, multi-dimensional light…eyes that know, eyes that have seen so much, moved through so much, as mine have, now they just KNOW.

Most would say they’ve seen TOO MUCH, they KNOW too much—but these are my warrior sisters. My kindred life story sisters, and our mission is untouchable, which is never too much.

I exist for them.
They exist for me.
💗💗We exist for each other 💗💗

That’s never too much.

We were cut from cloth that does whatever it takes, you see, to hold the flame, to pass it forward.

😊💃🏽💥 Proud AF for all we’ve overcome, for all we’ve moved through, and gotten on the other side of.

Knowing what taking the time to tell our stories will do for:

👑 women at the beginning of their life journeys
👑 middle-aged women who are just about to brave the telling of their own life stories, and
👑 women like me, who’ve published their stories, told them many times over online, but need to hear MORE of the bravest stories

….to keep us leading
….to keep us moving forward
….to keep bonds between women radiant, alive, strong.

We’re in this together, my Warrior Goddess Sisters!

Calling Out This BS for my Life Story Superstars …

If you know you’re going to get your life story down into a book, 

everything —and I do mean EVERYTHING—

*everything* you’re thinking about that has you “waiting” is total and utter complete B.S.

Your soul has spoken. Period.

You know you’ve been called. You know this is meant for you. It’s been nudging you for years, you’ve been called FOR YEARS, you just weren’t obeying the call of your soul … which is part of being human, right?

As “normal” or “usual” as this is though, it’s not natural, because the truth is:

There really is no “someday!”

That opportunity *won’t* always be there, to get it done.

Besides, now is the only time your soul knows.

It knows what it knows, and we either kick all the B.S thoughts and fears and procrastination habits aside (again, totally human!), to obey it, or, we turn away, and:

Let more years pass.

Let your book’s life force (aka ITS soul) die down some more, with every passing year, until you find yourself barely remembering WHY you wanted to write it in the first place.

Or your WHY, the reason you wanted to write this book in the first place, becomes so clouded over, that you get lost in the fog, with your book holding your life story, and all it is meant to do for the world, lost in the fog right there with you.

That fog of resistance.

That fog of distraction.

It’s all fear.

I know, I know, it doesn’t FEEL that way, it just feels like a logical decision, that you’re just humming and hawing as you go about life—but underneath is fear, and there’s only one remedy: courage.

Courage to trust yourself. To honour that calling inside of you. To step up in a way you’ve never stepped up before, and see your potential in a way that ONLY this book will show you.

Don’t let the fear win, fellow Superstar!

There’s something MORE REAL beneath all this delaying, analyzing, thinking about it, the procrastination!

Use *this* skill instead: obeying your gut instinct. Directing your logical brain to OBEY your soul.

Not tomorrow.

Not next week or next year.


You don’t need time to practice!

Thinking about it won’t do anything, except create MORE space between you and this fire you have to get this book done,


stick you deeper in the mire that keeps you from getting it done.  

The skill is to hear your soul’s guidance

*check* you’ve already done that!

Now obey it. 

Move forward now, because you were meant to long ago, the first time you knew!

Listening, obeying, in this way, will serve you for a lifetime.

All else is arguing for something I will never stand for: the waiting, the procrastinating, the delaying, the living of a life that yes, is ok, maybe even great … but not a 100% complete and full NOD to what your soul has directed you to do.

Today, not tomorrow, because I know you *know* or you wouldn’t even want to write the damn thing, if it wasn’t the next path you’re meant to walk.

I know you know, that on the other side, you’ll feel:

-more courageous

-more integrated as a human being

-plus THAT OTHER THING that only your soul knows that is on the other side of getting this book done,

—>which you will NEVER find out either, if you don’t step in, then commit to getting it done.

Now! Your time is now. It’s the only time we have. All else is illusion = it’s not real.

Your soul only knows ONE time, that time is now. 

That’s it!

That’s your direction.

..and when you turn away???

Things come up.

Life comes up.

Monkey mind rushes in to cloud you up again.

=more years go by.

=more nudging happens that you don’t listen to (from deep inside of you)

=more misalignments—even the slight little niggly ones, take our energy, and, over time, suck us dry.

You’re in or you’re out, Sister!

You’re either doing it now, or you’re not doing it. It’s just the way it is.

It’s 100% human ego (we’ve all been there) to think that you know right now, ALL that awaits you on the other side of having that book done.

I could spend hours on live-streams or writing posts about it (and I have lol):

-the deep sense of integration within

-the “hmph! If I had only known, all along, that all I had to do was finish the book, so I could feel this freedom, this nourishment, this TRUST in myself like never before”

-the “ohhhh so these are the doors that were always meant to open on the other side!” (followed by why didn’t I listen earlier, again?)

There’s a satisfaction that comes from listening to your soul, that ONLY comes from listening to your soul.


Listening to soul is the way.


THIS is how important sharing your life story is …

I know it FEELS LIKE your life story doesn’t matter at times.

That nobody really cares what you’ve lived through or been through….

…but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

****YES****we want to present ourselves in clear, powerful ways, so that people can hear us,

and really take in the gift we have to offer, through the sharing of our life story.

and THE LAST THING we want to do is sound like we’re fishing for empathy or showing up in needy energy.

—but none of that matters when deciding whether to rise above this BS that’s going on in our heads, telling us our story doesn’t matter, that nobody will care. We must rise above that if we’re ever going to get the book done!!

✅ Your story DOES MATTER ✅

In my twenties I was so depressed, and confused about why I felt that way after being generally healthy and happy most of my life —then I happened across a book in which the author shared how depressed she was in the past, and how she got on the other side of that depression, to create the life she really wanted to live!!

💗this validated me at a time I felt SO ALONE and scared about what would happen in my future

💗this gave me HOPE that I could get over it, too

💥💥💥💥THAT is how important getting your life story down on paper is 💥💥💥💥

Never forget that.


🔥 Your Pilot Light Never Goes Out 🔥

🔥 Your Pilot Light Never Goes Out 🔥

Nobody taught me the thing that got me to allow myself to live *exactly* as I want to be living right now…

🔥 My pilot light taught me that🔥

I have one, you have one. It’s that spark of Creative Intelligence living inside each and every one of us, that literally never smooshes out.

✨ no matter how much you turn away from it

✨ no matter how much you forget about it

✨ no matter how much you try to numb it away, or … maybe live unaware that it’s even there.

It’s still ON.


It never stops.

So for me this mass pilot light wisdom that I couldn’t un-know came in to my heart via three words: standard of care.

I looked at the light, looked at the light, kept looking … until I KNEW that the standard I had been using to care for myself, needed an upgrade.

🙄 *not* because I needed to start getting selfish and caring about only me and forgetting everybody else.


I couldn’t stop caring if I tried.

It was something deeper this time….that had to do with THE CALLING ON MY LIFE.


That’s what I needed to care for more.

🤯 🤯 🤯 So when I took this wisdom from my pilot light, which I had been applying to everyone else in my life,

when I took that standard of care and applied it to the sacred gift I was born to serve the planet with

✅✅✅ Everything shifted ✅✅✅

Suddenly it was not just “okay” to live and do my life’s work in the most beautiful, hugest mountainous forest landscape I could find. One I could call my own, live in, enjoy every day in….

It was mandatory.



I’m a ghostwriter and finish-your-book coach so guess how I show up for the book babies I write and birth into the world with my incredible clients, when I’m living exactly where I was meant to live all along (but never quite felt good enough for until my pilot light woke me up)?

🌲🌲 vibrant

🌲🌲wildly tuned into the “river beneath the river” every good book must pulse with

🌲🌲so deeply attuned to and in trust with the energy that created all of us, I could move mountains with it


You get to have the desire that’s been secretly whispering to your heart your whole life, too.

✨✨✨✨they’re meant for you.✨✨✨

Creative Intelligence planted them inside of you, to do your best work

Your only role is to remove all the obstacles THAT WE HUMANS place in front of ourselves —-or rather, between ourselves and that pilot light soul wisdom living inside of us—obstacles that prevent us from being able to live out and actually receive, what was always our birthright.

✅ Yes it’s a journey

✅ Yes it takes at least *some* of that 3-dimensional time.

But it doesn’t take as long as you think

🤔 🤔 🤔 And NOT starting today is the *only* thing guaranteed to keep delaying, blocking and keeping you separate from the life you were born for.


PS. If part of your pilot light mission is to get your life story down on paper so it can heal the world, I have two spaces open for private 1:1 mentoring clients. Send me a message or comment below and we’ll chat about how I can support you through your process, dancing with pilot light energy the whole time of course 🔥🔥🔥 Reach out to me here:




The Butt-Kicking You Need to Finish Your Book

Is one of your goals to complete a book? This one’s for you . . .

Remember being a kid and your parents giving you crap for something you knew deep down they were right about?

Sorry not sorry, that’s a part of book coaching with me.

I step in to kick the a@@ of those parts of you that have been stopping you from finishing your book.

❤️ all done with love, of course ❤️

…but kicking those parts of you into book-finishing alignment, indeed …

EVERYONE who has a life story to share who is not getting it down on paper needs this,

because when your brain senses you’re getting closer to finishing the book that will

📚 infuse soul-powered confidence into your life like nothing else can, just by you going through the process of actually finishing it

📚 being able to share your life experiences in an empowered way with your children, family, close friends and romantic partners, past, present and future, so they get you and y’all become closer than ever

📚 generate passive income from having your book on Amazon, that is: money flowing into your bank account while you sleep

So your very human brain 🧠 is sensing all this change coming

🛑 and it needs you to STOP writing 🛑

(your brain is hard-wired to hesitate in the face of change because it’s unknown)

🐇 🐇 🐇 so it flicks you down a rabbit hole of adding more wayward, unedited text to a ready-to-go piece….

text that would add more more more time to the wrong side of your completion date.

💥 BOOM 💥

That’s when I step in (with so much ❤️) to kick its a@@ by telling you:

No! #stopit ✋ We’re doing it this way…

✅ We’re sticking to the brilliant genius plan that we felt into, then committed to, the very first time we talked

✅ It’s a genius book plan exactly as it was meant to be!

We don’t need the other stuff, we’re not letting it distract us!

That’s how your book gets done 📚

🤦🏻‍♀️ millions of books are killed yearly following the brain’s rabbit holes.

Moral of story?

With all it’s good intentions of protecting you,

your brain mostly just gets in the way

of what your soul needs to convey in your book.

✅ And yes, hire a book coach

Send me a message to talk about this.


Just Listen to Your Soul

Just Listen To Your Soul

Listening to your soul is the SAFEST way to live, even though it feels the scariest.

Safe because when you obey, its direction, you’re never led astray.

You’re led to the right time, right place, right space…for everything.

You’re led into an all-knowing certainty, that you won’t find, anywhere else.

What’s scary is that FREE FALL feeling of actually obeying it, going against all humanoid advice around you, and listening to it …

***it feels like you’re listening BLINDLY or something, but you’re not. It’s your soul!!!

Just because you can’t “see” it with your human vision, doesn’t mean it isn’t the wisest, most powerful, sharpest *all-seeing* mechanism available to you!

It’s when you DON’T LISTEN that you get into all kinds of mischief.

Things take longer, they’re harder, less fun.

Moral of story?

No matter which way you shake your stick at it, we gotta go through “scary” no matter what.

One of them leads you where you want to go, and the other leads you where you don’t want to go.

So listen.

Choose the kind of scary that leads you somewhere safe and expansive at the same time… somewhere you actually want to be.



So you’ve got a powerful life story to tell but no idea about editing … 🤷🏻‍♀️🙄🙄🤷🏻‍♀️ CLICK IMAGE ABOVE TO WATCH VIDEO NOW

If your goal is to get your life story down on paper, but you’re getting tripped up on the editing process, this video’s for you!